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Does Crunch Fitness Have Childcare (3 Things to Consider for Kid's Crunch)

Does Crunch Fitness Have Childcare? (3 Things to Consider for Kid’s Crunch)

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As parents, our lives are constantly busy. Between work and family responsibilities, it can be hard to find time for fitness, but finding a gym that provides babysitting services can be a game-changer! If you already have a gym membership, you might wonder does Crunch Fitness have childcare?

Crunch Fitness’ Kid’s Crunch allows parents a safe and secure place for their kids to play while they work out, and most locations participate. Parents can use Kid’s Crunch Monday through Sunday (hours vary) and must pay an additional fee to use it, although it is included in the Peak Results Plan membership.

Curious to find out more about Kid’s Crunch? Keep reading below to find out more about Crunch Fitness’s babysitting options!

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Does Crunch Fitness have childcare?

After a hard day at work, people need an outlet to unwind and let go of stress. You could go home and plant yourself on the couch and play some video games, but that probably isn’t the healthiest option in the long term!

The healthier option is going to be hitting the gym. But as much as our kids are blessings, it can be hard to find the time we need for exercise and fitness.

Luckily, many of Crunch Fitness’s 395 locations do offer a childcare program know as Kid’s Crunch. Availability does vary by location, so it’s important to call ahead to find out if your local Crunch provides Kid’s Crunch services.

Things to Consider Before Using Kid’s Crunch

If you already have a Crunch Fitness membership or you’re considering getting one, you’re likely glad to hear that many locations do have childcare. While it’s not available at all locations, many of the clubs do have Kid’s Crunch available. You can call your local Crunch Fitness to find out for sure–when you call, there are three factors to consider:

  • Hours
    For the centers that do have Kid’s Crunch, the hours stay pretty consistent. However, it’s important to check with your local Crunch Fitness to find out when the childcare is available.
  • Age of children
    Most Crunch Fitness centers take children from 6 months old to 12 years old. It’s also a policy in many of the centers that children 13 and up can workout as a guest as long as their parents are present.
  • Cost
    The cost will depend on which membership plan you have. The most expensive membership plan includes Kid’s Crunch services. With the other plans, you can usually add Kid’s Crunch for an additional charge. It typically runs around $5 per day.

Let’s take a closer look at what babysitting at Kid’s Crunch usually includes for your kids.

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What is Kid’s Crunch Babysitting at Crunch Fitness

Finding the time to engage in regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. However, you likely don’t want to leave the kiddos at daycare or home alone while you head to the gym. This is what makes Crunch Fitness’s childcare service Kid’s Crunch so valuable.

Kid’s Crunch provides you with a safe and secure area to let your kids hang out in while you go work up a healthy sweat. To ensure the safety and well-being of any kids at the facility, all Kid’s Crunch staff are CPR and first aid certified.

Crunch’s “No Judgements” philosophy means all kids are treated equally and with respect, no matter their race or gender.

To ensure your kiddos don’t get bored, Kid’s Crunch offers a variety of activities to keep the kids occupied while you get your workout in, including:

  • Coloring activities
  • Books
  • Small toys
  • Television & movies

Most Crunch Facilities with Kid’s Crunch utilize an open room approach while watching the children. Separate sectioned-off areas are provided for younger children who are still crawling.

Amenities and services may vary by facility, so contact your local gym for complete information.

What hours is Kid’s Crunch open?

As parents, we know even the best-laid plans and schedules can change at a moment’s notice. You may plan for a quick workout mid-morning, but life will undoubtedly throw a wrench in those plans. Crunch Fitness understands the need for flexible schedules and allows for it with several convenient time options for kids.

Days, times, and schedules will vary from one Kid’s Crunch facility to another, so call ahead to your local Crunch to confirm times. However, in general, operating hours for Kid’s Crunch will look something like this:

  • Sunday – 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Monday through Friday – 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then again from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Saturday – 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Again these are generalized times, but they should be close to your local Kid’s Crunch hours. Call ahead to make certain of your local Crunch’s hours.

It is worth noting that many Kid’s Crunch facilities will only provide care for your children for a maximum of two hours per day. Again this should be confirmed with your local Crunch.

What age for Kid’s Crunch?

Crunch Fitness works hard to provide kids with a safe and secure environment for our children while we work out. For the most part, they provide care for children of all ages.

Typically, most Kid’s Crunch facilities will accommodate children ranging from 6 months to 12 years old.

Some Crunch Fitness gyms will allow children as young as 13 or 14 to work out with their parents as guests. This can be a great way to introduce the importance and benefits of exercise to your young teens!

Plus, don’t overlook the time you will be spending with your child. Memories of you taking them to the gym and spending time with them will be something they remember for the rest of their lives.

How much is Kid’s Crunch babysitting?

Typical daycares can cost you hundreds of dollars a day for child care. Luckily, Kid’s Crunch from Crunch Fitness will run you a fraction of that price!

Crunch Fitness offers three membership plans at different price points per month:

  • Base Plan – $9.99 + Kid’s Crunch fees
  • Peak Plan – $22.99 + Kid’s Crunch fees
  • Peak Results Plan – $29.99 (Kid’s Crunch use is included)

Each plan builds on the next with an increasing amount of perks and benefits. Free daily use of the Kid’s Crunch care center is included with the $29.99 a month Peak Results plan.

If you only work out occasionally or aren’t ready to pull the trigger on a full plan at the moment, Crunch does offer daily workout rates. Crunch also accommodates non-plan members with a daily fee of around $5 for the use of Kid’s Crunch.

Again it is important to note that the rates and services listed can vary among different Crunch facilities. For exact information, contact your local Crunch gym.

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Is Kid’s Crunch babysitting worth it?

The Kid’s Crunch facilities will be clean and safe, but if you’re looking for daycare quality interactions and learning, you won’t find that at the gym. They do provide your child with two hours’ worth of distraction while you work up a good sweat.

If you’re an exercise enthusiast looking for a clean and safe environment to leave your kids in while you hit the gym, Kid’s Crunch through Crunch fitness could be an excellent option for you.

If you use the gym regularly, you most likely will have a membership anyway, so Kid’s Crunch may already be a perk of your plan.

If you want to learn more, I have put together a huge list of which gyms have childcare and which ones don’t!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you bring your child to the gym?

If you’re a parent with a membership to Crunch Fitness, there is childcare available at many of the locations. Typically care is offered for children between 6 months old and 12 years. Call your local club to find out if they offer Kid’s Crunch services.

Can your older child work out with you at Crunch Fitness?

At most Crunch Fitness clubs, children 13 years old and up can work out with their parents as a guest. This may vary by location so be sure to call ahead to your local Crunch if you have questions.

What is the youngest age to join Crunch?

Generally, a member can bring in a guest who is at least 16 years old, but you must be 18 years old to join. Some members may be able to bring teenagers in who are younger than 16, but it’s important to check with your local Crunch Fitness.

Can a 15 year old go to Crunch alone?

Typically, children 13 or 14 must have an adult over 18 with them. Some locations may allow a 15 or 16 year old to work out alone with previously established parental consent.


It’s difficult as a parent to take time for yourself, especially when it comes to going to the gym. If you’re a member of Crunch Fitness, you may have wondered does Crunch Fitness have childcare? The good news is gyms like Crunch Fitness offer childcare for parents so your child has a place to play while you workout.

While it’s not the best place for your child if you’re looking for something educational, it’s a great option if you just need someone to watch your child while you’re in the gym. Kid’s Crunch isn’t offered at every location, so be sure to contact your local Crunch Fitness for more information.

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