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Second Pregnancy Movement (Do Women Always Feel it Earlier?)

Second Pregnancy Movement (Do Women Always Feel it Earlier?)

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When you are expecting again, some aspects of your pregnancy may be very different, while others will remain the same. One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is feeling your little one turn, move, and kick for the first time. So when you can expect to feel movement in your second pregnancy? Do second-time moms always feel it earlier?

Many pregnant women can feel their baby’s movement earlier on during the second pregnancy because they are more attuned to what it feels like. Especially if a pregnancy was planned and you are aware of your conception early on, you can begin to feel quickening towards the very end of the first trimester and the beginning of the second trimester.

Keep reading below to find out more about your baby’s movements and when you can start to feel them during the second pregnancy (and subsequent pregnancies).

How soon can you feel baby movement during the second pregnancy?

It is commonly said that second-time moms can feel their baby move earlier on in pregnancy. But is this true or is it a myth?

Once you know what to expect, it becomes easier to tell the difference between gas bubbles, stomach rumbles, and little baby kicks and flutters. These early movements are known as “quickening” and may feel like tiny butterflies, twitches, or flutters. They typically last for a few seconds and are so faint that you can easily miss them. 

Later on in the pregnancy, these movements become more distinct as your little one kicks, jabs, and elbows you. In fact, by the third trimester, your baby should be moving around 30 times an hour.

According to WebMD, it is typical for first-time moms not to feel their baby’s movements until around the 25th week. However, second-time moms can enjoy this experience closer to the beginning of the second trimester, and as early as the 13th week. This is because seasoned moms are better able to distinguish the baby’s movements as being the same as last time.

Can you feel flutters at 12 weeks during 2nd pregnancy?

With the excitement and anticipation of awaiting feeling your baby move, it can be easy to mistake gas and other bodily functions as baby movements. Can you feel flutters earlier than the 13th week of pregnancy?

Although your little one begins to move around as early as the 6th-8th week, you will not be able to feel them moving until much later.

While there are some things you can do to help notice your baby’s movements earlier, such as remaining in a still position while sitting or lying down, it is generally not really possible to feel your baby’s movements until at least 12-13 weeks.

Some women may experience phantom movements earlier on in the pregnancy as they begin to anticipate and watch out for them, but you won’t feel the real thing until at least 12 weeks.

Where do you feel baby flutters?

Although it may seem sort of obvious, it can be hard to describe exactly where your baby’s movements can be felt. So where do you feel your little one’s first flutters?

While the exact location of the flutters will depend on where your baby is located inside the womb, generally you will feel the movements from below your belly button during early pregnancy. You may feel these flutters from the center of your womb or from off to one side, depending on where your little one is resting.

It may feel like tickles, brushes, or bubbles from the inside of your body.

Why do you feel baby move earlier in the second pregnancy?

The important question that everyone wants to know is – why would you feel your baby move earlier in the second pregnancy?

The simple answer is that you are more experienced at knowing exactly what your little one’s movements feel like.

After having done this first child, you are likely also more experienced at keeping track of your gestation and knowing how far along you are in the pregnancy. You are more likely to know when you conceived and when you should start to expect to feel movement.

And most of all, you will be able to tell the difference between gas pains or stomach bubbles and the true movement of your little one squirming around inside of you.

Are second babies more active in the womb?

Since you are feeling your baby moving more, you might wonder if your child is actually moving more. Is there any data on second babies actually being more active in the womb?

While there is no hard evidence on this subject either way, the most likely answer is just that second-time moms are better at distinguishing those first tiny baby kicks and flutters.

Every baby and every pregnancy is different and some babies will move more than others, but there’s nothing to indicate that pregnancy order is a contributing factor.

Is it normal to feel baby move some days and not others?

Some women may become alarmed if their baby is very active one day and then suddenly calm the next. Is this normal and why does this happen?

While it is perfectly normal to feel your baby move some days more than others, it can understandably be very concerning when it happens to you.

Many times, your little one will be more active one day than another for a variety of reasons. For example, your activity level during the day can also influence your baby’s activity level. If you’ve just eaten or are lying down, your little one will usually be more active. If you are on the go all day, you may simply have not had a chance to stop and rest and feel your little one’s movement yet.

However, if your baby is not moving as much as they were previously, you cannot feel them moving anymore at all, or there is otherwise a change in their usual pattern of movements, seek medical attention to be sure everything is okay.

By the way, I’ve put together a MEGA resource on the most common differences between the first and second pregnancy along with frequently asked questions! Check it out!

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