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Are Diaper Subscriptions Worth It? (With The Best Bundles Compared!)

Are Diaper Subscriptions Worth It? (With The Best Bundles Compared!)

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One of the latest trends to come out of online shopping is the arrival of bundles and subscription services. After all, it’s a wonderful feeling to have packages showing up at your doorstep! And if those packages can save you some money each month on your diaper budget, even better, but are diaper subscriptions actually worth it?

Buying diapers in bulk often saves money and subscriptions can save even more, especially if you do your research and choose the best bundle or subscription option for your baby. Even expensive services can come with added benefits that make them worthwhile. Recurring diaper subscriptions are a great way to ensure you won’t run out of diapers.

Whatever your reason for researching diaper bundles and subscriptions, keep reading to find the package that works best for you!

Is it worth it to buy diapers in bulk (bundles or subscriptions)?

It’s a good rule of thumb that buying things in bulk is generally cheaper, and diapers are no exception.

As long as you don’t accidentally buy more diapers than you’ll need, you can save a lot of money by buying big packages of diapers at a time. If you’re wanting to buy diapers in bulk, though, it’s important to know exactly how many diapers you’ll likely go through in each size group.

Newborns grow quickly, so they’ll switch up to a bigger size within weeks of birth. As your little one gets older, they’ll stay in the same size of diaper for longer, making it easier to buy their diapers in bulk.

Keep reading for buying guidelines broken down by diaper size!

Is it worth it to buy newborn diapers in bulk?

Newborn diapers are one of the few sizes of diapers I don’t recommend buying in bulk.

Most newborn diapers are sized to fit babies who weigh less than 10 pounds, and healthy babies can weigh up to 10 pounds right from birth! Even if you use newborn diapers on your baby, they’ll likely grow out of them before their 1-month birthday.

That means that one box of newborn diapers should be more than enough. No bulk-buying required here!

Is it worth it to buy size 1 diapers in bulk?

Size 1 diapers usually fit babies weighing between 8 and 14 pounds.

That means babies can usually stick with this size diaper from birth through nearly 4 months of age. Because babies can wear them for such a long time, it’s a great idea to buy this size diaper in bulk. You can even stock up on size 1 diapers while you’re pregnant to make the first few months after birth a bit easier.

Young babies will go through around 8-10 size 1 diapers each day. Assuming your baby will stay in this size for around 3 months, you can go through anywhere between 500 and 900 size 1 diapers!

Is it worth it to buy size 2 diapers in bulk?

Size 2 diapers usually fit babies weighing between 12 and 18 pounds.

Babies will usually wear size 2 diapers while they’re between the age of 3 and 8 months and should be purchased in bulk. At this point, your baby will probably go through 8-9 diapers each day. Assuming your little one uses size 2 diapers for 2-4 months, you’ll probably go through anywhere between 500 and 1,000 size 2 diapers total!

Is it worth it to buy size 3 diapers in bulk?

Size 3 diapers usually fit babies weighing between 16 and 28 lbs. This is a huge weight difference, and the size can often last babies for up to a year!

Most babies will wear size 3 diapers from the time they’re 5 months old, up to 24 months of age, and should be purchased in bulk. By this stage, babies will only use around 6-7 diapers a day, but that can still add up. Your little one can use anywhere from 1,200 to 2,000 size 3 diapers total.

You’ll definitely use them!

Is it worth it to buy size 4 diapers in bulk?

By the time you’re into size 4 diapers, you’ve almost reached the end of your diaper-buying days. Size 4 diapers fit children weighing between 22 and 37 pounds and can fit until your child is almost 3 years old. At that point, you’re probably close to potty-training, which is somehow exciting and terrifying all at once.

Once your child hits the 18-month mark, they’re probably only using 5-7 diapers each day. If your little one uses size 4 diapers for a year, you’ll probably use around 1,500 to 1,800 diapers over that time period. This is the last size of diapers I recommend buying in bulk.

Keep in mind that the closer your child gets to potty-training, the smaller your stash of diapers should be in order to minimize waste.

Is it worth it to buy size 5 diapers in bulk?

Because the usage is hard to predict, it’s not worth it to buy size 5 diapers in bulk. Size 5 diapers fit children weighing more than 27 pounds and are usually used for 2-3-year olds who aren’t quite ready to make the switch to underwear. At this age, kids may last a whole day keeping one diaper dry, but then blow through three or four diapers the next day.

It’s best to purchase this size on an as-needed basis.

Is it worth it to buy size 6 diapers in bulk?

Size 6 diapers are the biggest size offered by most baby diaper brands. This size fits children who weigh more than 35 pounds, and are usually used by 3-4-year old’s who are struggling with potty-training. Just like the previous size, toddlers who use this size diaper might realistically only use a diaper or two each day.

These diapers should be purchased on an as-needed basis, and not in bulk.

Is a diaper bundle worth it?

Now that we’ve talked about buying diapers in bulk, let’s talk bundles.

Diaper bundles are a unique way to purchase diapers and/or wipes in bulk at a discount. Some companies, such as Amazon, offer buyers the ability to order diapers and wipes in a bundle that lasts a certain amount of time. Most bundle offers provide enough diapers and wipes to last a month, although some brands offer 2-month bundle packages as well.

