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Pull Ups vs Easy Ups (Differences, Pros, and Cons of Huggies and Pampers)

Pull Ups vs Easy Ups (Differences, Pros, and Cons of Huggies and Pampers)

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Transitioning from diapers to training pants is an exciting time for both parent and child. Besides the actual potty training, parents have the added task of choosing the “right” training pants. A search for training pants will produce Pull Ups vs Easy Ups. 

Huggies Pull-Ups and Pampers Easy Ups are training pants for toddlers learning to use the potty. Huggies Pull-Ups offer more types and include an easy-open feature, making them easy to take off and refasten.

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of each brand and how they differ.  See for yourself which one will best suit you and your little one. 

Are Pampers Easy Ups the same as Huggies Pull-Ups?

Pampers Easy Ups and Huggies Pull-Ups are comparable products from competing brands. 

Both Easy Ups and Pull-Ups are training pants available for toddlers learning to use the potty and both have a wet indicator to notify you when it’s time to change.

They are, however, not identical and most parents have a preference between the two.

Box of diapers

Which is better – Pull Ups vs Easy Ups?

Making the decision of what to purchase often boils down to cost, comfort, and performance. For training pants those questions equate to are they easy to use, are they absorbent and leakproof, and are they worth it?

Taking into consideration the many requirements a parent would have, Pull-ups usually win the contest unless cost is the determining factor.

  • Price – Per diaper, Easy Ups are the less expensive option.
  • Sizing – Pull-Ups offer 3 sizes, covering 18-50lbs. Easy Ups are available in four sizes and cover babies as small as 16lbs to 41+lbs.
  • Features – Pull-Ups are easier to refasten when potty training, while Easy Ups have tear-away sides and are harder to reuse. Pull-Ups also come in several versions, including nighttime and plant-based.
  • Absorbency – Both brands have dual leak protection barriers, but Pull-Ups are more highly rated based on the absorbency level.
  • Reviews – The overall Amazon ratings for both training pants are exceptional, but Pull-Ups have a slight advantage with 4.8/5 against Easy Ups’ 4.7.

If you’re undecided as to which type of training pants is likely to be better for you and your child, purchase a smaller pack and try both out before making a final decision.

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Price of Easy Ups vs Pull Ups

When determining what product to buy, one of the first things consumers look at is the cost. How much is this product and is it cost-effective? As parents who are purchasing training pants, the sentiment is the same.

So, how do Pull-Ups fare against Easy Ups? 

Overall, Pampers Easy Up diapers cost slightly less per diaper than Huggies Pull-Ups.

A pack of 124 2T-3T Pull-Ups costs $47.64 on Amazon, or $0.38 each. A pack of 132 2T-3T Easy Ups costs $42.94 on Amazon, or $0.33 each.

Price of Huggies Pull-Ups Vs Pampers Easy Ups

SizeHuggies Pull-Ups Cost per DiaperPampers Easy Ups Cost per Diaper

Large stockpile of diapers

Sizing of Easy Ups vs Pull Ups

In everything you purchase, size is an important factor and this is no less true for training pants. As parents, you want to buy something that not only gets the job done but is a comfortable fit for your child.

Accordingly, you may wonder which of the two, Pull-Ups or EasyUps has better sizing. 

Pull-Ups training pants range in size from 2T up to 5T. On the other hand, Easy-Ups run from 2T up to 6T.

Sizing of Huggies Pull-Ups Vs Pampers Easy Ups

SizeHuggies Pull-Ups Weight RangePampers Easy Ups Weight Range
2T-3T18-34 lbs16-34 lbs
3T-4T32-40 lbs30-40 lbs
4T-5T38-50 lbs37+ lbs
5T-6Tn/a41+ lbs

For parents looking for a larger range in sizes, the better option to choose will be Pampers Easy Up. 

Features of Easy Ups vs Pull Ups

Many children get excited about their new big boy or big girl training pants in part because of the character that is on them. Parents get excited because not only are their children starting a new phase but they are pleased with the features of the training pants.

What do Pull-Ups and Easy Ups have to offer?

