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Does Planet Fitness Have Childcare? (With Alternatives & Tips!)

Does Planet Fitness Have Childcare? (With Alternatives & Tips!)

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Working out is often a priority for parents. It provides stress relief as well as helps parents work towards being healthier. But many parents need childcare to be able to go to the gym. One of the bigger fitness chains is Planet Fitness, but do they provide childcare?

Planet Fitness does not provide childcare for its members as one of its selling points is the low cost of membership. While many other gyms do provide childcare, Planet Fitness is one of the larger gym chains that do not. If you are considering a Planet Fitness membership, you will need to find alternative care for your child while you work out.

Keep reading to learn more about Planet Fitness and what to do if you need childcare as a member.

Does Planet Fitness provide childcare or kid care?

Working out can be a necessary stress relief for parents, but they need to find someone to watch their children. Sometimes that will be a family or a babysitter, but many parents depend on their gym’s childcare. Unfortunately, not every gym offers this service.

Planet Fitness does not provide childcare to its members at any of its clubs nationwide, claiming that this is to keep membership costs low.

Some parents may wonder if they could bring their children into the club, keeping them with them during their workouts. The Planet Fitness website states that “for the safety of children under the age of 13, we ask that they do not come into the facility.” This means that even older children who could handle reading a book or playing a video game on a handheld device would still not be allowed to be in the club with you. 

However, children who are 13 years old and older may enter the club with their parents, but the “Parent must be a member of the Black Card™ guest of the minor member,” according to the Planet Fitness website. Those who are 13 and 14 years old must be with their parent or guardian at all times.

How to find childcare at Planet Fitness

So what should you do if you need childcare and want to be a Planet Fitness member?

If you are set on working out at Planet Fitness, you will need to find alternative care for your under-13 child:

  • Find a nearby daycare
  • Alternate childcare with a fellow member
  • Hire a babysitter (and share costs with another member)
  • Plan gym time around your partner’s schedule

Look for a daycare nearby Planet Fitness

One of the more popular options is to find a childcare center near your club and utilize their services for the days you have to work out. This allows you to get your workout in while your child is in a safe daycare facility.

One Reddit user stated, “My wife found childcare next to a gym. Same parking lot. She goes to the gym almost every day.” 

Be sure to also look into in-home daycares as well as a daycare center. They are often cheaper for their day rates and are usually licensed as well. Many of them also offer half-day rates, and your child would be able to learn while you are working out.

“We found an in-home daycare that provided preschool. It was $65 for three half-days a week, so my daughter was in preschool while I hit the gym and ran other errands. It was the best of both worlds!” one Facebook mom was excited to share. 

Alternate childcare with another member

Alternating childcare is another option if you are friends with another club member or become friends with them while working out.

One of you could watch the kids while the other goes to work out, then when they finish, you can switch off.

Using alternating childcare is a cheaper alternative to finding daycare and can work out great if you trust the other parent to watch your child. 

Hire a babysitter and share costs with another member

If you are friends with a fellow club member, finding a babysitter to watch all the children is another way to work out at your local Planet Fitness while you work out.

 Using a babysitter is ideal if you have a workout partner who also needs childcare. Splitting half the payment of one sitter is beneficial to you both since it’ll be half the cost and allow you to have a workout partner.

Go early or late when the other parent is home

Another cheap alternative is to go while your spouse or partner is at home.

Going to the gym while your partner watches the kids may mean you need to go early in the morning or late in the evening after the children have fallen asleep. It also means that you and your spouse cannot go at the same time.

One mom on the BabyCenter said, “I wake up at 5:35, go to the gym for 6 am camp, I’m home hopping in the shower at 6:55-7. Shower & eat, leave the house by 7:40 for work. DH is home with the kids, and everyone is asleep.” 

What is Planet Fitness?

There are many gyms in your area, but it’s likely there is a Planet Fitness near you.

Planet Fitness is a low-cost gym with over 2,000 locations nationwide. They take pride in their environment, which strives to make all members comfortable in a judgment-free zone. Most locations have two membership levels, and many clubs are open 24/7.

The first membership level, the Classic, allows unlimited access to your Home Club for $10 a month. There is a small $5 start-up fee as well as a $39 yearly membership fee. This also includes free membership training.

The PF Black Card costs $22.99 each month and also includes the use of any Planet Fitness worldwide as well as the HydroMassage, Tanning, and Massage Chairs. It also allows you to bring in a guest. There is a $1 sign-up fee and a $39 yearly fee.

Does Planet Fitness have an age limit?

Kids must be at least 13 years old to come into the club and join their parents while they work out.

Each person must have a membership unless one is a PF Black Cardmember and uses the free pass. 

A parent or guardian must also be physically present at sign-up and sign a waiver and consent form. Parents must also accompany teens who are 13 and 14 at all times. Those who are 15 to 17 can go into their home club and work out on their own.

How much is the Planet Fitness family membership?

Some gyms offer a family membership plan that allows younger family members to work out in the gym at a discounted cost.

Unfortunately, Planet Fitness does not have a family plan at this time.

If there are only two people who are coming to work out and are coming in simultaneously, then it is best to get the PF Black Card plan since it allows you to bring in a guest each time you go.

If the members are going at different times, then you must get two different memberships.

If you want to learn more, I have put together a huge list of which gyms have childcare and which ones don’t!

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