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Best Diapers for Tall Babies

The Best Diapers for Tall Babies (Pros, Cons, and Advice)

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Babies come in all different shapes and sizes so you must buy the right diaper for your tall baby. When shopping for diapers, you should keep in mind the height of your baby. Some babies have long torsos or long legs. A taller baby may have blow-outs if they aren’t wearing a diaper that has a proper fit.

What is the best diaper for tall babies? The best diaper for tall babies is one that will contour to the shape of a longer torso and has proper elastic around the waist and legs. While some brands are better than others, ensuring that you have the right size and fit is the most important consideration.

When choosing a diaper brand for your baby, you may have other factors such as a limited budget, so it’s important to get the best diaper for tall babies that is within your budget. Having a tall baby means that some things, such as diapers, are made for the average-sized baby and they may not be a good fit. Finding a good diaper for a tall baby can prevent messy clothes and frustration.

My top pick for the best diaper for a tall baby

I’m just going to jump right in and give you my top recommendation for those of you with tall babies. My son is in the 95th percentile in height for his age, so I definitely understand a tall baby’s needs. We’ve tried just about every major brand on the market today, along with many store brands, to determine which one had the best mix of performance, price, and quality.

My overall pick for a tall baby is the Pampers Pure diaper which you can find right here (along with other reviews from parents like us).

Several factors make Pampers Pure the best diaper for a tall baby. Some of the benefits of Pampers Pure are:

  • No chlorine bleaching, fragrances, parabens, or latex, lotions, or EU 26 ingredients
  • Made with 100% renewable energy and sustainably harvested wood pulp
  • Good fit around the waist (goes up high enough along the back)
  • Proper elastic around the back
  • Leg holes are cut well and have proper elastic
  • Absorbent enough to last through the night

Pampers Pure is a great fit for a tall baby but they are also plant-based. These hypoallergenic cotton-enhanced diapers are ideal for sensitive skin. They are made mineral-based with an odor absorber and super absorbent polymer which really works. We’ve used many diapers over the years and just because a diaper performs well during the day when you are frequently changing your baby doesn’t mean that it will last through the night.

Even though Pampers Pure are a bit cheaper than other natural diaper brands, they have outperformed many others for us overnight. I don’t think we’ve ever had one bust and I can’t remember the last time one leaked.

These diapers also have a wetness indicator which is a ph-sensitive strip that changes colors if the diaper is wet. The diaper itself and the wetness indicator are dye-free. This diaper is ideal for tall babies because the fit is snug.

Again, the performance of Pampers Pure diapers is amazing and the price is affordable. Check them out here!

Things to consider when buying diapers for tall babies

Some things to consider when you are shopping for diapers for a tall baby are the height/length of the baby, their weight and the absorbency. You should also consider the width of the leg holes, the elastic on the back and the overall size of the diaper to ensure a proper fit. The Pamper’s baby diaper size chart is as follows:

  • Size Newborn, less than 10 pounds
  • Size 1, 8-14 pounds
  • Size 2, 12-18 pounds
  • Size 3, 16-28 pounds
  • Size 4, 22-37 pounds
  • Size 5, 27+ pounds
  • Size 6, 35+ pounds

When shopping for a diaper for a tall baby, it is also important to consider the height of the waist of the diaper. It should sit just at their belly button and the back should cover their bottom well. If a diaper is too small, it will cause blow-outs and leaking. A baby with long legs will fit into diapers better than a baby that has a long torso. If a diaper becomes too short, it may be a good idea to go up a size for a better fit – you can always cinch it a little tighter at the waist.

Getting the right-sized diaper for your tall baby

While the Pampers Pure have been a solid choice for my babies, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the perfect option for you.

Every diaper brand will be cut slightly differently and the elastic, waist and leg holes will fit differently as a result. You will likely need to experiment to find the best diaper for your baby’s shape. Also, don’t forget that babies change shape over time and your baby could become chubbier, skinny, or taller over time.

If this is your first baby, you likely got a lot of different brands and sizes of diapers at showers or parties before the baby was born. If you didn’t, don’t be afraid to buy some small packs of different brands, in the beginning, to see which ones you like and fit with your budget.

When should I move up in diaper size?

You should move up in diaper size when the diaper becomes too tight, too small, too short, or too narrow. A bigger baby needs a bigger diaper size so you may find yourself going up in a diaper size before your baby meets the weight requirements. It is ok to do this if you need a diaper that has more width or length.

