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Can I Return Baby Bottles (Receipt & Exchange Policy – Used & Unused)

Can I Return Baby Bottles (Receipt & Exchange Policy – Used & Unused)

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It is often suggested that new parents buy multiple types of baby bottles before their newborn arrives. With varying shapes, sizes, and flow rates, many babies have strong preferences when it comes to their bottles. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know what your baby’s perfect bottle will be. For this reason and many more, parents often find themselves needing to return baby bottles.

Most popular retailers accept returns of unused baby bottles with a receipt, although the window ranges from 30 to 90 days from purchase depending on the retailer. Without a receipt, many places can offer store credit or an exchange. Used baby bottles can sometimes be returned, but this is usually never detailed in a store’s official return policy. 

Read on to learn which stores have the best return policies and what to do if you need to return baby bottles. 

Can you return or exchange baby bottles?

Whether you are registering for baby bottles for your baby shower or just restocking, it’s good to be aware of the return and exchange policies of different retailers. 

With a receipt, many stores accept returns and exchanges within a certain time frame of purchasing. Most stores and websites have 90-day return policies. See the following table for the return window lengths of popular retailers:

Baby Bottle Return Window (with Receipt)

Standard Return WindowRetailers
30 DaysAmazon
60 DaysCVS
90 DaysBuy Buy Baby
Sam's Club
180 DaysBed Bath & Beyond

If you’ve lost your receipt, you will have limited options. Most stores will offer some form of store credit in exchange for the baby bottles. Before accepting store credit, ask if the store can look up your receipt. If you made the purchase on a debit or credit card (sometimes with a check or gift card), a store associate may be able to track down your transaction. If the transaction is found, you can move forward with a return as if you had your receipt. 

After reviewing the offerings and return policies of popular baby supply retailers, Walmart and Target are my favorite places to shop for baby bottles. They carry many different bottle brands and have the best return policies. Though Amazon provides the largest variety, their return policy is not as generous. Unless you are using a baby registry, I do not recommend buying baby bottles from Amazon.

Aside from these top retailers, Babylist offers a Bottle Box that provides new parents with five different bottles, which can help you find your baby’s perfect bottle without having to buy multiple sets.

Can you return or exchange used baby bottles?

Returning used baby bottles can be tricky, because retailers can’t resell these items.

Though some places may accept these returns, these lax policies are usually never detailed in their official return policy. For many stores, the ability to make these returns comes down to each location’s management. 

In my findings, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Target are most likely to accept used baby bottle returns. If you have barely-used bottles that didn’t work for your little one, your best course of action is to take them to a store location and ask what they can do for you. 

If you discover that your baby bottles are damaged or defective, retailers will be more likely to work with you on a solution. Even Amazon, which has rather strict return policies, is known to give refunds for damaged and defective items. 

Reasons to return or exchange baby bottles

When you attempt to make a return or exchange on your baby’s bottles, you will usually need to provide a reason.

Here are some reasons you may find yourself needing to return baby bottles:

  • Your baby prefers a different brand or style. 
  • You decided to go with a different brand based on price, accessibility, or function (e.g. anti-colic bottles).
  • Your baby is exclusively nursing. 
  • The bottles are the wrong size
  • The bottles are damaged or defective.
  • You are not happy with the quality of the bottles or they did not meet expectations.

Though there are many reasons why it might be appropriate to return baby bottles, you should avoid exploiting lenient return policies by trying to return:

  • Bottles that have worn out.
  • Bottles that you have broken.
  • Bottles that have been well-used but you no longer need.

Returning baby bottles to Target

Purchasing baby bottles from Target can be a great choice because of their wide selection, relatively lenient return policy, and registry.

According to their website, most items that are unopened or in new condition can be returned with your receipt within 90 days of purchase for a full refund. If you are a RedCard debit or credit cardholder, you get an additional 30 days to return most items. 

For baby bottles that were purchased off of your registry, you have up to one year after your baby’s birthday to make a return. Your refund will come in the form of a Target gift card. 

Can you return used baby bottles to Target?

Though this information isn’t detailed in their official return policy, a Target representative from their chat service explained that used bottles could be returned. 

