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Craving Apples & Peanut Butter While Pregnant (Why It Happens!)

Craving Apples & Peanut Butter While Pregnant (Why It Happens!)

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Apples can be a healthy part of a pregnant woman’s diet. One of the most popular cravings combines apples with peanut butter. But why does this craving happen, and is it healthy?

Craving apples is normal and perfectly healthy during pregnancy. It is one of the most common fruits women crave, and when paired with peanut butter, the added protein can help women feel full, leading to less snacking between meals. One theory as to why women crave fruit is that it has nutrition she may be lacking but is still being researched.

Read on to find out how an apple with peanut butter is a safe, healthy, and tasty treat during pregnancy.

Is it normal to crave apples and peanut butter while pregnant?

Craving fruit and peanut butter is a common thing during pregnancy, both together and separate.

While apples are not craved more than other fruits, many women pair them with peanut butter as part of the snack. On the other hand, peanut butter is actually one of the most common cravings women report to have during pregnancy.

“I craved peanut butter and apples with all three of my pregnancies,” reported a mom on a Baby Center Forum. Many women often eat it with crackers and bananas as well.

One reason peanut butter may be more popular is its versatility and the different ways you can eat it.

For example, other moms state that they craved peanut butter with other fruits or jelly in sandwiches. “Yeah, I eat a PB sandwich every day, and usually PB toast in the morning.” stated another mom on the same Baby Center Forum.

Are apples and peanut butter good for pregnancy?

Both apples and peanut butter are good for pregnancy as long as they’re consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.

Peanut butter provides protein, healthy fats, and folate, which are all important for a baby’s development. Apples provide fiber as well as vitamin C.

One of the best aspects of having these two treats together is that they can help mom feel full between meals between the fiber and healthy fats. This can help cut down on unnecessary snacking for many women.

This treat is especially safe, yummy, and healthy for pregnant women with diabetes (including gestational diabetes). It is commonly recommended as one of the snacks they can have between meals since there is a great balance between carbohydrates and proteins when measured out correctly.

Is it okay to eat peanut butter every day while pregnant?

Peanut butter is perfectly safe to consume every day during pregnancy as long as you do not have a peanut allergy or are not at risk for developing one.

Since it provides a good amount of protein and healthy fats, it is healthy to have in moderation. It can be consumed as part of a sandwich or with fruits or crackers, making it a great way to balance proteins and carbs.

Having peanut butter can also be important for a developing baby since consuming peanuts and peanut products while pregnant may help prevent your baby from developing a peanut allergy. According to an article found on, “One recent study found that non-allergic mothers who ate peanuts or tree nuts five times a week or more were less likely to have a baby with a nut allergy.”

This is, of course, as long as you do not have a family history of allergies. “If you’ve got a strong family or personal history of allergies (at least one immediate relative, such as a parent or sibling, with an allergy), your infant is likely high-risk.” states the same article on

If this is the case, talk to your doctor to see if this would be okay for you!

What is the best kind of peanut butter to eat while pregnant

The best type of peanut butter for expectant mothers is a natural one with lower amounts of carbohydrates, including sugar. Natural peanut butter typically only contains two ingredients, peanuts, and salt, with some of them foregoing salt altogether. They also typically have less sugar.

The amount of sugar per serving can be found on the nutrition label on the jar, and you want the lowest amount possible. Be sure to read each label for both serving size and the number of carbohydrates per serving.

Nutritional Information of Popular Peanut Butter Brands

BrandServing Size CaloriesTotal FatCarbohydratesTotal SugarsProtein
Earth Balance Natural Peanut and Flaxseed Spread2 Tbsp19016g7g2g7g
JIF Creamy Peanut Butter2 Tbsp19016g8g3g7g
Justin's Classic Peanut Butter Spread2 Tbsp21018g6g2g7g
Peanut Butter & Co. Sooth Operator2 Tbsp19015g8g3g7g
Peter Pan Creamy2 Tbsp21017g6g3g8g
Santa Cruz Organic Creamy Dark Roasted Peanut Butter2 Tbsp18016g5g1g8g
SKIPPY Natural Creamy Peanut Butter2 Tbsp19016g6g3g7g
Spread the Love Naked Organic Peanut Butter2 Tbsp18015g6g1g7g
Teddie Peanut Butter2 Tbsp19016g7g1g8g

What is the best kind of apple to eat while pregnant

All types of apples are fine to eat during pregnancy.

The type of apple you consume will really depend on your preference for something sour or sweet. Green apples tend to be on the sour side, while red apples are sweeter, so it often depends on what you feel like eating or what you can tolerate.

Apples are usually on the list of the “dirty dozen” (fruits and vegetables that have a higher level of exposure to pesticides), so it is essential to take the time to wash them thoroughly before eating, even if buying organic. Doing this will ensure those surface pesticides are washed away to ensure you don’t ingest them.

What does it mean if you crave apples and peanut butter while pregnant?

There are few old wives’ tales regarding both apples and peanut butter during pregnancy. These myths should not be taken seriously and not taken as medical advice! If concerned, talk to your doctor to get the most up-to-date medical advice.

The most prevalent myth is that if you are craving sweets such as apples and fruit, then you are having a baby girl, but if you are craving savory foods, then you will have a boy. While this is good fun, cravings do not indicate what your baby will be.

One of the biggest concerns about eating peanut butter while pregnant is the fear that the baby will develop a nut allergy. This is not an old wives’ tale, but outdated information since medical providers believed this to be possibly true until the 2000s, when more was learned about food allergies.

Now moms-to-be are told they can keep peanuts and other common allergy foods such as eggs and milk as part of their regular diet.

Does craving apples and peanut butter while pregnant mean it’s a boy or girl?

What mom is craving is NOT an indication of whether their little one is a boy or a girl.

Old wives’ tales suggest that craving apples or any other fruit mean the baby is a girl. Many women have craved fruit throughout their pregnancy and delivered a bouncing baby boy and vice versa.

While it is definitely fun to guess a baby’s sex using cravings, there is no actual scientific evidence to back this up. It does make a fun guessing game among family and friends, though!

Whatever you are craving, be sure to have it as part of a good, nutritionally balanced diet, and whenever in doubt, talk to your medical provider to get the most up-to-date advice!

If you want to learn more, I have a HUGE list of the most common pregnancy cravings just for you!

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