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Babyganics hand and face wipes review

Babyganics Hand and Face Wipes Review


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Should you check out Babyganics hand and face wipes?

We’ve used a lot of Babyganics products over the years and today I’m going to share my experience with the Babyganics hand and face wipes so that you can make a more informed choice about whether or not you should try these baby wipes yourself.

Overall, we enjoyed using these wipes and our little man stayed comfortable and irritation free for the entire time that we used them – always a plus! For our review, I’ll evaluate these wipes in our five main categories and give them an overall score based on the average.

Price: $.04 per wipe for three 100-count packs at Amazon

Pros: Great chemical safety score, low likelihood of irritation, moderately priced

Cons: Relatively unpleasant ‘fragrance-free’ smell, reviewers have had had issues with mold in the past (rated for 3 years)

Overall Score: 76 out of 100


Chemical Safety


Babyganics ingredients

When it comes to chemical safety, Babyganics as a company takes things seriously and their core standards revolve around creating products that are safe, effective, and sustainable. They have a big list of ingredients that they refuse to put inside their products and each ingredient they do use should be plant-derived and organic whenever possible. When they have to use them, synthetic ingredients are chosen based on their safety record.

With that being said, the Babyganics face and hand wipes have a very safe list of ingredients. If you look to the left, you’ll see the complete list.

You’ll note that the overwhelming majority of ingredients are indeed plant-derived and are mostly seed oils meaning that these are some seriously baby safe cleaning wipes.

There is nothing on the list that is included on my list of common baby wipes ingredients to avoid which is a good sign and echoes Babyganic’s commitment to avoiding harsh chemicals in their products. Of the list, only two chemicals raise any red flags and they are relatively mild:

  • Potassium Sorbate – This chemical is widely used to preserve food, drink, and personal care products. It’s synthetically produced with both sorbic acid and potassium hydroxide. Although it is generally considered safe by the FDA, it can cause skin irritations when used in personal care products. Because it is synthetically produced, it could also become contaminated with lead, arsenic, or mercury during processing.
  • Sodium Benzoate – This is another preservative that is commonly found in foods and cosmetic products, especially cooked or raw seafood. It is synthesized from benzoic acid, which is naturally found in some spices and fruits, and sodium hydroxide. Aside from rare complications, it has been deemed safe to use in small quantities (less than .1% by weight). There have been some studies that have shown it to be slightly more dangerous when it is added to foods stored inside metal cans, but there is no issue with that here in these baby wipes.

We rated these Babyganic hand and face wipes a 90 in the chemical safety category.

I generally do an inverse scoring to EWG’s chemical safety rating which in this case was a 1 out of 10.

Comfort and Irritation

The Babyganics hand and face wipes might not be the absolute best wipes for diaper rash but we used multiple packages on my son’s messes and never noticed any irritation from the product at all. The company claims that their ‘NeoNourish’ blend of natural seed oils has a moisturizing effect, but we didn’t necessarily notice anything extra in that regard.

We rated these Babyganic wipes a 90 in this category due to their overall strong performance.

Of course, baby skin is so naturally soft I can’t imagine anything making it softer!

Durability and Packaging

The packing for this item is a pretty standard plastic bag-style pouch with a cover that flips open so that you can reach inside for the wipes. They did not appear to be ‘folded in’ so that pulling one wipe out exposes another automatically and, after doing some digging, found that this is an intentional step on their part. It didn’t annoy us too badly, but I found reviews from a lot of people that seemed to have a big problem with it!

As for the wipes themselves, they are made of polyester and viscose and held up pretty well. We didn’t have issues with the wipes tearing when we used them to clean a messy mouth or a dirty bottom!

Overall, we rate these baby wipes a 70 in this category due to their overall durability but dinged them for the ‘pop up’ issues when dispensing.

It should be noted that because the pop-up issue is related to how the wipes are stacked, even taking them out of the original container and putting them into your own dispenser won’t fix the issue!


I’m just going to say it – I hated the way these smell. We always get the fragrance-free version when available (and that’s what I’m reviewing here) to avoid extra hidden chemicals but in this case, I can see why they would want to add something to the mix.

I’m not sure what exactly my nose is detecting when I smell them. It doesn’t seem to be a chemical smell, but it is offputting – at least to me. It’s possible that the combination of seed oils and other plant-derived ingredients is just mixing in a weird way for my sense of smell, but more than a handful of other reviewers noted that they didn’t enjoy the smell either.

Because of this issue, I’m personally rating the Babyganics wipes a 50 in this category, but your mileage may vary on the fragrance-free ‘fragrance.’

Price and Value

Babyganics hand and face wipes are actually priced pretty moderately considering the fact that they are a more natural product. In most cases, it must end up being cheaper to use the chemicals because the bigger brands always seem to include them. It could just be a question of scale, however, as usually, it’s smaller companies that are more focused on safety.

To figure out whether or not Babyganics wipes are expensive I will compare the per-wipe price to the cheapest option available on Amazon, the Amazon Elements baby wipes flip-top packs.

As of the time of this writing we have:

With that comparison, I’m giving these wipes an 80 in this category.

Although this brand is twice as expensive as the elements, it is important to remember that natural baby wipes can go for much more than this and $.04 per wipe is really not a bad deal for flip-top packs.

Overall Babyganics Hand and Face Wipes Score and Impression

There are a lot of really great things going for the Babyganics face and hand wipes and they seem to be a solid choice for anyone looking for organic baby wipes or all natural baby wipes to help protect their little one from harsher chemicals. There is still a chance that your baby will have a bad reaction to some of the natural ingredients, but these are generally very safe baby wipes that you shouldn’t have to worry about.

Averaging our scores together gives us an overall score of 76 for this baby wipe review, but don’t forget that the (in my opinion) offputting fragrance was a bit chunk of that lower score.

If you don’t care about the fragrance or it is pleasant to your nostrils then you will have a quality baby wipe without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Top Online Babyganics Review Likes and Dislikes

My review has included my personal experience and what I consider important in a product. Of course, other people that have purchased the product have had other things to say, so I’ll highlight the most common likes and dislikes that I saw in online reviews.

Overall, this product was rated 3.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon as of the time of this writing with over 2,200 reviewers weighing in.


  • No surprise here – most people were most excited about the list of ingredients and purchased the product because they were worried about chemical safety or had children with sensitive skin.
  • Parents liked that they didn’t have to worry much about wiping their baby’s mouths with the wipes since the ingredients were more natural.


  • More than a couple reviewers noted that these wipes seemed to burn or irritate their children’s skin after use. Older children would note a ‘burning’ sensation and parents noticed red splotches that were warm to the touch. In all cases, the irritation went away after they discontinued use.
  • Other reviewers were in my camp with the smell. They felt the wipes had a strange smell and some thought it smelled like chemicals.
  • Some reviewers found mold inside their packages. This issue may have been isolated to a particular batch or batches, but there were issues over the span of a few years.
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