Can you return unused baby bottles to Target without a receipt

Target will accept unused baby bottles without a receipt, but your refund will come in the form of a merchandise return card

If you’ve lost your receipt, however, you might still be able to get a full refund to your original form of payment. If the bottles are still within their return window, Target can look up your receipt if the purchase was made using the following methods:

  • Mastercard®, Third-party Visa®, American Express®, and Discover® credit cards
  • Target RedCard™ (Target Credit Card™Target Debit Card™, Target™ Mastercard®)
  • Checks, if you have a blank check from the same checking account
  • Target gift cards, if you still have the physical gift card

Similarly, if you have a Target account, receipts and return barcodes will be available on your account for purchases made using a card associated with your account or your “Wallet” in the Target app. 

Returning baby bottles to Walmart

Walmart is known for having a hassle-free return policy and has a wide selection of bottle brands and styles to choose from. They also offer a baby registry so it is a great store family and friends to purchase gifts from.

The Walmart Return Policy states that most items can be returned or exchanged within 90 days of purchase for a full refund.

Can you return used baby bottles to Walmart?

Similar to other stores, Walmart doesn’t explicitly state their policy for returning used items on their website. Though not promoted, a Walmart customer service agent assured me that returning used bottles would not be an issue. 

Can you return unused baby bottles to Walmart without a receipt?

Walmart will accept unused baby bottles without a receipt.

Here are your options for completing a return without a receipt:

  • If damaged, you may be able to send the items back to the manufacturer for repair.
  • You can exchange them for another item. 
  • You can be given a cash refund if the value is under $25.
  • You can be given a Walmart gift card if the refund value is equal to or greater than $25. 

Walmart can try to look up your receipt if you made the purchase using a debit or credit card. You also try this yourself by using the Walmart Receipt Lookup feature on their website.

Returning baby bottles to Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is many young couples’ go-to choice for a wedding registry, but did you know it can also be a great place to plan for a new addition to the family?

According to the Bed Bath & Beyond Return Policy, the retailer typically accept returns with a receipt up to 180 days after purchase; however, if your bottles were gifted from your Bed Bath & Beyond Registry, you have 365 days to return them for a Merchandise Credit. 

Can you return used baby bottles to Bed Bath & Beyond?

Though some sources have had success returning used items to Bed Bath & Beyond; my local store would not accept used baby bottles.

It’s important to note that Bed Bath & Beyond has taken many additional precautions during the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure the safety of their patrons and staff. This may have influenced their willingness to accept used returns, especially if they could be considered hazardous.   

If you have used bottles that you’d like to return to Bed Bath & Beyond, ask your local store. 

Can you return unused baby bottles to Bed Bath & Beyond without a receipt?

Like many other stores, Bed Bath & Beyond will help you track down your receipt if you have the following associated with the original purchase:

  • Credit or debit card
  • Checking account number
  • Gift Card 
  • Merchandise Credit 
  • Order Number
  • Registry Number

If the receipt is not found, Bed Bath & Beyond will let you exchange the bottles or return them for a Merchandise Credit. Since 20% off coupons are common at Bed Bath & Beyond, they automatically reduce the refund value by 20%.

So, if you are returning the Phillips Avent Natural 3-Pack, regularly priced at $21.99 + tax, you will be refunded $17.59 + tax. 

Returning baby bottles to Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby is directly affiliated with Bed Bath & Beyond (see what they did with the alliteration?), but it’s specifically focused on the needs of new parents and small children.

Since they are affiliated with Bed Bath & Beyond, the Buy Buy Baby Return Policy is similar; however, they typically only offer a 90-day return window. Like its parent company, Buy Buy Baby does accept gift registry returns up to 365 days after purchase. 

Can you return used baby bottles to Buy Buy Baby?

Their return policy does not specify whether used items are eligible for return. My local Buy Buy Baby does not accept used baby bottle returns, but you can check with your local store.  

Can you return unused baby bottles to Buy Buy Baby without a receipt?

Though not detailed on their website, Buy Buy Baby can help track down your receipt using your original payment method (as long as it wasn’t cash). 

