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Is a Baby Registry Necessary? (Plus How To Freebies & Bonuses!)

Is a Baby Registry Necessary? (Plus How To Freebies & Bonuses!)

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“Do you have a registry?” is a question many family and friends ask expectant parents. People close to the soon-to-be parents want to shower them with gifts, but is having a baby registry necessary?

Having a baby registry is helpful for soon-to-be parents because it can serve as an organized shopping list and help keep track of what items are needed. Parents are also able to take time to research and find the specific items they want, making it easy for gift-givers to purchase items that they know will help the expectant parents.

Keep reading to learn more about baby registries and why they can be highly beneficial. 

What is the point of a baby registry?

Many parents wonder if there is a point to having a baby registry. What is it and why do you need it?

A baby registry is a list where parents can keep track of items they need or would be most helpful to them. This can be kept private or shared with family and friends. It can help take the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift for the new parents. Parents can also use that to set the tone of their style, which is also helpful.

Look at your registry as a shopping list for your baby filled with items such as bottles, car seats, strollers, and even large pieces of furniture. You will need all of these items and more as you prepare for your baby and a registry is the perfect place to list all of those items. 

Soon-to-be-parents often research which items they want, such as a specific car seat, stroller, or crib. Placing them on a registry will help steer your friends and family to the exact items you’ve carefully chosen for your little one. Having nursery items such as bedding and decorations on the registry will also help show friends and family your theme and style.

Is a baby registry worth it?

Some people will look at a registry as a hassle, especially if you end up having more than one. Is it worth it?

Having a registry is worth the effort for a few different reasons. It will help keep you organized, allow your guests to see what you need, and it can actually help save you money. There is usually a completion coupon sent towards the end of your pregnancy that will knock off anywhere from 10-15% off your purchases, making it worth it.

Registries are a way to share what you want to get with family and friends so that they are able to get you the items you really want. It will also help limit the amount of extra or unwanted items you may get. 

How to get the most out of a baby registry to make it worthwhile

While there are many positives creating a registry, it is important to know what pitfalls to avoid as well as what the benefits really are. 

Having a registry can take the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift for expectant parents. ensuring they get the items they truly want or need. Some tips include having a variety of items at a range of price points and don’t be afraid to register at a couple of different places. Some of the more popular registries include Amazon, Target, Baby List, and Buy Buy Baby. 

Before we look at tips for creating and the benefits of a baby registry, let’s look at some of the more popular places to register.

An Amazon registry is highly recommended. Amazon is a one-stop-shop that has everything from diapers to cribs, making it very easy for parents to have a comprehensive registry. Many people shop off of Amazon already, and can easily buy items off of it and ship them directly to the expectant parents.

Target and Buy Buy Baby are great for people who enjoy shopping at a brick-and-mortar store. They also have a selection of everything from diapers to cribs, making it easy for people to shop. Both stores have also expanded their online presence since many people are choosing to shop online versus walking into a store. 

The last popular registry is Babylist, which allows the expectant parents to add items from many different stores in one place. People are able to shop directly from the list as well as input when they buy something in person. It is also a great way to consolidate various registries into one place.

Now that we’ve looked at different registries, here are the biggest benefits of a baby registry as well as some tips:

  • Easy for your family to shop
  • You can take time to research your items
  • There are bonus gifts when you register
  • There’s a completion coupon
  • Have items in every price point
  • Register for everything
  • Include diapers
  • Include big-ticket items
  • Minimize how many clothes you include
  • Ask for help

Easy for family and friends to shop

One of the biggest benefits to creating a registry is that it makes it simpler for family members to shop and be involved with the baby.

Family members who are out of town can easily access the registry and ship the items directly from the store to the recipients.

This is especially helpful for family members who are less likely to travel but would still like to send a gift.

You can take your time researching and adding to it

When you create a registry, it can be kept private until you are ready to share it, giving you ample time to really research the items that are important to you.

These items can be large ticket items like the stroller, the car seat, and crib, or even small ticket items like toys and books.  

There are completion discounts!

Many stores offer completion discounts to use closer to your due date to purchase items remaining on your registry.

These are great because they can be used to pick up items that were not gifted to you or for any last-minute additions!

Here’s the breakdown on what the discounts are at some of the popular registry sites:

Registry gifts or freebies

Many stores will give you a welcome box full of free items when you create a registry with them. For example, you might get bottles or pacifiers to sample as well as creams, diapers and coupons.

Often when you register, formula companies will also send you sample formulas, which can be very helpful even if you decide to breastfeed since you may need to supplement until your milk comes in. 

Amazon and Baby List will send your welcome box in the mail, although Amazon’s will come after the first purchase off the registry. For both Buy Buy Baby and Target, you will have to go into the store to get your gift, even if you create the registry online.

Register for everything you think you will need

Include everything you think you will need, from creams to big-ticket items like a crib.

Nursing pads, pump parts and other items you may need postpartum are also okay to include there since your baby registry is there to help you prepare for bringing your baby home, and your needs count as well.

You can also include the items you will need as your baby grows, like plates, utensils, and a high chair since you will need those, and 6 months will come fast. 

Have a variety of items across all the price ranges

It’s a good idea to have items across various price ranges on your registry. This way people will be able to find items in their price range.

Even the smaller items will have some use for someone who has a $50 budget, and they find something for $40 but want to find something else to get to $50. 

Include diapers!

You should include small packages of diapers you may want to use in your registry. Even if you end up with more diapers than you need, or you decide you want a different brand, most stores you can register with have a great return policy for unopened and unused items. 

If you are cloth diapering be sure to add all the items you need to the registry so any baby shower guests can see that you are planning on cloth.

You may end up with some disposables but those can also be handy for newborns until the meconium is out of their system or in case of a stomach virus. You can also return them for store credit at many places!

Include big-ticket items

People may feel awkward about the bigger items such as strollers, car seats and cribs, but it is important to include them on your registry.

Many places are offering a group gift option where they can just contribute money towards a large gift. But in the event you don’t get it, you can put your completion discount towards it!

Be selective with the clothing you add

It’s so tempting to include all the cute baby clothing you see, but it may be good to hold off and put only a few pieces to showcase what style you are going for.

What’s available will change with the seasons change so if you create your registry in the fall, but you’re due in the spring, the clothes you put on the registry may not be on there closer to your due date.

On top of that, many people will include an outfit with their gift. 

Ask a fellow mom for help

If you’re unsure if you have everything or you just want another set of eyes to go over it before you share, ask an experienced mom friend or family member with kids to look at it.

They may be able to give you advice on any items you may be unsure of.  

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