Although a bundle containing both diapers and wipes can save you the most money, you can also purchase 1-month bundles of just diapers from several diaper brands. Bundles are a great way to buy in bulk, and their month-long size conveniently helps you avoid running out of diapering products between shopping trips.

If you’ve been considering buying diapers in bulk, a bundle is a great way to test things out.


Different diaper sizes might cost a bit more, or come with fewer diapers in the bundle. In general, however, buying a Pampers diaper bundle should save you at least a few dollars each month.

A Pampers Pure size 1 diaper bundle available on Amazon is advertised to last you for about a month. It contains 198 diapers and 336 wipes and can save you $4.00 when compared to the cost of buying everything individually.

You can also purchase a Pampers Pure 2 Month Starter Kit, which actually costs the exact same price as buying each individual item separately. Even though this bundle doesn’t save you any money, it can still be convenient to order everything in one go.

Seventh Generation

Because Seventh Generation produces environmentally-friendly baby products, it can be difficult to buy their diapers and wipes in bulk. Although this company doesn’t offer bundles in every diaper size, take advantage of their bundles when you can. It can save you a ton of money!

Seventh Generation only offers a few diaper and wipes bundles on Amazon, and only in limited sizes. Their size 3 diaper bundle contains 93-animal print diapers and 256 count wipes, and can actually save you almost $50 compared to the price of each item purchased separately!


Huggies is one of the biggest name-brand diaper companies in the United States and has lots of different diaper bundle options available for purchase on Amazon. There are several, diaper-only bundles in addition to the diaper-and-wipes bundles that are so convenient.

One of Huggies’ largest bundles available contains 180 Size 2 diapers and a huge stash of 768 unscented wipes. This bundle deal can save you around $10 and should last for ages.

If you’re looking for a diapers-only bundle, a 1-month supply of Huggies Size 2 diapers isn’t a bad way to go. The savings aren’t quite as pronounced as they are for the diaper-and-wipes bundle, but it’s still a good way to buy diapers in bulk for extra savings.

The Honest Co.

The Honest Co. has a Super Duper Club Box available for purchase on Amazon, available for Sizes 3-5. The price for each sized bundle is the same, but the number of diapers you get for each size varies. Size 3 comes with 108 diapers, Size 4 with 2, and Size 5 with only 80. Each box, regardless of size, comes with 288 hypoallergenic wipes.

This bundle only saves you around $5 for the pack, and you don’t get very many diapers in the box. If you’re looking to really stock up on diapers, check out the Super Club Box. It’s a diapers-only bundle but comes with 136 Size 3 diapers which will last longer. You can pair it with a wipes-only bundle of 576 hypoallergenic wipes for some serious stockpiling.

Is a diaper subscription worth it?

The right diaper subscription can change your life, especially with a new baby.

A diaper subscription automatically delivers diapers (and sometimes wipes) to your doorstep, usually on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. The convenience alone makes subscriptions appealing; imagine never needing to make another diaper run to the grocery store! But subscriptions are also a great way to save money on your diaper budget.

Because you’re ‘subscribed’ to their service, the company you’re buying from has some assurance that they have your business for at least the next few months. This lets them offer some excellent deals on their products; deals which you can’t find at the store, or even when purchasing a diaper bundle.

Many companies even offer free product samples when they send your recurring subscription.

The Honest Co.

The Honest Company bases most of its sales around their diaper and wipes subscription service. Because this is a smaller diaper company, buying through subscription is the best way to get good deals as a returning customer.

Their subscription service is incredibly easy: just choose your baby’s size and the super-cute diaper prints you want, and they’ll send your first box. You can customize your shipping date so you’ll never run out of diapers or wipes, and you can cancel the membership at any time.

Each box is $79.95, regardless of the diaper size your baby is using (the number of diapers per box changes based on the size) and contains 7 diaper packs and 4 packs of wipes. Each box is valued at $96.45, so you’re saving 17% off the regular store price. Cost per diaper depends on the size you buy but ranges from around $0.33/diaper for the Newborn size to $0.59/diaper for size 6.

Some of the perks of this service include free shipping and returns, and no membership fees. You also get early access to the company’s limited edition prints to help keep your kiddo rocking their diapers in style.

Hello Bello

Hello Bello is a company founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, which is pretty cool in and of itself.

The diaper subscription is $65 per box and comes with 7 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes (the number of diapers per box varies based on the size, anywhere from 245 diapers in the Newborn size to 119 diapers in size 6). For a discount of 15% off retail price, you can also add vitamins, soap, lotion, and other extra items to your box.

The box comes with free shipping, and lets you choose how often you receive it, which means you’re only paying for what you need. Cost per diaper depends on the size you buy but ranges from around $0.24/diaper for the Newborn size to $0.50 /diaper for size 6.

Even though the prices on this subscription are higher than the big diaper brands, you’re paying for quality: the diapers are made with plant-based ingredients and organic botanicals that are better for the environment. You can also order other household essentials (like laundry detergent) at the same time, which can save you a trip to the store!

