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Classic, Modern, and Unique Middle Names for Elijah

Middle Names for Elijah (Classic, Modern and Unique Options)

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As a parent of three (and one on the way!) I know first hand how difficult it can be to name your children. On the one hand, you want to make it fun and interesting. On the other, you don’t want them to get picked on. If you are here then you are stumped about finding a middle name for Elijah.

There are many options when it comes to middle names for Elijah ranging from classic favorites to unique and interesting. Here are the best middle name ideas for a boy named Elijah.

While there is no such thing as a perfect name, that won’t stop parents from obsessing over them for the months leading up to their baby’s arrival. If its twins, good luck!

What is the meaning and history behind Elijah?

Elijah has been a very popular name over the past couple of decades.

In fact, Elijah reached the #7 spot on the list of popular boy names in 2018.

The name itself comes from the Hebrew version Eliyahu (which means “My God is Yahweh”) or the Latinized form Elias. Most people would recognize the name from its appearance in the Hebrew Bible. In the Book of Kings, Elijah was a miracle worker and prophet that lived in 9th century BC.

Elijah was such a powerful figure that he was referenced in the religious works of many different cultures and traditions around the time he was alive. In any case, there aren’t many first names stronger than this one!

The most common nickname for Elijah is “Eli”

Choosing the right middle name

People fall into different camps when it comes to middle names. In fact, some people don’t even use them at all while others have multiple middle names!

In the United States, you are only technically required to have a first and last name on your birth certificate. This means it’s truly up to the parent to decide what they want to do.

Finding inspiration for the middle name

Since you probably won’t be using them all of the time, middle names can be anything you want. Without limitations, that can make it hard to choose, however, so here are some common places to look for ideas:

  • Family names – Parents, grandparents, and even your great uncle twice removed can be options here. These names can be a great way to honor loved ones or resurrect older, eccentric names.
  • The first name’s second choice – If you had a hard time deciding on Elijah in the first place, why not use one of the other names you were debating as the middle name?
  • Favorite places or memories – Since you are allowed to have fun with a middle name, consider places that you’ve been (honeymoons, vacations) that you loved. While Las Vegas might not be a reasonable choice, London works well!
  • Don’t be afraid to go for two! – While some kids don’t get any middle name, others have two. When done right, this can be a great way to satisfy everyone with all the names you love!

Things to watch out for when choosing the middle name

Of course, things can also go VERY wrong with a middle name if you aren’t careful. Here are some things to consider:

  • Nicknames – This is a big one. Many a well-intentioned parent has come to regret a name they have chosen for their child when they start coming home from school complaining of the other kids picking on their name. Richard is an obvious one here, but don’t be afraid to think like a first grader for other names. Of course, the right name could also have a sweet nickname that your child loves!
  • Initials – Once you’ve picked a potential middle name, try out the whole name to see the initials. This is to check for any unfortunate combinations! You might not want an “E.L.F” for instance or an “E.A.T”
  • Monograms – While boys might not have as many monograms as girls, in general, it’s still important to consider for the same reason as the initials. Don’t forget that monograms go FIRST, LAST, MIDDLE initial. So if your son’s name is Elijah Walter Washington it would spell “EWW” as an example!
  • The flow – Be sure to say the name out loud a few times when considering middle names. The best ones will flow along with the first and last names so that you don’t have any hard stops, awkward transitions, or repetition. For instance, Ava Laura O’Bara has a lot of soft “a” sounds going on. A nice trick is to yell the name out like your baby is in trouble, using the full name. If you can’t take yourself seriously when you yell it, it might not be the right choice!

Psst! I know you are looking for a middle name but since you have already picked out the first one check out a few fun personalized items for Elijah such as a book, onesie, or bib!

Without further ado, here’s my list of middle names for Elijah across the classic, modern, and unique categories. Of course, this is just a start and there are many more options available to you that are only limited by your imagination. Still, I hope you find something you like!

Classic middle names for Elijah

If you are looking to keep things simple and timeless then you can’t go wrong with one of these classic names. Much like Elijah itself, these names are often Biblical and steeped in historic tradition!

  1. Elijah Thomas

  2. Elijah James

  3. Elijah George

  4. Elijah Alexander

  5. Elijah Nicholas

  6. Elijah Henry

  7. Elijah Harrison

  8. Elijah Zachary

  9. Elijah Scott

  10. Elijah Benjamin

  11. Elijah David

  12. Elijah Edward

  13. Elijah Theodore

  14. Elijah Nelson

  15. Elijah Timothy

  16. Elijah Daniel

  17. Elijah Patrick

Modern middle names for Elijah

If you are looking for something a little more punchy then one of these modern names might do the trick. These names are slightly more offbeat, but won’t get any funny looks!

  1. Elijah Finley

  2. Elijah Ryan

  3. Elijah Maxwell

  4. Elijah Cole

  5. Elijah Grayson

  6. Elijah Callum

  7. Elijah Jackson

  8. Elijah Curtis

  9. Elijah Kane

  10. Elijah McCauley

  11. Elijah Tristan

  12. Elijah Lucas

  13. Elijah Jordan

  14. Elijah Chase

  15. Elijah Parker

  16. Elijah Cole

  17. Elijah Carter

  18. Elijah Calvin

  19. Elijah Martin

  20. Elijah Reuben

  21. Elijah Quinn

  22. Elijah Blake

  23. Elijah Jack

  24. Elijah Vaughn

Unique and fun middle names for Elijah

If you are looking for a more unique name then really your imagination will be your best friend. Here are a few examples of ones that I’ve found and liked that are definitely less than traditional!

  1. Elijah Neo

  2. Elijah Rocco

  3. Elijah Remi

  4. Elijah Finn

  5. Elijah River

  6. Elijah Steele

  7. Elijah Wilde

  8. Elijah Gray

  9. Elijah Hart

  10. Elijah Reed

  11. Elijah Kai

  12. Elijah Bay

  13. Elijah Brock

Last thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve been able to find some inspiration for your baby’s middle name!

Remember that while finding a name can seem intimidating, trust that you will find something that you’ll be happy with eventually. Just let the names soak in and see what feels right to you over time. Don’t be afraid to ask others what they think of your ideas, but don’t feel like you have to please everyone or change your plan just because someone else doesn’t like it!

Enjoy your new baby, regardless of his name!

Joshua Bartlett
Joshua Bartlett

My name is Joshua Bartlett I run this blog with my wife Jarah. We have more than 11 years of parenting experience including three girls and one boy. I started this blog in late 2018 when I realized that I was dealing with baby-related issues on a constant basis…please read more about me here!

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