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Where to keep your diaper pail?

Where to Put Your Diaper Pail (Odor Reduction and Convenience)

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Diaper pails are a great option for disposing of stinky diapers but many might wonder where to put your diaper pail when getting your home ready for a new baby. Although a new baby brings a lot of love and joy to a home they also bring a lot of stinky diapers!  The obvious attraction to diaper pails is odor reduction and convenience when disposing of dirty diapers.

Locating the diaper pail in the nursery near the diaper changing area is both convenient and provides limited travel through the house with a smelly diaper.  Other potential locations include the laundry room or bathroom, especially for those that cloth diaper.

Let me explain why I would put the diaper pail in the nursery in my home and why others might choose different rooms.

Where to put your diaper pail

When considering a location for a diaper pail, you should really take into consideration your personal habits when changing a soiled diaper. 

In my house, the nursery is “central command” for taking care of babies and everything that we need to diaper, cloth, lotion, and whatever else our babies is located in this room! Keeping diaper changing supplies in one place such as the nursery will help to keep a little order in juggling all of the many things that are required to keep your little bundle of joy clean and happy. 

Since everything else is in the nursery, it only makes sense to also locate the diaper pail here too. It is also more sanitary to change a diaper on a mat or blanket other than floors or furniture in random parts of the house. If all diaper changing supplies are located centrally in the nursery, baby caretakers such as mom or dad are more likely to go to the nursery and use the changing table or a blanket. 

As you can see, the nursery is usually the perfect place to locate your diaper pail for convenience and efficiency.

Minimizing the potential for odor

There are many solutions for minimizing odor from a diaper pail including air fresheners and cleaning techniques to ensure your pail stays fresh. With that said, it’s still very easy to find yourself suffering from a stinky diaper pail.

To help prevent you from having a smelly diaper pail, here are some great tips that I personally use for keeping our diaper pail smelling fresh:

  • Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of the diaper pail before inserting the disposal bag.
  • Spray pail with a disinfectant or air deodorizer after emptying the pail. We like the Puracy brand that you can find here because it is safe, all-natural, and smells great!
  • Put a few drops of essential oils intended for deodorizing in the bottom of the pail.
  • Double bag especially stinky diapers with used grocery bags or dog waste bags. Dog waste bags are cheaper than the baby versions so don’t get fooled!
  • Put a dryer sheet in the bottom of the pail to bring a clean fragrance to the pail.
  • Change the diaper pail waste bags often if not daily.
  • Clean and disinfect the diaper pail, inside and out, weekly. Simple warm soapy water and a sponge will do the trick. After emptying the pail, scrub the container inside and out paying special attention to every crack and crevice. Hose it down outside and let it air dry in the sun. The sun’s heat will help zap any bacteria or leftover residue. It also does wonders for eliminating odors!

With all that work to keep it clean, you might even be wondering if a diaper pail is really necessary and which one is the best to buy. Luckily, I just dove into that topic recently!

Is the nursery always the best place?

Let’s face it, babies will go when and where they need to go.

Generally, the nursery is where parents choose to change a wet or poopy diaper. Most supplies are on hand and a changing table can be a lifesaver when organizing and using diaper changing supplies. You are also in the perfect place to do a quick outfit change if accidents happen during the diaper changing process. Emptying and sanitizing the pail will be a priority since you will be in and out of the nursery often and want to keep it smelling fresh.  

Which is the best spot in the nursery?

A location for the diaper pail in the nursery depends on where in the nursery you are changing your baby. 

Most will use a changing table to change diapers. In this case, right next to the changing table is the best location for the diaper pail. Another option is near the nursery door. This will allow for quick disposal as you are walking out of the room with your freshly clean diapered baby. 

Inside the nursery closet is also a good option. If you prefer the pail to stay out of sight, tucking it away in the closet is a great location. If space is limited in the room, you may want to consider other places in the house.    

Other places in the house to consider.

The bathroom or laundry room are also good locations to store a diaper pail. 

Locating the diaper pail in the bathroom may be a better option for those wanting to keep the poop in the pooping place. This location may be more visually appropriate but may not be the most convenient place since you usually don’t change a baby in the bathroom.  Many people that use cloth diapers (I have never used them) put their diaper pail in the bathroom so that they can clean them out into the toilet and then throw them in the pail.

The laundry room is another good option, especially for those that cloth diaper. Most dirty items end up there and, again, it just may seem more location appropriate if you want to keep the waste out of the nursery completely. Again, the location of your laundry room may play a part in deciding whether it is convenient for you.

Should you get a second diaper pail?

A second diaper pail may be a great idea if you have more than one location in your house that you change diapers. A second story nursery or large home will warrant more than one diaper pail in your house. Although it is more convenient, keep in mind it will also be another pail to empty and sanitize as needed. If one pail is used more often than the other, one may be accidentally neglected and may get super stinky from not being emptied or sanitized.

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Joshua Bartlett

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