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What is a Diaper Raffle? (Plus How To Do One!)

What is a Diaper Raffle? (Plus How To Do One in 2023!)

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One of the biggest needs parents have when their little one is born is diapers. No matter how many diapers you have, it’s never enough! How can you encourage friends and family to bring diapers to the baby shower or sprinkle instead of another sweet little toy or outfit that the newborn will probably only get a little bit of use out of? Try including a diaper raffle as part of the shower festivities!

A diaper raffle is a great addition to a baby shower as it helps encourage family members and friends to bring diapers, wipes, or even diaper creams for a chance to win prizes. At the shower, each package of diapers gifted can be exchanged for a raffle ticket. Once everyone has entered, winning ticket holders will receive prizes.

Keep reading to learn more about what a diaper raffle is and everything you’ll need to host one.

What is a diaper raffle at a baby shower?

A diaper raffle is the trendiest way to entertain guests and benefit the mama-to-be at the same time.

Each guest who brings a diapering item (diapers, wipes, cream) in addition to their shower gift is entered into a raffle for prizes during the shower.

A diaper raffle is a fun way to include a game as part of the shower while also ensuring the new parents receive some additional much-needed support.

Feel free to create your own unique twist in showering your new mama and make it fun! 

What are the diaper raffle prizes?

If you’re throwing the shower, the raffle prizes will depend on your budget. Most baby shower prizes tend to be relatively small, but you may want to do something a little extra for this one since the guests will be spending additional dollars to enter the raffle.

Typical raffle prizes may include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Skincare products – Despite the increase in the number of men invited to baby showers, attendees are still predominantly female. A nice skincare set such as a selection of hand creams or a themed gift box is likely to be good for everyone.
  • Household items – What kinds of things would most of the attendees appreciate? A soft throw blanket, a cute pillow, or a fun coffee mug are great choices for a memorable prize.
  • Gift cards – When in doubt, give money! Most people will happily accept an Amazon, Target, or Walmart gift card and select their own prize.

Think about your guests, their interests, and the overall theme of the baby shower. As the hostess, you have the option to choose to give away one grand prize or a few smaller prizes.

Is a diaper raffle at a baby shower tacky?

Some mamas-to-be worry that including high-price items on their baby registry or asking for extra gifts may be seen as rude or tacky. Is a diaper raffle just another way of getting you to spend more money on them?

Don’t worry – it’s not tacky to hold a diaper raffle at your baby shower. Everyone knows that parents need diapers, but it’s hard to know exactly how many or what type if there’s no direction. Just like with a registry, this little bit of structure is helpful to guests. Plus, no one is required to bring the diapers if they don’t want to participate in the raffle or don’t have the funds to buy multiple gifts.

Newborns typically go through on average 8-12 diapers per day, making a diaper raffle one of the most practical, beneficial games at a shower. Using cute invitations, classic signage, and fun prizes, your raffle will be far from tacky.

And, if you’re still worried, technically mom isn’t the one throwing the party!

How do you make a diaper raffle announcement?

The best way to announce your raffle intent is to simply include information in your invitation.

Be sure to print all of the important details (time, location, etc) as the focal point of the invitation and include the diaper raffle information at the bottom or on the back of the invitation. If printing on the back, include something fun on the front of the invitation to prompt the guest to flip the invite over!

Another option is to include a separate instructional paper in your invitation. These can be printed using the same paper as your main invitation to adhere to a certain theme. If you’ve chosen to use a separate insert, make the title eye-catching to grab the recipient’s attention.

What’s the best wording for a diaper raffle on the invitation?

The key to introducing a shower game in advance is to make the information clear.

A pun or cute image can be a great way to get your guest’s attention, but it’s useless if the point remains unclear. You could say:

  • All guests who bring a diapering item in addition to their gift will be entered into a raffle during the shower! – Clear and concise, most people will understand the concept without further explanation.
  • Shower [mama’s name] with diapers…shower yourself in prize opportunities! – This version shows the personal advantage to participating in the raffle, but you will need to include a secondary explanation for anyone who may not have participated in a diaper raffle before.
  • Think all baby shower prizes are stinky? Bring a diapering item and try your luck! – This message is perfect if you’re including a secondary card inside the invitation. The main headline is funny and evocative, and you can use the additional space to give the details of the raffle, include any size/brand/style preferences, and tease prizes.

