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Which Baby Wipes Do Hospitals Use and Should You Bring Your Own?

Which Baby Wipes Do Hospitals Use and Should You Bring Your Own?

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It’s a few weeks before your due date and you debate on whether you should bring baby wipes to the hospital. You vaguely remember that somebody told you that hospitals provide baby wipes but you don’t want to leave it to chance. You start thinking about calling the Labor and Delivery department and asking them which baby wipes they use and should you bring your own??

Hospitals prefer to use dry baby wipes on newborns because these wipes are fragrance-free, super absorbent, and have no additives that can be harmful to a baby’s skin. If you prefer to use a different brand, a wet or water wipe, or a more natural option, you should plan on packing those in your hospital bag.

Read along as we pinpoint what specific brand or kind of baby wipes hospitals use and what other hospital freebies you get to take home. 

Which brand of baby wipes do hospitals use?

A lot of parents love the wipes used by the hospital after their baby’s birth. Many even go online to search for these wipes after coming home from the hospital. Believe it or not, this is a hot topic on a lot of mom and baby forums that prove that these wipes are the best and work wonders. 

Most hospitals use Medline Ultrasoft Dry Baby Wipes. This option is highly regarded in the hospital industry because of its highly absorbent nature and it works best for a baby’s sensitive skin. These wipes are fragrance-free, non-abrasive, and have no additives which are perfect for a baby’s fragile skin.

Some hospitals also use Pampers or Huggies baby wipes. These two options are the popular choice among new parents as well. Both Pampers and Huggies are trusted baby brands and you can’t go wrong with either one. 

Do hospitals provide baby wipes for newborns?

For our first baby, we packed everything including boxes of wipes and two different diaper sizes, just in case. We quickly learned during our stay that hospitals provide diapers and wipes.

A lot of parents overpack for their hospital stay but you’ll be surprised at how many supplies the hospital provides to newborn parents and this includes baby wipes. You will be able to take home a lot of stuff for your baby so make sure that you bring an extra bag for your hospital haul that you need to take home. 

Can I bring my own baby wipes to the hospital?

The hospital-provided baby wipes do their job well but if you prefer to bring your own then that is completely up to you. 

You can bring your own baby wipes to the hospital if you have a specific brand preference. Parents who choose to bring their own wipes usually opt for a higher quality brand of wipes. Some parents may prefer to start their baby out with a more natural option like water wipes.

If you prefer water wipes instead of dry baby wipes, the Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Water Baby Wipes are made of 99% water which makes them gentle to use on your baby. These wipes are fragrance- and alcohol-free. The Mama Bear Water Baby Wipes is an Amazon brand that is also made up of 99% water. These wipes are hypoallergenic and formulated without parabens.

Some eco-minded parents will even take reusable wipes to the hospital and store the used ones in a wet bag until they can be washed at home. Even though reusable wipes are great, I don’t recommend this option because your newborn’s meconium (first poop) will be thick and tar-like and likely to ruin any wipes used to clean it up.

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What else does the hospital provide after delivery?

Hospitals have a plethora of newborn baby supplies at your disposal. Most if not all of them, you can take home especially the ones that you have used already. I always advise new parents to bring an extra bag to the hospital because you will bring home a lot of stuff.

Here are some of the things that hospitals provide that you can bring home:

  • Swaddling blankets – You can never have too many swaddling blankets for your newborn baby and the hospital-printed ones are free for you to take home. Your baby will be in swaddles at least for the first weeks of his life, and they are perfect for naps and nighttime sleep. 
  • Bulb syringe – This nasal aspirator was a lifesaver for us. It helps get rid of mucus and snot from the baby’s nose and there is a lot of it in the first few weeks as your baby tries to get rid of all the mucus and fluids from being inside the womb. 
  • Newborn hats/beanies – You can take home the newborn hats and beanies and this is super helpful because you don’t want your baby’s head to be too cold especially the first time you bring him home from the hospital. You should always keep your baby’s head warm and these beanies do a great job.  
  • Disposable changing pads – Also known as the dog training pads, these pads are really helpful for newborns. You can take this home and lay it down on the baby’s crib, bassinet, or changing table and it essentially acts as another layer of protection so that the baby’s mattress won’t get wet. 
  • Mom supplies – This includes the peri bottle, thick menstrual pads, mesh underwear, abdominal binder. 
  • Diapers and wipes – Trust me when I say, you will go through a lot of diapers and wipes. The hospital lets you take diapers and wipes that are in your room so make sure you don’t forget to grab these before going home.
  • Baby sleep sack or onesie – Some hospitals provide a baby sleep sack or onesie that your baby can take home as a keepsake. They often personalize these items so that it bears the hospital’s name.
  • Formula samples or pre-mixed formula – The hospital will likely send you home with samples of formula for your baby. If you are planning on breastfeeding and not introducing formula right away, you should take these home because you never know if you will have issues with breastfeeding or the baby latching. 
  • Pacifiers – Most hospitals provide the soothie pacifiers in either blue or green colors that you can take home. Even if you don’t plan on using pacifiers right away, take these home with you.
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