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Can I Blow Dry My Hair While Pregnant?

Can I Blow Dry My Hair While Pregnant? (Do’s and Don’ts)

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Expecting mothers often worry about all sorts of things and might even be concerned that blow drying their hair could somehow harm their baby.

It is safe to blow dry your hair during pregnancy and your hair care routine (shampoos, conditioners, or protective products) shouldn’t need to change but always avoid chemical treatments such as perms, relaxers, highlights, or dyes. Hair sheds less and thickens during pregnancy so hair might take longer to dry – take care not to damage your hair.

Let’s take a closer look at blow drying your hair during pregnancy as well as a few other do’s and don’ts!

Is blow-drying hair safe for baby during pregnancy?

Pregnant women have probably heard that they shouldn’t take hot baths during pregnancy as it can raise their core body temperature and overheating, potentially harming their baby.

In fact, pregnant women should avoid any activities that would raise their core temp above 102°F (38.9°C) which could include:

  • Using a sauna or hot tub
  • Taking very long, very hot baths or steam showers
  • Placing heating pads or blankets on their stomach
  • Becoming ill with a high fever
  • Exercising or spending too much time outside in hot weather

Because blow drying your hair cannot raise your body temperature, it is safe to do it during pregnancy and it poses no risk to your unborn baby. If you use chemical treatment products such as relaxers, straighteners, or dyes, however, you should stop using those unless they have been approved by your doctor.

So don’t worry so much when it comes time to dry and style your hair!

Pregnancy hair do’s

I’ve covered a few things here already but let’s check out a list of approved hair care activities that shouldn’t cause any issue

  • Enjoy your thicker, longer hair – hair tends to shed less during pregnancy and an increase in the diameter of the hair follicle means that your hair will look thicker than usual
  • Check ingredients – while the vast majority of hair care products should be safe to use during pregnancy but some medicated dandruff shampoos and hair straighteners contain harmful ingredients
  • Keep hair moisturized – some women struggle with dry hair during pregnancy so be sure to apply a natural conditioner, focusing on the ends
  • Manage oilier hair – on the flip side, some women struggle with more oil in their hair during pregnancy so focus on finding a shampoo that doesn’t over-strip the oil and cause problems
  • Expect hair in other places – it is common for pregnant women to experience temporary hair growth in new places such as around the nipples and on her face
  • Shave, tweeze, and thread as normal – no changes necessary to these routines but pay special attention to areas of your body that may be changing in size or shape

Pregnant hair don’ts

Now what about the hairy things you should avoid during pregnancy?

  • Avoid depilatories (chemical hair removal) – while these are generally fine outside of pregnancy, it is unclear if these chemicals can be absorbed through the skin and have an affect on baby
  • Don’t use bleach – if you normally add bleach to your hair to lighten it up, be sure to avoid it during pregnancy
  • Cancel your hair treatments or chemical blowouts – During pregnancy you should avoid treatments that use chemicals which can be absorbed through the scalp – straighteners, relaxers, and dyes
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Joshua Bartlett

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