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What Is a Diaper Fund (and How Do I Use It?)

What Is a Diaper Fund (and How Do I Use It?)

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Planning for a new baby is fun and exciting, but it’s also expensive. Every baby will need diapers, and whether you choose cloth or disposable, diapers will likely be one of your biggest expenses during your baby’s first years. As you plan ahead for your baby’s diapering needs, you may want to consider starting a diaper fund.

A diaper fund provides your friends and family with a way to set aside money specifically for your baby’s diapering needs, both before and after the birth of your baby. Diaper funds are a great way to save money and plan ahead for your baby’s arrival and can be used as a fun alternative to asking for cash instead of gifts during a baby shower.

Keep reading to learn how to set up a diaper fund, how to redeem, and what all you can really use the money for.

What is a diaper fund?

The average baby goes through 2,000-2,200 disposable diapers in their first year which can cost around $500 to $1300 depending on which diaper brands you are using and whether or not you are buying in bulk!

A diaper fund is a way to collect money for diapers (and sometimes other baby needs) by asking for contributions to a dedicated fund. Both you and your friends and family can contribute to your diaper fund both before and after your baby is born. 

Diaper fund rules vary by company, but they all provide an excellent opportunity to save up for the many diapers your baby will need. Once you have money in your diaper fund, you can then use it to buy diapers on a retailer’s site, or have the money put onto a gift card to use for diapers.

Most diaper funds do not restrict you to just buying diapers, but instead allow you to use the money on a variety of baby items (or whatever you like!).

How do I set up a diaper fund?

Setting up a diaper fund is relatively easy. Once you choose your baby registry, you can usually add a diaper fund as a feature of your registry. 

Some of the most popular diaper funds are through Amazon and Babylist.

Amazon diaper fund

The Amazon diaper fund is convenient and easy to use and you can access it through your Baby Registry.

Some of the perks of using the Amazon diaper fund include quick delivery, the ability to have an automatic subscription so you don’t have to worry about remembering to reorder diapers, and the option to use the diaper fund money on other baby-related items. The maximum amount of contributions to an Amazon diaper fund is $550.

Your Amazon diaper order can also be combined with extra discounts if you have a Prime membership, and use the subscribe and save option for regular diaper deliveries. Another bonus is the diaper discount. By combining all of these discounts, you can save up to 40% off (and sometimes more) diaper purchases at Amazon.

How to set up an Amazon diaper fund

Setting up an Amazon diaper fund is quick and easy, especially if you already have an Amazon account.

To set up an Amazon diaper fund: 

  1. Create an Amazon baby registry.
  2. Go to registry settings.
  3. Check the box to enable the diaper fund.

How to redeem

Amazon makes redeeming your diaper fund money easy by putting your diaper fund money on an Amazon gift card.

To redeem your Amazon diaper fund:

  1. Go to your baby registry.
  2. Click “redeem” to view the funds that have been deposited on your gift card.
  3. Use the gift card fund to buy diapers on Amazon.

Can Amazon diaper fund be used for cloth diapers?

One of the great advantages to choosing a diaper fund is that your family and friends don’t have to worry about getting the right diapers, which can be especially confusing if you’re choosing to cloth diaper. 

Once you redeem your Amazon diaper fund, you can use the money for anything on Amazon, including cloth diapers, diaper pails, and diaper detergent.

Can Amazon diaper fund be used for other items?

Just like you can use diaper fund money for cloth diapers, you can use it for anything on Amazon!

Whenever you are ready to make a purchase, just apply your gift card funds as payment on the checkout screen. Although your family and friends would understand if you choose to use the money for something else baby related (even if it’s not diapers), you probably shouldn’t use the baby fund donations toward your new tv.

Amazon Diaper Discount

Another great perk that you can combine with your diaper fund money is the Amazon diaper discount. Once $500 worth of baby items have been purchased from your registry, the diaper discount becomes available to you on the day your baby is born.

Since babies are seldom born on their due date, you can adjust the arrival date on your registry.

Whenever you buy diapers on Amazon, the 20% discount will be automatically deducted from your total. The diaper discount does end when your baby turns one, or when you have purchased $300 worth of diapers from Amazon, whichever comes first.

Babylist diaper fund

The Babylist diaper fund is another diaper fund popular with parents-to-be.

This diaper fund is straightforward and simple to use, and you can decide how to receive the funds. There are no limits to the amount of contributions you can receive through the Babylist diaper fund. 

How to set up

Setting up a Babylist diaper fund is fast and easy!

To set up a Babylist diaper fund:

  1. Set up a registry on Babylist.
  2. Click Babylist “Create a Cash Fund.”
  3. Click “Add to Babylist.”
  4. Choose whether you’d like to receive contributions via PayPal or check.

How to redeem

Once you have set up your payment method, funds will automatically be sent to you via PayPal or check. There is no need to go in and request funds. 

Can the Babylist diaper fund be used for other items?

Just like the Amazon diaper fund, Babylist diaper fund contributions can be used for whatever you like. There are no restrictions or requirements for how you use the money. 

Diaper fund jar

If you’ve been to a baby shower recently, you may have seen a diaper fund jar. This is a fun and creative way to get new parents started with a diaper fund.

The jar can be decorated according to the baby shower theme, and people are encouraged to contribute whatever they can. This can be especially fun if you’re having a “baby sprinkle” and don’t need the basics parents typically receive during a shower.

Can I set up a diaper fund for Target?

Target doesn’t have a specific diaper fund, but you can always request a gift card, or add diapers to your Target baby registry. By adding diapers to your baby registry, you can sometimes find Target Circle deals and discounts.

You will also receive a 15% off completion coupon to purchase anything that was not bought off your registry, which you can use on diapers that you have added to your registry.

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