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Tips for Helping Your Pregnant Friend Prepare for Parenthood

Tips for Helping Your Pregnant Friend Prepare for Parenthood

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Your friend is pregnant, and you’re excited to become an important figure in that child’s life. Whether the pregnancy was expected or not, this is a life-changing moment for that person, and you should be there to support and assist in prepping for the baby. From going with them to appointments to shopping for baby essentials, these are the tips for helping your pregnant friend prepare for the arrival of their baby.

Woman supporting her pregnant friend

Accompanying Your Friend to Doctor’s Appointments

Going to the doctor’s office can be intimidating, and it can be helpful to have a friend for moral support. Offer to accompany your friend to prenatal appointments, and be there for any questions or concerns they may have during the visit. Additionally, you can help take notes and remember important information the doctor provides. There’s a chance your pregnant friend may not remember, so you should remember for them!

Help with Baby Proofing

As your friend approaches their due date, they will need to start thinking about baby-proofing their home. This can include installing baby gates, securing furniture, and covering electrical outlets. Offer to help with these tasks, or research baby-proofing services in your area that you can recommend to her.

Encourage Your Friend To Treat Themselves

Most expecting mothers focus so much time and energy on prepping for the arrival of their baby that they neglect themselves. Encourage your friend to treat themselves. Self-care can consist of anything, including facials, massages, walks in the neighborhood, or a weekend getaway. Encouraging a friend to take as much time up as possible for themselves is what any good pal should do.

Help Them Prepare a Baby Registry and Baby Shower

It’s so much fun shopping for a baby, but sometimes, expecting parents are distracted by adorable clothes and nursery decorations. This can lead to forgetting essential items for the baby registry, and one of the most overlooked items is a side table. These tables organize important belongings, including your friend’s morning cup of tea or coffee.

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Typically, parents plan their registry at about the 20-week mark, as this allows them to determine the gender of their baby before buying anything. If your friend doesn’t want a pink or blue room or gender-specific items, consider helping them build the list with neutral-toned furniture, toys, and wall art. Don’t forget to add diapers and books for the nursery library!

In addition to a baby registry, throwing a baby shower is a great way to celebrate your friend’s pregnancy and help them prepare for parenthood. Offer to help with the planning and coordination of the event, whether it’s helping to send invitations, setting up decorations, or coordinating games and activities.

Attend Parenting Classes Together

Attending parenting classes together can be a fun and informative way to bond with your friend while helping them prepare for parenthood. Look for classes in your area that cover topics such as childbirth, breastfeeding, and newborn care.

Offer to Babysit

Once the baby arrives, your friend will likely need some time to adjust to their new role as a parent. Offer to babysit the baby for a few hours so they can get some much-needed rest, run errands, grocery shopping, meditate, or anything else! This will give your friend some peace of mind, knowing that their baby is in good hands.

Help with Meal Planning and Prep

New parents often struggle to find time to cook and prepare meals, and having a newborn can be exhausting. Offer to help with meal planning and prep by cooking some meals for your friend ahead of time, or helping them plan easy and nutritious meals for the week. She probably will not say no to a surprise of a delicious home-cooked meal.

pregnant woman eating

Always Remain Positive

This is a surreal time in your friend’s life when she’s going to feel anxious, worried, and vulnerable. When an expecting friend has these feelings, it’s essential to let them know they’re valid. Even in life’s most difficult situations, it’s important to remain optimistic. If your friend is stressed over finances and struggling to keep up with bills, it’s never a good idea to tell them they should’ve managed their finances wisely before getting pregnant. Be kind, or you could lose a valuable friendship.

Let Them Know You’re There for Them

As the theme song from Friends goes, you will always be there for your friend. It’s never good to ghost or leave your friend hanging when they need extra assistance with their baby. Letting your friend know you’re there for them is especially crucial if this is their first child. Join them in fun and pregnant-safe activities to help them release stress during this overwhelming time!

If you want to show support after the baby comes, insist on delivering food, groceries, and baby supplies. Before you volunteer to babysit, try to be a constant face in their life so that the baby can get to know you and doesn’t act strange when you’re around.

Now that you have insight into how to help your friend prep for their baby, you can use these resources to support your expecting friend. We can’t wait for you to welcome your mate’s bundle of joy into the world and see you become an important figure in their life!

Joshua Bartlett
Joshua Bartlett

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