Based on the average weight of a baby, your baby should spend some time in each size. You should consider switching the size of the diaper if there are leaks or it doesn’t fit well. Your baby will likely be in each size for about this long:

  • Size newborn – 1 month
  • Size 1 – 2.5 months
  • Size 2 – 2.5 months
  • Size 3 – 10 months
  • Size 4 – 10 months
  • Size 5 – 14 months
  • Size 6 – 14 months

If you find yourself jumping ahead in changing their diaper size, this is fine and some variation of the timeline is expected. You should probably consider switching sizes when the diaper begins to perform poorly or it is no longer a good fit. If your baby is in size 2 or below, consider that they will only be in the size for 1-2 months so avoid buying a big box because you will end up with a lot of diapers that are too small.

Personally, I feel like my son jumped up to size 4 super quickly and hasn’t changed in forever!

The right fit for tall baby bodies

When shopping for diapers for a tall baby, the diaper must fit properly. One thing to consider is the height of the diaper once it is on. The height of the waist of the diaper should sit right at their belly button. Their bottom should also be comfortable in the diaper with no skin hanging out.

Design and comfort for tall diaper wearers

Your baby may also have large thighs so it’s important that the leg holes mustn’t be too tight. If the diaper leaves red marks on their skin, it means that it is too tight. The design of a diaper can help offer more protection for a tall baby. When testing out diapers, ensure that the baby has proper height and covers the baby well. If you are experiencing constant blow-outs, it may mean that the diaper is too short for your tall baby.

The best disposable diapers for tall babies

Several different diaper brands offer diapers which are ideal for tall babies. These brands have been tested out on tall babies and they fit well on a long torso and long legs. Also, a hypoallergenic diaper is always the best choice because the perfumes and bleach of diapers can cause a rash or reaction. Choosing a more natural diaper will prevent your baby from reacting to the ingredients of a diaper.

1. Pampers Pure – The best overall pick

These dye-free, chlorine-free, perfume-free, plant-based diapers are perfect for tall babies. The simple allergen-free diaper prevents bad reactions as a result of a diaper that is toxic. The make-up is gentle for your baby and the design of the diaper is perfect for a baby with a long torso.

I’ve already talked a lot about these, but I’ll let you check them out here if you haven’t done so already.


Hypoallergenic, chlorine-free, plant-based fibers, ultra-absorbent core, and a wetness indicator.


Great for tall babies and the hypoallergenic make-up makes it safe for your baby’s sensitive skin.


These diapers tend to be a bit more expensive than others but they are worth every penny.

2. Mama Bear Best Fit Diapers – A solid and affordable option

These diapers are a great option if you are looking for diapers for a tall baby but you are on a budget. These diapers typically offer almost twice as many diapers when compared to other brands, so these diapers are just a fraction of the price of competitors.

If you want to check out Amazon’s own brand of affordable diapers you can do so here (with surprisingly good reviews!).


These diapers have a wetness indicator, proper elastic around the waist and legs, and even have a pocketed back waistband to help prevent blowouts!


These diapers include 12-hour protection thanks to the pocketed waist and absorbent core. In my personal experience, we have only had one issue with leakage with these diapers. They are fragrance-free, have a quilted liner, and generally perform very well for their price point.


While the diaper promises leak guard and overnight protection, some people do have a problem with night time leaking and have found that they get better protection from other diapers which are more expensive.

3. Huggies Special Delivery- If cost isn’t an issue

These top of the line diapers offer plant-based cotton, a soft shell, are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. These have leak-lock protection that promises dryness for your baby. There is also a wetness indicator and 12-hour protection which is perfect for overnight.

If you want to check these diapers out then you can do so right here (and see how highly rated they are on Amazon).

I don’t know exactly why, but I just love these diapers. When you pick them up, they just feel like a premium option. It’s like when you drive a Honda every day and then you test drive a BMW – it just feels different. Of course, you will often be paying for that difference! Still, this is a diaper that I pick up anytime the sale price is right!


These quality diapers have 23% of plant-based materials and have a size-up indicator that can help you decide when to switch sizes of diapers.


These diapers have glowing reviews with few complaints. They seem to be worth every penny to other parents as well!


A tight budget may not make these diapers a realistic purchase so while they are top of the line, they are often out of reach of many families.

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