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Does Retro Fitness Have Childcare? (Everything You Need To Know!)

Does Retro Fitness Have Childcare? (Everything You Need To Know!)

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Retro Fitness puts its own unique spin on gym membership services. In addition to your usual type of gym amenities, they also offer massage chairs, tanning, a smoothie bar, and the ability to bring a guest with you to the gym for every session. But do they offer childcare?

Childcare for children 6 months to 13 years is included as one of Retro Fitness’ many amenities. However, it is not included with every membership tier. Childcare is only included at the Ultimate .15 Enrollment level, which is $29.99/month. This covers childcare for 2 children; additional children will run you $10 per month per child.

Keep reading to find out a little more about Retro Fitness and its childcare options.

Does Retro Fitness provide childcare or kid care?

Retro Fitness is a fitness franchise founded in 2004 by Eric Casaburi. Though it started as a gym in mainly the Northeast region of the US, it has spread to around 155 locations in sixteen states and is growing.

Retro Fitness offers child care as one of their amenities, but you will pay a little more monthly for that convenience. Childcare is offered for children between the ages of six months and 13 years old Monday-Saturday.

What makes Retro Fitness unique from other gyms is all the extra amenities included. You have at your disposal childcare, massage chairs, tanning, a smoothie bar, zen amenities, and unlimited guest privileges if you so choose. Not interested in all that? No problem. Enjoy a more streamlined amenity list for a cheaper cost.

Retro Fitness Membership Tiers

Tier LevelCommitmentAccessChildcareOther AmenitiesCost/month
FlexNo commitmentHome Club access onlyNot included- Fitness assessment$19.99
Core12-month commitmentNationwide accessNot included- Fitness assessment
- 50+ pieces of strength equipment
- 60+ pieces of cardio equipment
- Dumbbells up to 120 lb
- Locker rooms with showers
UltimateNo commitmentUltimate access to all Retro fitness locationsUp to 2 children
(additional children will be $10/child/month)
- Fitness assessment
- 50+ pieces of strength equipment
- 60+ pieces of cardio equipment
- Dumbbells up to 120 lb
- Locker rooms with showers
- Unlimited guest privileges
- Zen amenities
- Group exercise classes

Amenities may vary by location, so always check with your local gym to ensure that childcare is included at that location.

What hours for Retro Fitness childcare?

Retro Fitness is a franchise fitness center, meaning that each location is independently owned and operated under corporate guidelines. The franchise owner is responsible for location-specific decisions including business hours and childcare.

Most locations are open 5 am-11 pm on weekdays, with shorter hours on weekends. Childcare hours vary by franchise, so you should contact your local Retro Fitness for location-specific hours.

Many moms on popular web forums have indicated that their local Retro Fitness offers childcare in the mid-morning and early afternoon (think 9 am-3 pm, although there may be a gap to allow the caregiver to take lunch).

What age for Retro Fitness childcare?

Depending on your child’s age, Retro Fitness can provide an easy babysitting solution while you work out.

Retro Fitness offers childcare for children 6 months to 13 years of age with an Ultimate membership.

This membership also comes with a free guest during each visit, so your teenager may be able to join you, depending on your location’s rules.

How much is Retro Fitness childcare?

Retro Fitness includes childcare for up to 2 children ages 6 months – 13 years in its Ultimate membership package.

The Ultimate membership package costs $29.99 per month (plus annual fees), and you have the option of adding additional children at $10 per child per month. 

Childcare seems to be an Ultimate member perk and is not offered to Flex or Core members, although you may be able to contact your local gym and find out if they offer any special deals for childcare.

How to find childcare at Retro Fitness

As mentioned, Retro Fitness does provide childcare at the highest membership level, but it may not be the best option for you.

Here are some other ideas for finding outside childcare while you work out:

  • Find a nearby daycare, preferably one with hourly rates
  • Partner up with a fellow mom or dad
  • Work out a schedule with your partner
  • Go to the gym while your kids are in school (or bed)

Look for a nearby daycare

Ask around other members and see what daycares they use and recommend. You can also search on Facebook or Yelp, as some daycares may even offer a discount for Retro Fitness members.

No matter how you go about it, research drop-in daycares that are near your gym location. Nearby daycares may offer discounts to members for as low as $5 an hour per kid, which is extremely affordable. 

Having a drop-in daycare for your kids can allow you to do errands in addition to your workout.

Partner up with a fellow mom or dad

If you can’t find a nearby daycare to drop off your kids, you can find a fellow parent in the same boat and need help.

While you work out, the other parent can watch your kids, and then you can watch their kids when the other parent works out.

This is a win-win solution, and you can get to know other members this way as well.

Work out a schedule with your partner

Try alternating workout days with your partner, especially if you only have time available before or after regular business hours.

If you and your partner are both working on your fitness, you can work out a schedule where your partner stays home with the kids when you work out, and then when it’s your partner’s turn to work out, you stay home with the kids.

This is a perfect scenario, especially if you have a supportive partner who doesn’t mind watching the kids while you work out.

Try to work out when kids are in school or bed

It’s always hard to find time for yourself, especially when you have kids, but it is important to work on yourself too and find some “me time” every once in a while.

You can schedule your workouts during the time that your kids are in school or daycare.

If you work full time, see if your child can stay in daycare at least one more hour so that you can squeeze a quick workout in.

If you want to learn more, I have put together a huge list of which gyms have childcare and which ones don’t!

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