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What Brands of Diaper Are Plain White

What Brand of Diapers is Plain White? (Diaper Cakes & Photos)

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Many parents find themselves looking for which brands of diapers are plain white so that they can use them for crafts or pictures. When it comes to making a diaper cake or showing off your new baby, usually the cutest design is no design at all!

Several diaper brands come in plain white without prints of any kind to use for pictures. Depending on the use, some brands could also be rolled in such a way as to hide any color or design. Cloth diapers are also a great option for pictures.

At my house, we’ve gone a little crazy during the last year finding all kinds of cool designs for my son’s diaper. If you are going to be changing diapers all day, after all, then you might as well have a little fun with it! If you are looking for the best plain white diapers to use for pictures or diaper cakes that don’t sacrifice quality, then you are in the right place! I’ve scoured the internet for recommendations from other parents as well as used my own experience with the diapers we’ve used.

Which diaper brands are all white?

With all of the new diaper designs available these days, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a diaper that is plain white and doesn’t include prints of any kind (maybe for a gender-neutral option). Luckily, some brands have chosen to keep their diapers simply white over the years because they have chosen to avoid dyes in their products to avoid potential sensitivities. Other brands do offer a plain white option, but it must not be that popular because it is normally much harder to find that option actually available in a store.

This list also includes diapers that are nearly all white because it is rare to find an all-white diaper. All white would mean white material all over, no wetness indicator, and no designs or prints. I will mention any areas of each diaper that aren’t white or other things that you would need to know about them before using them for crafts.

The nearly all-white diapers might have wetness indicators or small logos and designs that prevent it from being totally white. Still, these could work well for you depending on your needs, so I’ve included them here.

1. Cloth diapers

You probably came here looking for disposable diapers that were plain white, but if you are looking for the best diaper to use in a picture, then you might want to check out a cloth diaper first.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tout the benefits of cloth diapering, but I will say that there is no cuter or stereotypically baby image than a newborn in a soft, fluffy cloth diaper.

If you want to use a cloth diaper for pictures, you can get by pretty cheaply by picking up a plain white all-in-one diaper cover with adjustable snaps. This way you can use the diaper for newborn, 3-month, and 6-month pictures and get a lot of bang for your buck!

My personal recommendation would be this all-in-one diaper cover here. It will fit a baby from 6-18 pounds so you should be able to fit in a few photo sessions with it. It’s very cheap, washable, reusable, and might even help sway you towards cloth diapering!

If you want to go truly old school for photos, then you could pick up a flat diaper and safety pins or other clips to fasten it together on your baby. Here is a cheap and easy flat diaper you could use along with some pins from the house. It includes folding instructions in the package in case you’ve never done it before!

Seriously, these will be cute pictures!

Here are the best features of a plain white cloth diaper:

  • 100% white material
  • No logos, designs, or prints
  • No wetness indicators
  • Old-fashioned look for photos
  • Inexpensive
  • Reusable

2. Earth’s Best – The best deal (and a great, natural disposable diaper!)

This is the first and best option for finding a plain, white disposable diaper in my opinion.

Not only are they the cheapest brand on the list (except for maybe some of the generic store brands) they are also almost completely white, have no wetness indicator strip, and only a small logo on the adhesive strip. The strip can be easily tucked in on a diaper cake. This makes them the most affordable and effective white diaper on this list that you can buy for diaper cakes or photos. Since you will probably need a bunch of diapers for a cake – these are the best option!

Here’s a quick rundown of the design:

  • All-white material on the diaper
  • No wetness indicator strip
  • Small logos on the adhesive strip
  • Cheap

By the way, many users of this diaper reported that you should probably buy a size up from your normal diaper if you choose this brand. Side-by-side comparisons show that the sizing is about one-off from other major brands and if you get the wrong size the waist will likely be too snug. Since many people making a diaper cake use newborn or size 1 diaper so that the new baby can use them right after birth you might want to consider getting a size 1 or 2 for the cake.

If you want to try these out you can find them right here (seriously, these are cheap diapers!).

3. Seventh Generation

So these diapers are actually 100% white, but there is one catch that prevented me from putting them at number one on the list.

They are off white!

This might not matter much to you depending on your needs, but these diapers will have a slightly tan or yellow look to them because they are made from unbleached cotton. This is a great feature of the diaper if you are looking for something that won’t irritate a baby’s sensitive skin, but you might not love it as a color.

