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Will a jogging stroller work on the beach?

Will a Jogging Stroller Work on the Beach? (With My Buyer’s Guide!)

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Even though you can’t tell by their name jogging strollers are not just for exercise, they’re also the best way to carry your little ones over any rough terrain. Especially in the summer, one place you may need this type of stroller is the beach. Whether you’re a frequent beach-goer or you’re preparing for vacation, you may be wondering will a jogging stroller work on the beach?

Most jogging strollers are well-suited for trips to the beach because they normally have three large, inflatable tires that lock into position, they are more durable than standard strollers, and they often have helpful features such as cup holders and zippered storage.

When it comes to picking out the best brand, we’ve come up with a few options for every budget. Keep reading to hear about our top picks for jogging strollers and why you need one for your next beach trip. 

Do jogging strollers really work on the beach?

Parents who frequent the beaches with little ones have the inside scoop on what works and there seems to be a consensus that jogging strollers are the best way to transport your kiddos down the beach.

Jogging strollers do work on the beach because they often have a stationary front wheel that can be locked and they are specifically designed to be pushed on unsmooth surfaces such as trails and tracks. They also typically have larger wheels since they’re designed for outside use while other strollers are designed only for inside use or smooth surfaces.

If you’re simply traveling through the mall, a regular stroller will get the job done but if you’re taking the stroller to the beach you need to be prepared because those smaller wheels will get buried in the sand quite easily.

When looking for a stroller, it’s important to note that there are a few specialized strollers out there designed specifically for the beach, but you’re better off buying a jogging stroller so that you can get more use out of it while you aren’t on vacation. If you leave near a beach, feel free to disregard that advice!

By the way, if you are in a hurry and just want to know which jogging stroller I would personally recommend for the beach, then just go ahead and check out the Baby Trend Expedition stroller. It has the right mix of features at a very affordable price. Check it out right here.

Still, the specialized sand strollers can be extremely pricey and aren’t really necessary if you have a good jogging stroller.

Many parents wouldn’t take anything else to the beach

We’ve heard from parents who take frequent trips to the beach and many have said they would never think of taking anything but their jogging strollers. If the beach isn’t usually where you spend your weekend, preparing for a trip can seem overwhelming and you might wonder if a jogging stroller is really the best way to go.

One parent said she is a frequent beach-goer and takes her two young children with her. They have learned to love their jogging strollers after all their beach trips, and she shared that it never gets stuck in the sand. The size of the tires really helps when you’re pushing little ones along, and the fact that the front wheel on a jogging stroller can be locked in place makes the stroller glide smoothly over rough surfaces.

The sand at the beach can be a bit unpredictable and whether it’s wet or dry affects how hard it is to walk on and push a stroller through. Some parents choose to take a less expensive umbrella stroller to the beach because they’re worried about ruining their jogging stroller. However, sand can be washed off very easily and an umbrella stroller simply isn’t tough enough to be pushed along the beach. If your baby is sitting in it then it will quickly sink into the sand as you try to push it. In the end, you’ll probably just end up dragging the stroller behind you.

Other parents try to take a regular stroller to the beach, which we also wouldn’t recommend. Since the front wheels of a standard stroller aren’t stationary, they tend to get stuck on rough surfaces and will get stuck in the sand. On both standard strollers and umbrella strollers, the wheels are too small to be pushed through the sand and since the wheels aren’t filled with air they can’t easily be pushed through the sand.

Jogging strollers are better equipped than other types of strollers to tackle the uneven sand and surfaces you may encounter on the shore. If you’re unable to get a new stroller before your beach trip, a wagon like the one we mention below is a good alternative but a sturdy jogging stroller will make the experience much more enjoyable for both you and your kids. 

What to look for in a jogging stroller for the beach

We’ve mentioned already that many parents enjoy bringing a jogging stroller to the beach because they simply do a better job and minimize the headache of bringing little ones down to the water.

Let’s dive into the features that we mentioned to make sure that you are looking for the right things when it comes time to purchase a stroller.

Three-wheel strollers that lock in place work best in the sand

You might not think that this is an important feature but it is probably one of the most important differences between most jogging strollers and their traditional counterparts.

Jogging strollers are designed with one locking wheel upfront for one simple reason – it makes the stroller more stable when traveling at faster speeds. Anyone that has ever tried to run with a traditional, 4-wheeled stroller knows how quickly things go bad. The front wheels will wobble so badly that you will be forced to slow down or try to lift the front of the stroller off of the ground for more stability. Both options are less than ideal.