And a big bonus: Hello Bello lets you order two different sizes of diapers in one box, so your little one doesn’t have to jump into a bigger size until they’re ready.

Made Of

‘Made Of’ actually has two available subscriptions: one for just diapers, and one for diapers and wipes.

The diapers and wipes subscription is $80 per month and comes with 6 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes (the number of diapers per box varies based on the size, anywhere from 216 newborn diapers to 126 size 6 diapers. Cost per diaper ranges from around $0.24/diaper for the Newborn size to $0.42/diaper for size 6.

The diapers only subscription is $60 per month and comes with 6 packs of diapers (216 to 126 diapers total per month, depending on the size). Cost per diaper ranges from around $0.27/diaper for the Newborn size to $0.47/diaper for size 6. If you prefer a different brand of wipes, the diaper-only subscription will still save you some money on this brand of diaper. If you’re going to be purchasing ‘Made Of’ wipes as well, however, you’ll want to go with the diapers and wipes subscription to save the most money.

‘Made Of’ diapers and wipes are made in the USA, and their subscription service offers a risk-free trial period before you lock in your order for the next month. It comes with free shipping, lets you choose your frequency, and lets you cancel your subscription at any time.

Amazon Subscription

If you love shopping on Amazon, take a sec to check out their subscription service for diapers.

Amazon shoppers can save anywhere from 5-20% off their orders through the “Subscribe and Save” program. This subscription service is offered through Amazon rather than individual diaper brands, so the benefits are a little different. Essentially, the more items you subscribe to on Amazon, the higher your discounted savings.

New subscribers qualify for a standard 5% discount on their first subscription, which shoots up to 20% off when you’ve subscribed to 5 or more products. If you’re just starting out with the 5% discount, you could save an extra $3 off this huge pack (198 count) of Pampers Size 1 diapers, cutting the cost per diaper from $0.24 to $0.23. A 20% discount could drop the price even further to $0.19/diaper!

If you’re already signed up for Amazon Prime and prefer big-brand diapers, this subscription service has the potential to save you a lot of money.

Target Subscription

Target runs a subscription service similar to Amazon’s where consumers receive a discount on some items, including diapers. Target’s subscription deal offers a standard 5% off every order, along with free shipping. You can also pair the deal with your Target debit or credit card to bump the savings up to 10% off.

The 5% Target subscription deal lowers the cost per Pampers diaper from $0.24 to $0.23, which can save you around $2 on each box you purchase. The only downside? Target subscriptions won’t let you apply in-store coupons to your cart, so if there’s a great sale going on in-store, it might be worth purchasing your little one’s diapers in person.

What if the diapers don’t fit?

It happens. Your baby goes through a growth spurt overnight, and suddenly their diapers just won’t fit anymore. If you’re getting your diapers from a bundle or subscription box, you might be kicking yourself for stocking up on diapers that don’t fit quite right.

Here are some tips for what to do if your baby’s bulk diaper order doesn’t fit:

  • Don’t be hasty – Even if your baby’s diaper is a bit snug, it’s probably still doing its job. Don’t rush to move into a different size just because your baby looks bigger; you might be able to squeeze a few more days of use out of the size your little one is currently in.
  • Be patient – If you’ve moved to a bigger size and it’s just too big, don’t stress! Your baby will grow into it in no time. Just buy a small pack of the previous size, and work through those until the bigger size actually fits.
  • Check the return policy – Different stores and subscription services have different return policies, but you might be able to switch out unused diapers for a size that actually works.
  • Ask around – If you aren’t going to use some spare diapers, don’t toss them out. Ask your friends or neighbors if anyone could use them.

Exchange/return policy

Exchanges and return policies vary depending on where you purchased your child’s diapers. Many diaper subscriptions have a pretty liberal return policy that will let you exchange unopened diapers that don’t fit for the proper size product.

If you’re working with a Target subscription, you may even be able to return unopened diapers to a physical store for a size switch or reimbursement.

Make sure you check a subscription or store’s return policy before buying diapers and only size up in diapers when your baby needs them. If you’re starting a new subscription box, it’s also a good idea to test the diaper brand and sizing out with a small order before jumping into a full subscription or bundle.

Thoughtful shopping is much easier than dealing with a bunch of returns.

The diapers are too small

Sometimes you only have a few diapers left in a size that’s too small, and you want to make good use of them. But what happens if you put your baby in a diaper that’s too small?

A small diaper can be uncomfortable for you little one, but it will continue to do its job – up to a point. Bigger babies pee more, so small diapers won’t last very long between changing. Diapers that are too small are also more likely to leak or blow out. If you choose to use a smaller diaper, make sure that it’s not so tight that it’s leaving red marks on your baby’s legs.

At this point, you’ll need to upgrade to a larger size for the safety of your baby.

The diapers are too big

Diapers that are too big on your baby don’t come with the same discomfort as small diapers, but there are still some drawbacks.

Too-big diapers won’t fit your little one appropriately, which increases the likelihood of leaks and blowouts. The loose fit can also be uncomfortable if your child is particularly active, as the diaper can slide around or even fall off with too much motion.

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