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baby wipes in a Ziploc bag

Baby Wipes in Ziploc Bags (Pros, Cons, Alternatives)


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Baby wipes are one of a parent’s most essential items to have available at all times. Between diaper changes, eating solid foods, and general messes, baby wipes will prove their worth time and time again. At my house, we hate wasting wipes and we’re also always looking for ways to make them easier to stick into a bag or stroller for a quick trip so we tried putting baby wipes in Ziploc bags to see how they worked as makeshift wipe cases.

In a pinch, Ziploc bags can make excellent cases for baby wipes and they make portability an option under any circumstances. While there may be better options in some cases, keeping a supply of plastic bags handy for your wipes is a great parenting hack!

While we enjoyed using the bags overall, there were definitely times and places that they worked better than others. Let’s explore the best way to incorporate using Ziplocs in your own baby strategy.

Using a Ziploc bag to store baby wipes can be a good option

Ziploc bags are just plain handy.

And no, this is not a sponsored post (unless you want to make the offer, S.C. Johnson and Son!) but even without a baby in the house, most people have found themselves using these little plastic wonders for all kinds of things around the house. You can use them for leftovers, marinades, funnels, piping bags, organizing craft supplies, the list goes on and on.

Just like a wipe package or travel container, plastic bags can create an airtight seal which locks in the moisture of the wipe and means that you won’t have a dry, useless mess on your hands when you go to reach for a life-saving wipe after a blowout.

At the end of the day, that’s really the only requirement for anything that you use to hold your wipes and everything else just comes down to the details.

Speaking of which, let’s dive in.

Advantages of keeping baby wipes in plastic bags

Since you likely already have a big box of Ziploc bags in the kitchen drawer, the biggest advantage to using them for storing baby wipes is convenience.

When you are packing a bag at the eleventh hour, you won’t have to run to the store or worry about finding a specialized solution to the problem – just grab a bag and go. We usually have a few boxes of these bags spread around the house and even one in the car for all kinds of ‘just in case’ scenarios that tend to actually happen more often than not.

The second biggest advantage of putting baby wipes in a Ziploc bag is that they are disposable. While I’m a big fan of reusing things like plastic bags whenever possible, I’m not going to be attached to the particular bag holding on to a few wipes and I can throw it away if need be.

Lastly, we’ve already mentioned how handy and versatile plastic bags can be and this allows them to pull double duty when you are on the go. Ideally, you’ll throw a couple of empty bags into your diaper bag or purse and you can then use those as little trash bags throughout the trip if you are doing that doesn’t have trash cans nearby such as a hike. Dirty wipes or diapers, food wrappers, and other odds and ends can all be safely stored and not thrown out into nature.

Once your baby wipe bag is empty, you can even convert that one to a trash bag!

Disadvantages of keeping baby wipes in plastic bags

Of course, storing baby wipes in a Ziploc bag is not a perfect solution.

The biggest disadvantage to using these bags, in my opinion, is that it’s a bit of a hassle to make sure that you are getting all of the air out of the bag each time you close it. You’ll have to stop, squeeze, make sure the seal is right, and carefully close it up each time. If you skip this step, you’ll quickly have dry wipes.

Secondly, plastic bags were not designed to be baby wipe dispensers and, as such, they are going to do a horrible job at it. If there are just a few wipes in the bag it’s not a big deal, but don’t expect to be able to just pull one out at a time as they stay neatly folded like they would in the original package.

In reality, you’ll probably be pulling the whole stack of wipes out, taking what you need, and then trying to stuff them back in without making a total mess. It’s definitely doable, but there’s a reason they are sold in those special pouches!

Alternatives to Ziploc bags for keeping your baby wipes moist when traveling

While Ziploc or other plastic bags are an insanely convenient and handy option in a pinch, you might find yourself looking for a more permanent solution to traveling with your baby wipes.

Of course, there is no shortage of baby wipe cases, holders, and travel pouches on the market, but you’ll need to ask yourself what purpose the case is going to serve before you pick out the one you use. Options can range from no-frills plastic to designer chic with prices to match each category, so you’ll also have styles to match your personality and budget!

Here’s a list of some options that we’ve used over the years and the situation it’s best for:

  • Slim softshell cases or pouches – I’m putting these first because they are my family’s favorite. There are really a ton of options in this category alone and you’ll definitely be able to find something you’ll love. These are normally made from soft plastic, but premium options might have plastic-lined canvas or other fabric to make it look more like a purse or clutch. The best ones are going to have a dispenser on the side just like a standard wipe package or a zippered opening. These options combine maximum portability, convenience, and style. They are reusable and easily cleaned! Here is our favorite simple, cheap pouch (affiliate link)
  • Baby wipe tub  – These are large plastic tubs that you can buy at the store that already have wipes loaded into them and they are usually branded by Huggies, Pampers, etc. In the past, we’ve bought of few of these early on to keep in the baby’s room, the living room, and our bedroom and just refilled them as needed. They are cheap and easy to use, but they won’t hold up very well over time and they don’t make a good seal so your wipes won’t last that long.
  • Baby wipe dispensers – The nicer version of the tub, these are sold separately and they are made from heavier-duty materials, have a rubberized airtight seal, and often look pretty nice. These are meant to be permanent additions to somewhere in the house and refilled as needed.
  • Slim hardshell travel cases – Similar to the baby wipe dispenses, the hardshell travel cases are going to hold up well over time, make a great seal, and hold a decent amount of wipes on the go. They are small enough to put into a diaper bag or slip into a larger purse. They are available in fun colors and designs, but you can also find ones that will look more discreet.

Even if you don’t decide to put your baby wipes in a Ziploc bag all the time, I would still recommend keeping a few of them packed because of how handy they are.

Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

Joshua Bartlett
Joshua Bartlett

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