This same feature works a treat at the beach because the sand won’t be able to turn the front wheel and stop your progress. Sure, it might not exactly glide over the top of the sand but at least it won’t make things harder for you than they need to be!

Choose large, inflatable tires for your beach stroller

Speaking of the tires, jogging strollers normally work great at the beach because they skip the small rubber or plastic wheels found on traditional strollers in favor of large, inflatable tires. If you haven’t seen one, they resemble small bike tires, and many work the same way with an inner air tube and a rugged outer tire.

This feature is important because these tires will normally be much wider than a traditional stroller would have and that extra surface area helps prevent them from sinking into the sand.

Beach strollers should have protection from the sun

The beach can be fun but the sun can also make you feel miserable if you aren’t prepared for it.

Jogging strollers are ideal for the beach because they are designed to be used outdoors in the elements. This typically means that they will include larger, adjustable canopies that provide more protection for your little one. Some even have extensions or optional accessories to extend this coverage.

Extra storage and special features that improve a strollers performance at the beach

Since jogging strollers are designed to be used outside for potentially long runs, most of them come with special features such as zippered or latched storage compartments and extra cup holders. These features work great for runs because mom and dad can put their phones, keys, and extra beverages into the stroller while they are away from home or the car.

At the beach, they will give you storage space that offers protection from sand and water – the biggest potential problems for your personal items.

Best jogging strollers for the beach

You’re likely convinced by now that a jogging stroller is the best way to go, but what type of jogging stroller should you get?

We’ve come up with the top 3 options that parents swear by for taking your kids to the beach. No matter what your budget is for a jogging stroller, all three of these strollers are great options and would work extremely well for your next beach trip. 

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

Hands down, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is the best beach stroller for any budget.

At less than $150, it won’t break the bank and has been highly rated by many beach-going parents. The large tires on this stroller allow it to move smoothly over any surface and the front wheel locks which allow you to jog or move over a rough surface without the stroller skidding or moving from side to side. The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger can also be purchased as a travel system, so if your little one is still traveling in their car seat, the Baby Trend car seat will snap right into the stroller.

You can check out more features of this stroller and read the almost 4,000 4.5-star reviews right here.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

This is another great option for a jogging stroller that you can take anywhere, including the sand on the nearest beach.

The Joovy Zoom 360 has an extra-wide seat that sits high enough to allow your child to see everything going on around them. The shock-absorbing suspension on this stroller makes it a great choice because it will keep the ride from being too bumpy, even on rough ground. This stroller is also extremely light which makes it easy to travel with and it’s compact enough to fit in the back of your vehicle.

While it is a little more expensive than the Baby Trend, the Joovy Zoom is super light compared to our first recommendation. The light frame can help make running with it easier, but it also helps prevent it from sinking into the sand much better as well!

You can check this stroller and all of its great reviews out here.

BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller

This stroller is a bit pricey, but if you’re looking to invest a little bit more in a high-quality stroller, the BOB Revolution Flex is bound to exceed your expectations. The BOB brand is often considered the king of sporty jogging strollers and they pioneered many of the features that are now considered standard in the market.

The BOB Revolution Flex has a mountain bike-style suspension system that allows for your child to have a smooth ride no matter how rough the ground is. It’s great for both on-road and off-road travel, and one of the unique features is it holds a child up to 75 pounds. With a higher than average maximum weight capacity, it will last you for many years. If you’re looking for a higher-end product for your next trip to the beach, the BOB Revolution Flex is a great option.

Check out all of the reviews here.

Budget Alternative – The Outdoor Utility Wagon

If you don’t think a jogging stroller is right for you or if you simply don’t need one outside of a single beach trip, a wagon is a great alternative.

Like a jogging stroller, a utility wagon also has larger wheels that will survive a trip to the beach, and there’s plenty of room for anything else you’re bringing with you. This utility wagon has a 150-pound capacity so all young children would be able to fit in it, and it’s extremely easy to open with no assembly required. The ride won’t be as smooth for your little ones as it would be in a jogging stroller, but it’s a great alternative if it works better for your family. 

We’ve personally used a version of these utility wagons many times over the years and they work especially well when you need to transport a bunch of stuff back and forth in addition to your child. Fair warning, however, as they will get bogged down in the sand if you overload them!

Check out a budget option right here.

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