If your transaction cannot be located, Buy Buy Baby can issue you a Merchandise Credit for the price of the bottles reduced by 20%. Like Bed Bath & Beyond, they do this because 20% coupons are widely available for their store. 

Returning baby bottles to Amazon

Amazon is a popular retailer for just about everything, but it may not be the best choice for baby items you may potentially need to return.

According to the Amazon Return Policy, most products can be returned within 30 days of purchasing, some eligible baby items have a return window of 90 days, and items purchased from a baby registry can be returned within 365 days. It is important to remember that Amazon does not determine the return policies for third-party sellers, so these may vary. 

To complete your baby bottle return:

  • Log into your account
  • Select “Orders”
  • Select “Return or replace items”
  • Explain your reason for the return 

If the bottles are eligible for a return, Amazon will provide you with a shipping label, so they can be sent back. You also have the option of dropping them off at a Kohl’s location. Just make sure you start the process online and bring the QR code Amazon sends to your email. 

Can you return used baby bottles to Amazon?

In most cases, Amazon does not accept returns for used items.

In some unique situations, a refund may still be given. If you find that your bottles are damaged or defective, reach out to Amazon’s Customer Service. 

Can you return unused baby bottles to Amazon without a receipt?

If you purchased the bottles yourself, you do not need a physical receipt or invoice. You can start your return by logging into your account, selecting “Orders”, then “Return or Replace Items,” and following the instructions. 

If the bottles were a gift, and you were not given a gift receipt, contact Amazon Customer Service. They can try to track down the order number using information such as the name of sender, shipping address, and email. 

Returning baby bottles to Sam’s Club

Though Sam’s Club doesn’t always carry baby bottles, when they do, it is usually a sizable set for a great price.

The Sam’s Club Return Policy is rather vague, but like Walmart, it is known to be rather lenient. Sam’s Club does not specify a time frame in which they accept returns.

Their Terms and Conditions state that returns may be made within a reasonable period of time.

Can you return used baby bottles to Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to membership holders, so returning baby bottles that do not meet your needs should not be a problem. 

Sam’s Club does reserve the right to refuse returns to anyone based on the frequency at which that member returns items or time frame.  

Can you return unused baby bottles to Sam’s Club without a receipt?

Their website does not provide a lot of information on returning items without a receipt. They simply say that they will do their best to process your return. 

Similar to other stores, you can try to track down your receipt using your membership card. 

Returning baby bottles to Walgreens

According to Walgreens Return Policy, Walgreens accepts returns within 30 days of purchase with your receipt for a full refund.

Though Walgreens has a shorter return window than similar stores, they do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on Walgreens branded items. 

Can you return used baby bottles to Walgreens?

According to a Walgreens associate from their Live Chat support, they will accept used baby bottles as long as you have a receipt and it is within 30 days of purchase. 

Can you return unused baby bottles to Walgreens without a receipt?

Without a receipt, unused baby bottles can be returned for store credit issued to a W card. The refund amount will be adjusted to the lowest advertised price. A photo I.D. is required.

If you have lost your receipt, Walgreens may be able to track down your transaction using your Walgreen Reward card. Unlike many other stores, Walgreens does not offer the ability to find your receipt using your original form of payment. 

Returning baby bottles to CVS

As stated on their website, CVS accepts returns and exchanges within 60 days of the original purchase with the receipt. They do reserve the right to refuse any refund or exchange, and they may require a photo ID. 

Can you return used baby bottles to CVS?

The CVS Return Policy states that opened or damaged returns may be denied. An associate on their Customer Care Service line said that used baby bottles cannot usually be returned; however, some store locations may allow an exchange. 

Can you return unused baby bottles to CVS without a receipt

Baby bottles can be returned to CVS without a receipt for store credit. Similar to Walgreens, the refund may be adjusted to reflect the lowest advertised price in the 60-days before the return was issued. 

CVS does state that returns without proof of purchase may be limited or denied. 

What should I do with baby bottles if I can’t return them?

It’s always disappointing when you are unable to return items that don’t work for you. Luckily, there are ways you can repurpose baby bottles.

Before throwing out old bottles consider the following:

Additionally, charity shops and women’s shelters may accept new bottles, and some animal shelters and vet clinics accept baby bottles that have been used. 

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