The 5 Most Common Baby Fart Smells

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(and what they mean)


Rotten Eggs (Sulfur)

Nobody likes the smell of rotten eggs but this odor is totally normal. Sulfur-rich foods like beans, brussel sprouts, and spinach could be to blame - it can even be passed through breastmilk!



Cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli and cauliflower) are likely the culprit for a cabbage smell - whether your baby is eating it or you are eating it and then breastfeeding!


Sour Milk

This smelly is often caused when a baby has an issue digesting lactose. Switching to a lactose-free formula or emphasizing hindmilk when breastfeeding can help eliminate this issue.

Keep watching for the last stinky smell and some helpful tips!


Metal or Plastic

A metallic smell is often excess iron in your baby's digestive system which could indicate a food sensitivity or even a more serious digestive issue.

Now, let's check out the best ways to make your baby's farts less stinky for both formula-fed and breastfeeding babies!

Formula-fed Babies

With babies drinking formula, stinky farts are typically related to a lactose intolerance or another ingredient causing digestive upset. Try switching to a lactose-free or sensitive formula and check for improvements!

Breastfeeding Babies

With breastfed babies, stinky farts normally come from the foods that mom is eating before feeds. Foods like eggs, onions, dairy, asparagus, and starches are likely to cause smelly gas for babies - just like they do for adults!

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