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Does Orangetheory Have Childcare? (With Alternatives & Tips!)

Does Orangetheory Have Childcare? (With Alternatives & Tips!)

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Going to the gym may seem like a far-fetched idea when you are a parent, but many gyms offer childcare services or a family plan to make it easier for parents to take advantage of their gym membership. One of the most popular fitness centers is Orangetheory, a group workout studio that claims it will help you work out smarter. You’re interested, but does Orangetheory have childcare?

Orangetheory Fitness studios do not offer childcare services, although they do offer evening and weekend classes to help accommodate parents’ busy schedules. Contact your local Orangetheory studio as some have partnered with local daycares, and you may be able to get a member discount. Orangetheory also offers a family rate for children over 14.

Keep reading for complete information on Orangetheory and its policies, as well as some ideas for childcare during your workout.

Does Orangetheory provide childcare or kid care?

Orangetheory is a fitness center that offers 60-minute classes that claim to use a combination of coaching, science, and technology to help its members maximize their workout. This all sounds great, but the big question as parents is always ‘but what do I do with my kids?’

Unfortunately, Orangetheory does not offer childcare or daycare services to its members.

The studio hours vary depending on the location, but they are typically open from 5:00 am until 8:00 pm. In theory, this window of time should enable parents to drop in when their kids are in school or at home with a babysitter.

If your kids are 14 years and up, they can work out with you, and you can take advantage of family pricing as well.

How to find childcare at Orangetheory

Even if your local Orangetheory studio does not offer childcare, there are several options that you can look into, so you can still work out.

Here are some ideas for finding outside childcare while you work out:

  • Find a nearby daycare, preferably one with hourly rates
  • Partner up with a fellow mom or dad
  • Work out a schedule with your partner
  • Go to the gym while your kids are in school (or bed)

Look for a nearby daycare

Ask around other members and see what daycares they use and recommend. You can also search on Facebook or Yelp, as some daycares even offer a discount for Orangetheory members.

No matter how you go about it, research drop-in daycares that are near your Orangetheory location. Nearby daycares may offer discounts to members for as low as $5 an hour per kid, which is extremely affordable. 

Join your local Orangetheory Facebook page so that you can get the scoop of what other parents are doing and where they are leaving their kids. The front desk agents might even have recommendations for you. Having a daycare to drop in your kids will give you peace of mind as you work on your fitness journey.

Partner up with a fellow mom or dad

If you can’t find a nearby daycare to drop off your kids, you can find a fellow parent in the same boat and need help.

While you work out, the other parent can watch your kids, and then you can watch their kids when the other parent works out.

This is a win-win solution, and you can get to know other members this way as well.

Work out a schedule with your partner

If you and your partner are both working on your fitness, you can work out a schedule where your partner stays home with the kids when you work out, and then when it’s your partner’s turn to work out, you stay home with the kids.

This is a perfect scenario, especially if you have a supportive partner who doesn’t mind watching the kids while you work out.

Try to work out when kids are in school or bed

It’s always hard to find time for yourself, especially when you have kids, but it is important to work on yourself too and find some “me time” every once in a while.

You can schedule your workouts during the time that your kids are in school or daycare. If you work full time, see if your child can stay in daycare at least one more hour so that you can squeeze a quick workout in. 

Orangetheory locations typically open up at 5:00 am so you can do your workout even before the kids wake up. Some locations are also open late, so you can take on classes after your kids have gone to bed.

What is Orangetheory?

Orangetheory Fitness is a boutique fitness center that offers high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which means short periods for exercises and longer times allocated for recovery. The workouts are hour-long, full-body workouts that focus on endurance, strength training, and power. 

The studios are typically divided into three different sections: treadmills, water-resistant rowing machines, and weight training. The workouts are in a class style where you will have a coach offering instructions and classes to a group of people.

You can book classes through the app, and if you are an Orangetheory member, you can go to any location worldwide. Different heart rate zones are used in the workout, and the zones depend on the percentage of your maximum heart rate. You have the option to wear a heart monitor, and your real-time heart rate results will be displayed in the studio. Orangetheory has more than 1,2000 studios in the United States and over 23 countries.

Does Orangetheory have an age limit?

Orangetheory does not allow children below 14 years to work out in the fitness studio.

If you have a child between 14-15 years of age, he can work out in Orangetheory as long as a parent or guardian is present with him. If the child is 16-17, they can work out on their own without having a parent or guardian present, but they need to have a parent or guardian signed waiver on file.

You might be eligible for family discounts or a discounted rate with a family membership, so be sure to contact your local Orangetheory location for more information.

How much is the Orangetheory family membership?

The best thing about signing up for Orangetheory is that there is no initiation fee or annual fees. You can usually try a class for free to see if it is a good fit.

Orangetheory has three different membership packages to choose from:

Orangetheory membership packages

PackageStandard ClassesExtra SavingsCost
Basic4 classes a monthextra classes available at a reduced rate$59/month
Elite8 classes a monthextra classes available at a reduced rate$99/month
Premierunlimitedreduced fees for families$159/month

If you want to learn more, I have put together a huge list of which gyms have childcare and which ones don’t!

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