Still, the off white tint could actually work well if you are looking for something a little more old-fashioned in photos or it works with the theme of your diaper cake.

Here’s a quick list of design features:

  • Plain, off-white material
  • No wetness indicator strip
  • No dyes, prints, or logos of any kind on the diaper
  • Less cheap

If you want to check it out, then click here (read the latest reviews and purchase on Amazon).

4. Amazon’s Mama Bear brand

This is another great plain white diaper option because it is cheap. The only issue that I see is a yellow wetness indicator on the front as well as a tiny logo right near the waistline. In fact, these are just a tiny bit more expensive than the Earth’s Best brand, so if the indicator strip isn’t a big deal for you, then these might even be the better deal for you.

As a diaper, these are pretty well rated and I’ve personally had no issues with them. You will be able to tell that they are not a premium diaper when you get your hands on them though, because the softness can’t compare to the most expensive diapers.

Here are the design features:

  • All white material
  • Yellow wetness indicator on the front and bottom of the diaper
  • Small logo on the front waistline
  • Cheap

If you want to check out this brand, you can check them out here (and check the latest reviews on Amazon).

5. Amazon’s Earth + Eden brand

This is another brand by Amazon, which is just a bit more expensive than their no-frills Mama Bear brand. They are still very affordable, but the biggest issue is that they have a design print across the entire front of the diaper. Pretty cute for normal diapering but not helpful for making a diaper cake or taking photos!

Still, these diapers are solid overall and they could work if you are willing to fold down the front edge of the diaper before you roll the diapers down for the cake. For pictures, the design would probably be pretty hard to hide.

Here is the feature roundup:

  • All white material
  • Yellow/green/blue wetness indicator
  • Smallish print on the front of the diaper

If you want to check out this particular diaper, then click here (they are pretty well-reviewed on Amazon)

6. Andy Pandy

This is a great diaper all around and I would be happy to put them on my baby.

Unfortunately, these diapers are pretty pricey and they also include a wetness indicator so they aren’t completely white. Honestly, the price alone is what kicks this diaper all the way down to the fifth position.

If you are buying a diaper just for a cake or to snap a few pictures then Andy Pandy diapers are probably not worth buying because you’ll end up spending a ton of money.

I did still list these above the other brands on the list because they are readily available online and at least you know that they will be white!

Here’s a list of design notes:

  • All white material
  • A Wetness indicator on the back and bottom of the diaper
  • No prints or logos
  • Expensive

If you want to check these out, then click here (they are very highly reviewed on Amazon).

7. The Honest Company

I have to start by saying that we love Honest Company diapers in this house, and we have used them many times over the past year or so. They always have cute designs, and we have rarely had issues with them leaking and never had any problems with irritation. They also come in a plain white option!

With that being said, it can be difficult to find the plain white Honest Company diapers outside of their official website. If you already have a subscription, this will work great because you can simply choose to get a few packs of plain white to use for your project. If you aren’t a member, then it could be a big upfront cost to get started. Even buying just a 35-pack will run you $10.95 on their website, which works out to $.31 per diaper. For reference, that’s more than 50% more expensive than the Earth’s best diapers.

If your goal is to purchase a premium diaper as a gift through a diaper cake or you think you will use these after the photo session, then pick them up – you won’t be disappointed. If you are simply trying to find a cheap, white diaper to use once, then I would look elsewhere.

For those interested, you can even get $20 off a bundle of diapers and wipes through The Honest Company with the link below – it’s the best way to get the cheapest price on these great diapers!

Here are the features:

  • All white material
  • No wetness indicator!
  • No logos or prints of any kind!

8. Whole Foods’ 365 brand

If you have a Whole Foods near you, then you can check out their store brand, 365. These diapers are great because they are pretty affordable and completely white.

While I don’t have personal experience with this brand (not a store near me), I have read positive reviews on at least the looks of these diapers. Many parents recommended this brand because they are plain white and don’t cost a fortune.

Here are the specs:

  • All white material
  • No wetness indicator
  • No logos or prints that I can see

9. Generic store brands

I’m going to throw this on the list because there are likely random stores with house brands that offer a generic, white diaper.

It’s impossible for me to list all of these because everyone will have a different list of local store options depending on where they live. I would recommend checking out the diaper aisle next time you are shopping for other items just to see what they offer – I’ve found some great deals this way!

Keep in mind that generic store brand diapers aren’t always the best quality so if you find a cheap one that is plain white it might not be good for much else besides your project or craft.

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