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What’s The Difference Between Kid’s Sizes 6 And 6X

What’s The Difference Between Kid’s Sizes 6 And 6X?

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The issue with buying your daughter’s clothes is that during the ages of five and six, they can go through growth spurts, so it can be challenging to keep up with this and get some good use out of the clothes you do get.

With girl’s clothing, you can find sizes six, six x, then seven, so you can see the x as a half size, as they tend to range in height from 47 to 48 and a half inches, compared to the 45 to 46 and a half inches.

With that out of the way, we can find out more about this sizing and how it measures up, and we can then begin to see why this middle size is really useful, especially if you have more than one child that is going through this growth spurt.

Why Do 6X Sizes Exist?

This is simply because many girls of this age seem to fall into this size category, as they are more likely to shoot up as they can grow 2.5 inches per year and gain 4-7lbs, as this accelerates when they are between 8-13 years old.

This can lead o your child being slightly too big for a six and not quite big enough for a seven, and this can be even more difficult if your child has a petite figure, as not girls will fit into one of these sizes exactly but enough where they have a bit of room to grow.

This sizing is only for girls’ clothes as boys don’t experience this pre-school growth, as they may not see a growth spurt until they are around ten years old, so there isn’t as much need to have in-between sizes for them.

What Are The Measurements Between The Two?

The main difference, as we have seen, is that a 6x is generally an inch longer and wider than a 6, but for specific measurements, you can find these below.

Size 6

  • Waist- 22 inches
  • Chest- 25 inches
  • Height- 45-46.5 inches
  • Weight- Up to 40lbs
  • Hip- 24-25 inches
  • Inseam (For bottoms)- 18.75- 20.25 inches

Size 6 X

  • Waist- 23 inches
  • Chest- 26 inches
  • Height- 47-48.5 inches
  • Weight- 38-44lbs
  • Hip- 25-27.5 inches
  • Inseam (For bottoms)- 20.25- 23 inches

How To Decide If I Need 6 X Or 7

When looking at the differences between these two sizes, some people decide to switch up to size seven after the six as they can be longer on the leg, and sometimes the two sizes can be similar if you need to go up a waist size so that it can be a gamble with some brands.

With shirts, though, it may be a good idea to go up to a seven, which may be bigger than you’d like, but your child can grow into them if they’re running a bit smaller or they seem to be between sizes.

For things like pants, you might be able to go for a 6x and find the cut makes them uncomfortable for your child.

Which is why brands give the option of regular fits with a stretch band on the waist for more comfort, while the cuffs can be rolled up to adjust for height.

Some Tips When Buying Kid’s Clothing

What’s The Difference Between Kid’s Sizes 6 And 6X

Even if you have a store in mind, you might be overwhelmed with the choices on offer, and as nice as leggings or a simple long-sleeved shirt are.

Your daughter may be on the fussier side, deciding on clothes that they like but aren’t convenient when it comes to sizes.

That is why we have provided some tips that could make your purchases easier and include some ideas for when you have to get creative if you’re on a budget.

For Tall Kids

If your daughter is tall for her age and they are over 125.25cm, you can find clothing that fits, but this can be limited to baggy t-shirts and teen sizes in pants.

So your child might be looking for something that fits with their style and may not like these options.

For this, you can find brands that offer regular and slim sizes with an adjustable waistband, as some of these are 2 inches longer in the leg for the same size that might not fit your child as well.

For tops, you can go for tunic-length tops for kids with a longer torso, and they are pretty versatile as they’re designed to fit just below the hip.

These tops might not be marked for this purpose, so make sure you take the time for your child to try them on first.

Comfort Is Everything

As an adult, you can buy clothes knowing that they can make you look good, but your child won’t like these restrictive clothes as they want freedom in what they wear, as they can get up to all sorts of activities.

So it’s important to have clothing that is fitted right, as having clothes that are a bit tight can have a negative effect on hips and legs, which can be the same for all ages. During their development, this insistence on tight clothes may be a sign of sensory processing disorder.

On the other hand, clothes that are too loose-fitting can get caught on the edges and cause tears, as this could affect their self-esteem as they may not fit in with other girls of the same age, so you want to take their interests and likes into consideration.


You can find kid’s clothing in a range of sizes and designs, so this doesn’t mean you have to go for simple clothing, as it can be as bright and playful as your daughter, so they can feel special and stand out, as yes, young girls can be just as picky as adults.

As a guide, for long-lasting fabrics, you want to go for natural ones like cotton, linen, fleece, and wool, as these can be easy to wash, can absorb moisture well, and won’t cause any allergies, with the bonus that these won’t change form after every wash.

However, this isn’t the case for certain fibers, and care will need to be taken when washing them, as they can be uncomfortable to wear and, over time, could lower their durability, so be sure to check the washing instructions on the label.

Color Schemes

This is another aspect where you can give your child some freedom, as they can select from an ever-increasing line of cute and funny clothes, but they may not fully grasp what looks good or matches.

For this, have a look at what clothes your child wears currently and ask if they like specific colors or designs, and if they like them, great.

If not, you can find clothes with classic shapes that are more versatile in combination with other pieces your child picks out.

Being able to compromise but not putting too much strain on your child’s choices means you allow them to express themselves and be confident in their choices, even if it may seem that some of these options are a bit odd. Still, in the end, it’s all about experimentation.

Are 6X Sizes A Good Thing?

If you ask any parent who has a daughter around the 6-year-old mark, they’ll tell you that as they get too big for a 6, it gets increasingly harder to pick out sizes that are just the right fit, so the 6x, in a way, alleviates any confusion.

They work for many parents because the proportion of girls in this age is varied and can change quickly, which goes further as some brands look to make distinctions between these sizes.

You can find regular, tall, and even plus-size, but some of these distinctions may be too broad or  very refined when looking at girls’ clothing sizes as a whole.

How Do I Measure My Child?

As sizes like this rely on factors such as height and weight, this too can change, which is why starting out by measuring the narrowest part of their torso is a good idea.

Ensure the measuring tape is snug but not too tight, and you won’t need to add to the measurement for most clothing.

You can also measure the inner leg, and here you want to ensure that the tape is an inch from the ground, where you want the pants to finish.

When measuring for pants, make sure that you don’t pull the tape too tight.

Otherwise, the pants you get may be too short or uncomfortable as they ride up the leg, and you don’t want to spend too long making adjustments afterward.


With all this in mind, there’s nothing wrong with looking at the teen’s section in clothing stores, as girls’ proportions can be different, but you can still find clothing that they like and will wear for a long while.  

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