Short, sweet, and to the point is what guests crave. Great invitations follow the KISS method: Keep It Sweet and Simple.

Should you make diaper raffle signs?

To attract guests to the raffle table and to encourage excitement, hang raffle signs in the entryway to get guests excited and at the raffle table itself. 

Guests crave direct instructions upon entering a baby shower setting. They will want to know three locations after walking in the door:

  1. The main gift table
  2. The diaper raffle table
  3. The refreshment table

Keep the diaper raffle sign short and catchy, such as:

  • Dai-er Raffle – We left the “P” out!
  • “_rize Table – The “P” is left in the diapers!
  • Diaper Raffle – This Prize Table will be “Wiped” Clean!

Clear signage allows an efficient flow through the shower space and puts guests at ease, making them feel welcomed. A happy guest makes for a happy mama-to-be, leading to a successful shower!

How to set up the diaper raffle game

Set up the raffle table towards the entryway of the room for guests to easily see.

The designated table ought to have a clear “Diaper Raffle” sign, a place for guests to set their diapering items, and pieces of paper for them (or you) to write their names on tickets for the raffle itself.

 At designed times in the shower festivities, announce the drawing(s) and draw names from a large decorative bowl. Bonus baby shower points if you use a little baby bath or diaper bag to place tickets!

Diaper raffle instructions

You’ve sent out invitations, bought the prizes and set up the party. Now all that’s left is to host the shower!

To run the diaper raffle:

  • Ensure guests place their diapering items on or below the raffle table, separate from the gift table.
  • Guests will receive a raffle ticket for each diaper item or pack of diapers or wipes they brought. Have a plan in advance for how to count larger boxes that may contain multiple packs of wipes or diapers.
  • Once the guest has filled out their information on their raffle ticket(s), place it in the designated raffle bowl and wish them luck.
  • After everyone has had a chance to fill out their tickets, draw to find out the winners! Depending on the number and types of prizes you have purchased, you may allow the winner to choose from a selection of prizes or work your way up the largest/best prize.

Consider assigning a host or host’s assistant to stay with the diaper raffle table as the majority of the guests arrive to ensure everything flows smoothly.

Diaper raffle templates

If you have a theme for the shower, you may want to consider carrying that theme over into the diaper raffle. If you’re less structured, you may prefer a more fun option for your raffle tickets.

Some fun diaper raffle templates include:

  • Baby Bee Shower Invitation – This gender-neutral shower invitation includes insert options for a Diaper Raffle ticket and a Books for Baby insert (either of which would be included in the invitation envelope). Since you’re buying the set altogether, you’re sure to coordinate!
  • Winnie the Pooh Diaper Raffle Tickets – Like most Diaper Raffle announcements that aren’t included as part of the primary invitation, these double as tickets. These cards are one of the rare Etsy invitation options that will be printed and shipped to you, meaning the card is likely to look better than it will printed at home, but you do need to ensure you order enough as you’re unlikely to be able to get more in time if you run out.
  • Greenery Baby Shower Diaper Raffle Tickets – These are part of a larger line of Baby Shower party products available at Walmart, so it should be easy to ensure everything matches. While they are not available in-store, you can purchase them online and have them shipped to your local Walmart.

Where do you get diaper raffle tickets?

Basic raffle tickets may be purchased at Target, Walmart, Amazon, or even your local dollar store! You can also find customizable options on Etsy, although those will typically require you to make those changes yourself then take them to a print shop for production.

Another simplistic option is to have guests write their names on blank pieces of paper, fold them, and drop them in a designated bucket. Pretty pieces of cardstock or regular paper will do the job if classic tickets are not easily found.

What about printable diaper raffle tickets?

Depending on the type of invitation you chose, you may need separate diaper raffle tickets.

Consider these templates:

  • Free Baby Shower Printable – This template is pretty basic, but it has the distinct advantage of being free! It doesn’t require color ink and you can print it right at home.
  • Diaper Raffle Sign and Ticket – This is a simple but classy printable that can be produced either at home or at your local print shop. The download includes a large table sign, a smaller table sign, and a full-page PDF for the tickets.
  • Rustic Baby Shower Diaper Raffle Template – This is a customizable invitation and raffle ticket in one! Once purchased, you can change the font, color, and background, plus upload an image if you want. You will receive the digital download for these cards in your email, but it will be up to you to make the necessary design changes and get them printed.

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by the design options! You can also just use small pieces of paper or index cards for the raffle tickets.

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