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Classic, Modern, and Unique Middle Names for Liam

Middle Names for Liam (Classic, Modern, and Unique Options!)

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Picking out a name for your baby can be one of the most overwhelming tasks that you will find as a parent-to-be. Having named four children (with another on the way!), I definitely feel your pain! The perfect name is a balance between coolness and tradition so that your child will be proud of his name when he grows up! If you are here then you are probably stuck trying to find a middle name for Liam.

There are many middle names for Liam to choose from in the classic, modern, and unique categories. Here are the best middle name ideas for boys named Liam.

There will never be a perfect name, but I include some things below that you need to watch out for before you finalize your name as well as some suggestions to get you started in the right direction!

The meaning and history behind Liam

Liam is a very popular name that has been hot for the past several years.

In fact, Liam reached the #1 spot on the list of popular boy names so far in 2019.

The name itself is a short version of Uilliam (Irish) or William (German). Breaking the name down into its basic parts gives it the meaning of ‘helmet of will’ or ‘guardian.’ The modern spelling ‘Liam’ was traditionally only found in Ireland until after the mid-1850s when millions of Irish people immigrated to the United States to escape the great famine. Once here, the name became more popular even among the non-Irish.

Whatever your ancestry, Liam is a great name that is equal parts strong and trendy.

Although it’s already short, it could be shortened further with the nickname of ‘Lee.’

Choosing the best middle name

While the first name for a boy is obviously the most important thing to worry about, don’t let the middle name become an afterthought! Many boys won’t use their middle name so you can be a little more free and creative with the name if you want to or keep it traditional if you want a stronger-sounding name.

Believe it or not, some people don’t even give middle names to their children while some end up with two middle names. Since laws in the United States only require a first and last name, it’s up to you!

Where to find inspiration for the middle name

Middle names are a great way to keep connections with family, explore creative ideas, and generally have fun with names. With such freedom, however, you might find it difficult getting started. Here are a few places to look for that initial idea:

  • Your second choice – Many parents debate the first name endlessly, eventually deciding on the winner. If you really love both names, why not choose the runner-up for the middle name?
  • Family names – It is extremely common to use a mother’s maiden name, a father’s middle name, or any other name from higher up in the family tree. This is a great way to give a nod to elders as well as find cool older names that might have fallen out of favor as first names.
  • Memories and favorite places – If you constantly find yourself reminiscing over your backpacking tour through Europe or a fantastic trip to Asia, then you could consider using a place name for your middle name. Essex, Kent, and York could all work!
  • Go for the hyphen – I mentioned earlier that some parents choose to give out two middle names. Embrace the hyphen and consider names like Billy-Joe or Jesse-Lee!

Things to consider when choosing the middle name

While it’s all fun and games choosing names, there are definitely a few things that you need to be careful before you lock in your final answer. Here are a few:

  • Bad initials – Once you have your first and middle names locked in, write down the initials. Trust me. While a Liam with the initials ‘L.I.T’ may sound pretty cool now, it might be annoying down the road. You would probably also want to avoid combinations like ‘L.I.K,’ ‘L.I.P,’ or ‘L.I.E.’
  • Nicknames – This goes for every name whether it’s first, middle, or last. Put on your first grader hat and try to figure out how someone could make fun of your child.
  • Monograms – Similar to initials, you should probably consider what the monogram would look like too. While boys won’t have to worry as much about this as girls do, in general, it’s worth mentioning. Just remember that with monograms the order goes FIRST, LAST, MIDDLE.
  • How it flows – Once you’ve landed on a name, scream it out loud. Why? Well, you need to hear how it sounds when the whole thing goes together and if you can’t keep a straight face when you are pulling the parenting ‘power play’ of using the whole name it might not be the best option!

Psst! I know you are looking for a middle name but since you have already picked out the first one check out a few fun personalized items for Liam such as a book, onesie, or bib!

Now that I’ve highlighted the caveats let’s get to the lists! I have come across many middle names for Liam that fit onto a classic, modern, or unique list. While you might not find your dream name, I think this is a good place to start and I hope you find some ideas you love!

Classic middle names for Liam

There is nothing wrong with keeping it traditional with a classic name. These will be timeless and aren’t likely to draw judgment from others when they see it on a roll call.

  1. Liam James

  2. Liam Alexander

  3. Liam Nathanial

  4. Liam Daniel

  5. Liam Thomas

  6. Liam Nelson

  7. Liam Henry

  8. Liam Elijah

  9. Liam Theodore

  10. Liam Robert

  11. Liam Anthony

  12. Liam Elliot

  13. Liam Edward

  14. Liam Michael

  15. Liam Patrick

Modern middle names for Liam

If you are looking for a little extra flair, but don’t want to go too crazy then some of these modern names will work for you! These are just fresh enough not to be labeled classic, but definitely still able to be traditional and timeless.

  1. Liam Parker

  2. Liam Cole

  3. Liam Bennett

  4. Liam Everett

  5. Liam Garrett

  6. Liam Cooper

  7. Liam Finley

  8. Liam Maxwell

  9. Liam Alistair

  10. Liam Asher

  11. Liam Evander

  12. Liam Grayson

  13. Liam Ryan

  14. Liam Grant

  15. Liam Donovan

  16. Liam Jordan

  17. Liam Jackson

  18. Liam Harris

  19. Liam Wesley

  20. Liam Brooks

  21. Liam Dawson

  22. Liam Moses

  23. Liam Clay

  24. Liam Ross

  25. Liam Presley

  26. Liam Wyatt

  27. Liam Riley

  28. Liam Mason

  29. Liam Spencer

  30. Liam Jude

  31. Liam Kent

Unique and fun middle names for Liam

If you want something truly unique, then let your creativity run free! If you need a few ideas to get started, here’s a list of some that I’ve found and liked myself. Just don’t choose anything that your baby will be ashamed of as an adult!

  1. Liam Ulysses

  2. Liam Rohan

  3. Liam Ace

  4. Liam Axel

  5. Liam Cruise

  6. Liam Archer

  7. Liam Phoenix

  8. Liam Adonis

  9. Liam Blaize

  10. Liam Ryker

  11. Liam Asher

  12. Liam Cruise

  13. Liam Rocco

  14. Liam Stiles

Last thoughts

I hope that you’ve found some inspiration with these names for your baby boy Liam!

Don’t get overwhelmed with the naming process – you have months to decide! Let the name combinations soak in and just kick them around for a while until you hone in on what you are looking for in the end. In many cases, you might end up taking a 180 from where you started!

Also, don’t let anyone else try to push you away from a name you love – unless it’s just plain crazy! What’s most important is that it’s a name you can love and that your child will be proud to have while growing up!

Joshua Bartlett
Joshua Bartlett

My name is Joshua Bartlett I run this blog with my wife Jarah. We have more than 11 years of parenting experience including three girls and one boy. I started this blog in late 2018 when I realized that I was dealing with baby-related issues on a constant basis…please read more about me here!

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