Pull-ups offer three different types of training pants and have an easy-open feature. The sides of the Pull-Ups training pants can be refastened when needed. Pampers Easy Ups do not have this feature, although they do have easy-tear sides.

Parents will find that Pull-Ups make the changing process easier as you don’t have to fully disrobe the child to remove the training pants. This is made possible by sides that can be refastened. 

With Easy Up, you can tear the sides to remove the training pants. However, after the training pants are torn off, in order to put another on, you will need to remove your toddler’s shoes and pants. Which is not always an easy feat!

As mentioned, Huggies Pull-Ups offers a variety of training pants including:

  • Huggies Pull-Ups Potty Training Pants – Regular training pants
  • Huggies Pull-Ups Night Time Training Pants – More absorbent so your little one will sleep through the night.
  • Huggies Pull-Ups New Leaf Training Underwear – Plant-based training pants, which are particularly good if your child has sensitive skin.

Both sets of training pants have a wetness indicator. For Pampers Easy Ups, the indicator changes color. And for Huggies Pull-Ups, the design fades when wet.

Characters and wetness indicators aside, Pull-Ups are preferable because of the range of styles offered.

Toddler jumping on the bed in training pants

Absorbency of Easy Ups vs Pull Ups

Instead of placing toddlers directly into underwear from diapers, parents chose to get training pants knowing that accidents would happen. When purchasing training pants, absorbency is of utmost importance.

Both products, Pull-Ups and Easy-Ups, state that they are made with material that makes them absorbent. Easy Ups even advertises that they have dual leak protection barriers.

However, according to reviews on Amazon, Pull-Ups are the most absorbent.

In order to know which is the most absorbent, you would have to have tried them or gauge the reactions of those who have. Amazon reviews rate the absorbency level of Huggies Pull-Ups at a 4.9 out of 5 and that of Pampers Easy Ups at a 4.2 out of 5.

With these ratings, it is clear that Pull-Ups is the more absorbent of the two.

Parent reviews of Easy Ups vs Pull Ups

Knowing which item to purchase is not always an easy decision. Fortunately, you can learn from the parents who have come before you.

Amazon allows its customers to rate Pull-Ups and Easy Ups by individual features and it also gives an overall rating for each product. The overall rating for Pampers Easy Ups on Amazon is a 4.7 out of 5.

Meanwhile, the overall rating for Huggies Pull-Ups is 4.8 out of 5.

The ratings for both training pants are high. However, Huggies Pull-Ups does have the higher ratings in their review marking them as the better of the two. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Pull-Ups run small compared to Easy Ups?

No, they do not. If you take a look at their sizing charts, you will see that Pull-Ups are generally slightly larger than Easy Ups.

The exception is the size that they go up to. Pull-Ups stop at 4T-5T, while Easy-Ups go up to 5T-6T. 

Do Pull-Ups confuse potty training?

When considering the make of the Pull-Ups, it is easy to see how one would draw that conclusion.

The easy-to-fasten sides have a general resemblance to fastening a diaper. If you are changing or removing the training pants in the same fashion that you would a diaper, with the child lying down, then yes, it could cause some confusion.

Can you reuse a dry Pull-Up?

You can reuse a dry pull-up.

However, be advised that after several uses, the material may begin to seem worn. Once you have reached this point, the snug fit that it had may no longer be there and you should throw it out.

Do Pull-Ups come in size 6?

The highest size for Pull-Ups is a size 4T-5T. This translates to a size 5 diaper, which is for a child who weighs 38-50 lbs. 

Do Pull-Ups leak at night?

To combat the issue of nighttime leakage, Pull-Ups do have training pants made specifically for overnight usage.

Pull-ups Night Time Training Pants are offered for both girls and boys in sizes 2T-3T and 3T-4T. These particular training pants are advertised as their most absorbent and come with the same features as the others.

They are easy to open and have a fun design that fades when wet. 


Pampers Easy Ups and Huggies Pull-Ups are comparatively similar products, so don’t beat yourself up over the choice. Personally, I’d recommend trying a package of each and seeing how they fit your child and lifestyle.

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