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Can a Baby Sleep in a Windowless Room? (With Practical Nursery Advice)

Can a Baby Sleep in a Windowless Room? (With Practical Nursery Advice)

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Not every parent has the luxury of creating an Instagram-worthy nursery for their baby, but that’s okay. The only thing you really need for a perfect baby’s room is a safe place for them to sleep and somewhere you can store their stuff. Once you start considering areas in your home, you may wonder if a windowless room is a safe choice.

A windowless room is a safe choice for a nursery, provided it meets certain standards. It must have adequate lighting, be well-ventilated, have at least two exits, and be easily accessible in case of fire. Even though it is possible for your baby to sleep in a windowless room, it is not recommended and should be avoided if there is another option.

Read on for more tips on how to make your windowless room as safe as possible for your baby.

Does the Baby Room Need a Window?

Are you considering turning that dark, stuffy, windowless room in your home, into your baby’s nursery? Have you asked yourself if it was even possible for you to turn that room without windows, into a room that your baby can safely sleep in? Are you worried it might be too dark or the air might be too stale?

Many parents struggle with the decision of where they should put their nursery. Of course, we all know that it should be close to the parents’ room, but what if the closest room does not have windows?

The short answer, to this question, is yes, a baby can be safe in a windowless room. Although, there is a little more to it than just the short answer. There are many things to consider about a room without windows. However, there is also much to consider with a room with windows too. 

In most cases, if a room does not have windows, it does not have a closet, natural light, or even a ceiling fan. This leaves you with no storage in a dark, unventilated room that isn’t legally considered a bedroom.

It is important to note that there is potential for the nursery to become a fire hazard if proper care is not taken, and this is especially dangerous if the room doesn’t have a secondary exit.

There are steps to be taken to improve each of the things mentioned above. It will take a little more effort on your part to make your beautiful nursery as safe as possible, but it can certainly be done. Once these steps are taken, the room can become a great option for your baby’s nursery.

Is it Safe to Sleep in a Room With No Window?

Your baby’s safety is of utmost importance. It can be daunting how many possible dangers a parent must consider when raising a baby. Sometimes, when faced with two choices, you may find that both choices carry their specific dangers.

Just putting your baby in a windowless room, without any additional planning, or adjustments would not be safe. It just isn’t a viable option. However, if you take your time, plan ahead, and make some adjustments to the room, your baby will be in a much safer environment. 

A windowless room can be transformed from a dark, stale environment into a magical nursery with just a little effort. Once safety concerns are met, you can rest assured that your baby will be in a beautiful, well-ventilated, and safe sleeping environment.

Potential safety concerns with windows in the nursery

Although there are specific concerns associated with a windowless nursery, choosing a room with windows provides its own set of safety concerns. In fact, more than 3,300 kids are injured each year from falling out of windows.

A few years ago a friend of mine had a scary experience with the window blinds in her son’s room. She heard a loud noise and rushed in and the blinds had become wrapped around his neck. It all ended well, but it was definitely a learning experience.

I know this sounds super scary; however, like a windowless room, a room with windows can be a safe option. Some adjustments can be made to the windows to prevent a child from being injured.

Although those statistics sound daunting, it makes it clear that any room that you put your baby in will need some adjustments before it is completely safe for a baby to sleep in.

Hopefully, this relieves some tension for those of you who have no other choice but to create your nursery in a windowless room.

Tips for making a windowless nursery better

If you choose to set up your baby’s nursery in a windowless room, your goal should be to make it as safe and inviting as possible.

The best ways to improve a windowless room are:

  • Keep the room ventilated
  • Brighten the room
  • Consider fire safety

Consider ventilation

Does the room have central heating and air? If so, you’re good to go here!

If your home doesn’t have a central heating and cooling system, or the baby’s potential room doesn’t have a vent, there are several ways to improve the ventilation in the room:

  • Install a ceiling fan – A fan will help circulate air throughout the room. Most modern fans also include a clockwise setting that can actually help warm the room in winter.
  • Hook up a dehumidifier – This will help control mold and bacterial growth as well as keep the air feeling fresher. Keep in mind that babies are more likely to develop dry skin and stuffy noses in low humidity, so you may need to balance using a humidifier and a dehumidifier to keep the space comfortable.
  • Decore sparsely – Do not overdo it with the furniture, too much furniture, can inhibit airflow, and cause bacteria to grow.
  • Include a plant – Place an air-purifying plant in the nursery. Here are some great examples of plants that help keep the air clean.

Brighten the room

The lack of natural light can make the room feel dank and gloomy – not a good look for such a happy room!

To bring some light into the nursery:

  • Install a night light – You may not notice the light a window lets in at night until you’re in a room that doesn’t have one. A night light will provide both you and your little one with a bit of helpful illumination throughout the day.
  • Use LED lights – Whether they’re curtain lights, lighting strips, or strings of fairy lights, these can turn a dark depressing room into a magical haven.
  • Bring in a lamp – One well-placed lamp can go a long way toward making a room look more inviting. If possible, a subtle floor lamp and a whimsical table lamp can be both practical and inviting.
  • Accessorize with a salt lamp – Not only do they provide a little extra light, but they also help keep the air clean.

Consider fire safety

While it’s not a possibility anyone wants to consider, having a fire safety plan is a must for every family.

To ensure your family is prepared in case of a house fire:

  • Make sure there are two exits on opposite sides of the home.
  • Ensure that the path to the exits is clear and free of hazards.
  • Practice your escape route a couple of times a year.
  • Make sure that each member of the family can be out of the house within two minutes.
  • Include in your plan who is going to rescue the baby and anyone else who may require assistance.
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