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From baby to childhood - transforming your child's room as they grow

From Baby to Childhood – Transforming Your Child’s Room As They Grow

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There comes a time when you look at your toddler and realize it is time to update their bedroom to align with their growth and development. Sometimes this means they have outgrown their baby crib, no longer need a changing table, or are ready for a new room theme. Other times it may be needed to move out of the nursery to accommodate another baby on the way. With some planning, you can upgrade your child’s room in a way that will continue to grow with time while also fostering a healthy sleep environment and safe play space. 

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Planning a bedroom update for your child can be a fun bonding experience. You may choose updates that cater to their current interests and last a short period of time before the next update, or you may choose an update for longevity that will grow with them. Either way, it is important for the child to have their own personal space to sleep, read, play and escape into. 

Keep reading to learn about some ideas to consider as you update your child’s bedroom. 

Design a Plan

The first thing to think about is how big of an update you want to do. Maybe the nursery didn’t get quite the overhaul you anticipated before your baby arrived, or you want to upgrade to hardwood floors instead of carpet to accommodate your child’s love of building with blocks. Map out what changes you would like to make to determine if you could do them yourself or if you would need to hire professional help. 

Once you have an idea of how big of a change you’re envisioning and how you plan to make the updates, you will have a better gauge of the time frame for completing the project. For a larger project, you may need more time to coordinate with a contractor. If you are planning a smaller update, such as a fresh coat of paint and new decor, the turnaround time is typically shorter. 

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Keep in mind the cost of planning any home update. Given the scope of your project, you will be able to determine if you will be able to use your savings to cover the cost with cash upfront. For a project where cash upfront might not be the best option, take time to look at financing options available to you, such as a personal line of credit or a credit card. Take the time and do your research to determine what avenue of covering the cost of the update is best suited for you and your family. 

Incorporate Their Personality

Your child’s bedroom is an important personal space for their development and to showcase their personality. Now that your child is a little older and they can communicate more efficiently, see what kinds of ideas they have for a big kid bedroom. Include the child in the decision-making process, even if it’s a “this or that” option. Taking into consideration their input and interests will help guide the process of making the space unique and one of a kind, just like they are. 

You can have your child help pick a happy color palette for new paint or they can help choose a theme for the room. Whether your child is interested in ballerinas, superheroes, creating art, or science experiments, you can add touches of their interests to the bedroom design.  If you’re looking for the upgrade to last a long time, stick to a neutral color palette that the child is less likely to outgrow in the next couple of years, and add accents of their current favorite palettes. 

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Adding decor is another fun way to incorporate your child’s ideas, personality, and interests into the space. Giving some freedom to choose the wall art or bedding to spruce up their space will add to the excitement of transitioning to a “big kid” room! 

Embrace Their Independence

The hardest part of transforming your baby nursery into a room for a toddler or older child can be the transition out of the crib. This is a big change for both the parent and child. There are some tips to determine when it’s the best time to transition from a crib to a bed. There are many bed size options available; choose what works best for your child and the bedroom size.

As your child grows and starts to seek more independence, design their room to cater to that need. Consider using lower bars in the closet for hanging clothing and anchoring their dresser for added safety for their use. Using an easy-to-maintain storage system for their toys can allow them to take ownership of their space and keep their room tidy and organized.

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Another way to foster their independence in their new bedroom is by adding a smart night light. The parent can program these night lights with sleep and wake times. This can help remind the child when they should stay in bed and when it is time to get up based on the color of the night light. 


When all is said and done, your child will have their own space to enjoy. They will find comfort in their space to have time alone to relax, cool off, and play. Design a room that is free of clutter by eliminating toys, books, or stuffed animals that are no longer used and give the space for growing interests and a developing personality.

As they grow from preschool to elementary age to tween, pre-teen, and finally a teenager, they will learn responsibility and take pride in maintaining their own bedroom. Giving your child the space they need will positively affect their development, and give you some time back in your day when they choose to play quietly in their private oasis.

Joshua Bartlett
Joshua Bartlett

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