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What are Water Wipes: Our Review


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If you are reading this then you are probably on a journey to find the best baby wipes for your little one and it is likely that you are also looking for something that avoids the use of chemicals. My family has experimented with lots of different wipes over the years and we are always on the lookout for a product that works well for cleaning up baby messes without harsh ingredients and won’t break the bank. Today, we’re going to look at the Water Wipes brand of baby wipes to see what they are all about!

Overall, it looks like Water Wipes are a solid option for parents looking to purchase a wipe that is safe and effective for their little one. The simple ingredients mean that nearly every baby will be able to use these without complications and those babies struggling with skin conditions will likely benefit from their mildness.

If you want to check out the latest price of Water Wipes on Amazon and see if they work for you, click here. Otherwise, read on to see why we’ve enjoyed using them during the past year and what other people have had to say about them!

Who would want to use Water Wipes?

The company behind Water Wipes, Irish Breeze, is based out of Ireland and is marketing their products to parents that care about the quality and safety of the baby wipes they are using on their children. The creators’ story is that their daughter struggled with sensitive skin at birth and easily developed diaper rash as a result. They started digging into the ingredients found in the baby products they were using and they were shocked to find so many chemicals in baby wipes and started to ask questions about their safety and effectiveness.

Their solution was to keep it simple – two ingredients on their wipes simple – to help their daughter and other babies around the world that were not happy with other products.

What is the Water Wipes Ingredients list?

There are only two ingredients listed on the Water Wipes website but there are technically three things inside the solution.

They declare that their wipes are 99.9 water and only include a drop of grapefruit seed extract which is meant to act as a natural preservative. Without some type of preservative, pure water could eventually become a breeding ground for harmful mold and other bacteria.

Unfortunately, a couple of years ago they also disclosed that there is an “extremely low, negligible in fact” level of Benzalkonium Chloride (BAK) that is introduced during the fruit extraction process. They insist that the trace amounts are so low that they will have no impact on the safety or purity of their product and aren’t even required by law to mention it. They just want to make sure that they are 100 percent transparent with their customers.

Check out more information about common chemicals in baby wipes here!

What are the pros?

Water Wipes are meant to be a simple alternative to chemical-laden baby wipes most commonly found in the market. While babies with sensitive skin are most likely to see noticeable benefits with things like diaper rash or irritation, all babies that use the wipes will be avoiding chemicals in baby wipes. The biggest pros are:

  • Works well with babies that already struggle with skin allergies
  • 99.9% pure water with only a drop of fruit extract
  • Unlikely to cause any other allergic reactions or irritation
  • While they aren’t the cheapest wipes, they aren’t too expensive to use every day
  • Available in most retail stores and online

Personal Testimony

I can say that my family uses Water Wipes all the time and we’ve been thrilled with the quality and effectiveness of the wipes. Our son has never had any issues with diaper rash or other irritations. This has been a relief because we struggled with these issues with our daughters back before we knew how to look for baby wipes without harsh chemicals. We also like the light, natural fragrance that the grapefruit seed provides. Check out the water wipes below.

Online reviews

Most online reviews from verified purchasers on places like Amazon are positive.

90 percent of reviewers on Amazon rated the product between 3-5 stars.

71 percent rated it 5 stars.

They note that the product is mild and love the fact that they can be used for diaper changes, during breastfeeding, and generally all over the baby’s body because they don’t have any soaps or cleansers that could sting eyes or be accidentally ingested. Parents that have children with skin conditions such as eczema, in particular, have noted that they work well alongside the condition and don’t aggravate it. In general, they stay moist for up to 4 weeks (the manufacturer recommends using them within this time frame).

What are the cons?

Most of the cons that will go along with this product are directly related to its pros but there are a few other issues that have been noted in the reviews of online purchases as well.

Only 6 percent of reviewers on Amazon gave the product 1 star.

Here are problems that people have had with the product:

  • Pricier than some other baby wipe brands
  • Thin wipe fabric and/or small wipe sizes
  • Mold found in packaging
  • They aren’t biodegradable

From our experience, we didn’t find the thickness and quality of the wipe’s fabric itself to be much different from any other brand. We’ve used them for plenty of poopie diaper changes, face wipes, and general messes and haven’t had any issues with their effectiveness. We have also never experienced mold inside the packages. I will say that the wipe fabric itself isn’t very textured so they can be a little slippery at times. This might not mean much to you, but it could mean the difference between using one wipe or two.

The company does suggest that you do not remove the product from its original packaging and that they should be used within 4 weeks for best results. Because they don’t contain powerful preservatives, Water Wipes are probably more likely to develop mold growth inside the package over time.

As for the biodegradability, this is a big factor for us personally. We prefer to use baby wipes that are going to break down in a reasonable amount of time and not clog our waterways or landfills. Check out our preferred biodegradable baby wipes if you want more information on which brands will work for you.

How does the price compare to other options?

To keep things as apples-to-apples as possible, we’ll look at the 720-count Water Wipes box compared to the 768-count Pampers Sensitive wipes box on Amazon.

Here are the prices as of the time of this writing:

At those prices, Water Wipes are about 50 percent more expensive than the Pampers which is quite a difference. Over time, this could add up pretty significantly. I would say that we tend to use way less than a case of wipes per month, however, so it’s not a big chunk of our overall baby costs. If you want to check out more information about the average and yearly cost of baby wipes, I dove into that topic recently.

If you are interested, check out Water Wipes yourself and let us know how you feel about them in the comments!

Water Wipes vs other wipes

Since publishing this review, I’ve done a few direct comparisons between this brand and other popular options on the market. In these battles, I’m looking at ingredients, performance, fragrance, value, and more. If you are on the fence, these will definitely help!

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