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Are Babies Allowed In Casinos

Are Babies Allowed In Casinos? [Rules, Options, and Advice]


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My grandparents had an affinity for gambling as I was growing up. I spent a lot of time with them, and we only lived about an hour away from one of the major gambling hubs in the United States. They never let my presence stop them from partaking in this pastime and I actually have fond memories of their casino hopping days.

Gambling is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 in most states and this prevents babies from being taken onto the casino floor or anywhere that gambling is taking place. Since many casinos are located inside hotels, however, there may be other places to see and things to do with a baby when traveling to a casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Casinos are a little more complicated than they may seem at first thought. If you are planning a trip to a major gambling hub, like Las Vegas, then you want to be thoroughly prepared for all of the obstacles that you may face when entering a casino. Read through this article to get a firm grasp on what to expect when taking a baby into a casino.

Can you bring an infant to a casino?

Most casinos have a lot more to offer in the way of entertainment than just gambling. Casinos often have restaurants, music venues, shopping, and even movie theatres. That said, you can absolutely take your baby into most casinos – technically.

However, you will have to be careful to navigate through the casino without actually taking your baby onto the gambling floor of the casino.

The casino floor is where the gambling actually takes place. It is noisy, crowded, and generally considered a place that children should not be. Alcohol flows freely on the floors of a casino, and in some casinos, smoking is allowed indoors on the casino floor. The entrances to the actual casino floor are usually a checkpoint where people verify their age. The security that works these checkpoints will likely not let someone with a baby enter the Casino floor.

To be frank, you probably do not want your baby to be exposed to the casino floor for any length of time. The Casino floor is built for adults, and it just is not a good place for your baby to be. Further, most other adults who are enjoying their freedoms on the casino floor are not interested in having babies disturb them. It is best for you to keep your baby away from the casino floor.

While babies are not allowed on the gambling floor, there are plenty of areas in a casino where babies are allowed. In some cases, where you must cross a casino floor to get to one of these baby-safe areas, the guards will allow you to move through the casino. Just know, that if you have a baby or an underage child with you, then you are not allowed to stop and play a quick slot machine along the way. 

Some Casinos actually offer childcare in the casino. Growing up, my grandparents dropped me off in the kid zone of one of their favorite casinos while they played on the casino floor for a bit. This may be an option for you. Research the casinos you plan to visit to see if they offer childcare. Of course, you may wind up paying an extra fee for childcare, but if you are really eager to experience some gambling, then this option may be worthwhile to look into.

Can you gamble with a baby?

You cannot gamble with a baby. No one under the age of 21 is allowed on the floor of a casino because the legal gambling age in most states is 21. Even though your baby may not be aware of their surroundings yet, casinos must remain steadfast in their rules about underage visitors on the casino floor.

Are babies allowed in casinos in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas casinos are extremely strict about allowing underage visitors onto the casino floor. You are not likely to be able to get your baby into a Las Vegas casino. That said, there is more to most casinos than gambling.

Babies are allowed in shopping areas, restaurants, and hotel areas of larger casinos. A lot of casinos that have hotels also have pool areas where babies are most certainly welcome to hang out, but keep in mind that some of those pools could get a little more adult-oriented during the evening hours, depending on your particular hotel.

What can you do in Vegas with a baby?

Many parents tend to shy away from the thought of bringing their kids to Las Vegas. After all, it is known as a playground, but not the kind of playground you see on the average park. Las Vegas is known as a playground for adults, and many adults feel that while you can bring a baby Las Vegas you probably should not bring a baby to Las Vegas.

Regardless there are plenty of baby-friendly attractions in and around Las Vegas that all of the members of your family can enjoy.

The Discover Children’s Museum is a highly regarded family activity in Las Vegas. The website even boasts of an entire area built for kids five and under called “toddler town.” If you are looking for a baby-friendly activity on your Las Vegas trip, check this museum out.

I always enjoy getting outdoors for a nice walk when my baby needs some stroller time. The LINQ Promenade is an excellent place for strolling with your baby in tow. This is a shopping district in Las Vegas that is a great option for a family-friendly outing.

Babies love to watch lights and colors. This is why the Shark Reef Aquarium is a must-do for your Vegas trip with a baby in tow. This is a fun activity for families with kids of all ages. 

Are there any baby-friendly Vegas hotels?

Just about any hotel in Las Vegas is going to be appropriate for a trip with your baby. Even hotels that are connected to casinos are fine for babies and children. Do some research to see which one may be favorable for your situation.

One hotel of note is the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. It is attached to the aquarium mentioned earlier and would be an excellent kid-friendly option for the family visiting Las Vegas.

Are babies allowed in casinos in Atlantic City?

Babies are allowed to walk (stroll) through the casinos in Atlantic City. However, babies are not allowed to stop near any slot machines or playing tables. Only those aged 21 and over are allowed to stop at gaming tables in Atlantic City.

What can you do in Atlantic City with a baby?

Atlantic City is a great option for a baby-friendly getaway. There are a ton of kid-friendly attractions in and around Atlantic City and the adult-friendly attractions are an added bonus.

The Atlantic City Aquarium is a great place to take a baby to enjoy the view. Babies are fond of colors, lights, and slow movements. This makes aquariums a great place for them to enjoy the views of Atlantic City.

Storybook Land opened in 1955 and is about a 20-minute drive from Atlantic City. This is an excellent attraction for young toddlers and babies. It allows an interactive experience with famous nursery rhymes and classic books.

Are there any baby-friendly Atlantic City hotels?

Much like Vegas, there are a ton of baby-friendly hotels in Atlantic City. Even the hotels that are connected to casinos are baby-friendly. Do not let a hotel that is connected to a casino deter you, the hotel areas of large casinos are often extremely nice and they would be a great place for a family to stay.

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