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Does CycleBar Have Childcare? (Everything You Need To Know!)

Does CycleBar Have Childcare? (Everything You Need To Know!)

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If you’re a busy parent looking to get maximum and effective results from your workouts, you may have looked into the  But what about childcare?

CycleBar offers a variety of high-energy spin classes with accommodations for every fitness level; however, it does not offer any form of childcare. Parents should seek out alternative options such as a nearby childcare center, bringing a babysitter to the gym, or swapping childcare with another member.

Read on to see what other options you may have for what to do with your kids while you work out, as well as learn a little background on the CycleBar franchise and what makes it so unique.

Does CycleBar provide childcare or kid care?

When planning time for yourself as a parent, one of your first questions is probably who can watch your kid while you work out, many larger gyms offer childcare services (at least during specific hours) – is CycleBar one of them?

CycleBar does not offer childcare of any kind at this time, nor does it offer any kids club activities for the older kiddos.

If you are under 18 years old, a parent must be present while enrolling the minor in the gym. Though there is no word on an official minimum age, you have to work out alone.

Since CycleBar is an instructor-led group spin class, your child would have to be pretty advanced in both age and fitness level to be able to exercise here. This would probably exclude any children under fourteen years of age from becoming members of the gym and would likely not help you find childcare for your children.

What is CycleBar?

CycleBar is a boutique-style indoor cycling franchise that offers various spin classes to suit every fitness level.

With over 200 studios open for business, they offer complimentary filtered water and snacks, keypad-operated lockers, toiletries, shoes, towels, hair ties, and more to ensure you have everything you need for your workout. They suggest you arrive fifteen minutes early for your class so you can get properly fitted for shoes and so that they can get your bike adjusted to what’s comfortable for you.

Their website uses words like “invigorate” and “accepting” when describing CycleBar’s goals and atmosphere. They invite you to join their immersive workouts with motivational instructors and upbeat music designed to get your heart pumping. Choose which bike – or “ride,” as they call them – works best for you. The class lengths vary in the number of hills, challenges, cardio, and endurance required to complete each ride. After each class, you will receive your stats to see how you performed and use this as a benchmark for future workouts.

How to find childcare at CycleBar

When you are the parent of young children, it can be downright difficult trying to squeeze in a workout during an already crammed full day.

It’s always nice to find a gym that offers childcare services while you exercise, but if yours doesn’t:

  • Look for a local drop-in daycare
  • Bring your babysitter with you
  • Find a workout buddy to switch off with

Look for a daycare nearby CycleBar

If you’re a working parent, you may already be familiar with typical daycares and what all that entails if you send your child to one during your working hours. However, drop-in daycares work a little differently and are usually not as structured as traditional daycares, although personnel must have the same certifications as traditional daycare teachers.

Drop-in daycares are usually paid by the hour and offer fun indoor playgrounds, bounce houses, and theme nights to make sure your child has a magical time. These centers were designed to cater to busy parents and provide them with a safe place to keep their kids for a few hours while running errands.

They are also often set up in strategic places – like near gyms that don’t offer childcare – and offer enticing discounts to nearby gym members. If you are fortunate enough to have drop-in childcare near your gym, be sure to ask if you are eligible for a discount!

It’s a win-win situation because your child probably needs the break to let loose some steam just as much as you do. And there’s no guilt dropping your child off if you know they will have a blast while they are there.

Bring a babysitter to the gym with you

Another option worth mentioning would be to hire a babysitter to bring to the gym with you.

Since CycleBar buildings vary from location to location, your particular gym may have a lobby with a sitting area where a babysitter and your child could comfortably wait for you while you exercise. This type of setup would probably work best for younger babies that aren’t mobile yet. 

If your particular CycleBar can’t accommodate this, you could always hire a babysitter to watch your child in your home. Use word of mouth referrals from friends or look for online platforms that show you certified babysitters in your area.

Find a workout buddy to switch babysitting duties with

Maybe this is your spouse, best friend, trusted family member, or co-worker, but find someone who has a hard time making it to the gym themselves and offer to watch their kids while they go on certain days or times and then have them return the favor.

Not only will this method save you money since you won’t be paying for babysitters or daycares, but this way will also offer you greater flexibility, not to mention the bonus of having other kids for your kids to play with.

If you want to learn more, I have put together a huge list of which gyms have childcare and which ones don’t!

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