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What is a diapers and wipes party/shower?

What is a Diaper and Wipes Party/Shower? (Etiquette & Ideas)

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The excitement of a new baby may make you want to celebrate your new addition. There is the traditional option of a baby shower but sometimes those aren’t an option. If you have already had a baby shower in the past, etiquette dictates that you should not have another baby shower unless the gender of the baby is different than before. But you may find yourself wanting to celebrate your baby anyway, but just on a smaller scale.

What is a diaper and wipes party or shower? A baby diaper and wipes party or shower is a small party for celebrating a new baby or a baby on the way. The guests usually only give gifts of diapers and wipes and the party is typically casual with a fun theme involving moms, dads, friends, and family. They can be held in addition to or instead of a traditional baby shower.

You may want to celebrate your new baby, even if it’s just a small party. Having a diaper and wipes party or shower can be a great option when you want to celebrate a new baby but do so in a more casual and less demanding environment than a full baby shower. A diaper and wipes shower or party has some different traditions than a baby shower and some elements that are similar.

What is a diaper and wipes shower or party?

A diaper and wipes shower or party is a small version of a baby shower. There are often fewer guests, less food, fewer games, and a more casual environment than a baby shower. Some couples opt to have a co-ed diaper and wipes party which can include both men and women.

In a diaper and wipes party, there are often few baby shower traditions present and the gifts are traditionally only packs of diapers and wipes. There is usually no guest registry as the only gifts given are diapers and wipes. There are also usually no games and it is often a backyard barbecue vs. a catered event at a venue.

Some traditions can be carried out in a diaper and wipes party to give it a more official feel. Some of these are:

  • Guest book
  • Party favors
  • Cake
  • Food

You may opt for a smaller party and not include any traditions except the gifts of diapers and wipes. A less stressful party can be an amazing way to celebrate a new baby without overextending yourself and inviting any unnecessary stress. There is often more flexibility in a diaper and wipes party than there is in a baby shower and the traditions of both are a bit different.

A diaper and wipes shower vs a baby shower

Several traditions of a baby shower are followed for etiquette and it is taboo to not follow them. Some of these are:

  • Gift registry
  • Games
  • Usually women only
  • Hosted by a friend
  • Typically only once, unless a later pregnancy is of a different gender
  • Thank you cards

Not following the traditions of a baby shower can be seen as tacky and taboo, so some opt to avoid the stress and instead have a small diaper and wipes party. This party is often small, casual, and has some small traditions such as:

  • Often a backyard barbecue or small menu party
  • Often co-ed
  • Gifts of diapers and wipes only

A baby shower usually restricts you to having the party before the baby is born. One nice benefit of a diaper and wipes party, however, is that you have the option to have the party after the birth of the baby. You can also make it an all-ages family event instead of the traditional guests of adult women for a baby shower. For a diaper and wipes party, you can usually skip the venue, the games, thank you cards, the registry, the party favors and more. A diaper and wipes party is cheaper, less stressful and gives you much more freedom than a traditional baby shower.

Is a diaper party tacky?

The etiquette of baby showers dates back generations and not following certain traditions can be seen as tacky and taboo. But is a diaper party tacky? Some may say that having a diaper and wipes shower is tacky, however, it is truly less tacky to hold a non-traditional party than it is to hold a traditional party but not follow the etiquette.

It is taboo to not send out thank you cards and not have a gift registry for an official baby shower. It is seen as tacky if you have multiple baby showers and you are not supposed to host your own party. Instead of having a tacky baby shower, you have the option of holding an unofficial party with no traditional requirements and celebrate in a not-so-taboo manner.

Can you have a baby shower and a diaper party?

If this is your first baby, it is typically seen as acceptable to have both a baby shower and a diaper party. When this happens, usually the baby shower is very traditional and the diaper party is a co-ed party for everyone. Having both is fine, especially if you have never had either before.

Ideas for a diaper and wipes shower or party

There are some small things that you can do to dress up your diaper and wipes party to celebrate your new baby. These are:

  • Party favors
  • Games
  • Diaper raffle
  • Finger foods

Diaper Raffles

Some people opt to have a diaper raffle for their baby shower or diaper and wipes party. This game is a lottery that is played at the time of the party. As each guest arrives, they are assigned a number in exchange for one pack of diapers. Once the guests have their numbers, a drawing is held and the winner will win a prize. The prize is usually something small like lotion, a candle or similar. Having a diaper raffle is a great way to encourage guests to bring a pack of diapers to the party!

Diaper party ideas for guys

There are some dads-to-be that want to celebrate their new baby with their guy friends. In previous generations, the celebration of a baby was usually left up to the mother but now, more dads are wanting to have a piece of the cake too. So some guys will host their diaper party with their friends. Some diaper party ideas for guys are:

  • Diaper raffles
  • Masculine prizes
  • Cigars
  • Games

Here are two fun themes you could try!

Huggies and Chuggies

Some men opt to have a “Huggies and Chuggies” party, or a party where their guests gift diapers and drink alcohol. This party is becoming more popular with this generation of dads. Some dad-to-be’s have the following baby shower traditions present at their “Huggies and Chuggies” party:

  • Invitations
  • Party favors
  • Catered food
  • Fun venue (or just a friend’s house!)

What is a diaper keg?

Some dad-to-be’s have a “diaper keg”, which is a diaper and wipes party where the guests are given a cup for the keg of beer in exchange for their gift of diapers. This is a fun element that can be added to any party where you want to include men and alcohol. This is an alternative to a diaper raffle as each guest will “win” a cup for the keg instead of only one guest winning a prize for a diaper raffle.

Coed diaper party ideas

Having a coed diaper party can be a lot of fun. Different traditions can be followed to add an extra element of fun. Some of these are:

  • Play games that involve both dad and mom
  • Collect mom and dad advice from the guests
  • Matching shirts for the parents-to-be

What do I need for a diaper party?

A diaper party is very casual so there isn’t very much that you will need to throw one. You should probably have these things if you plan to throw a diaper party:

  • Food and drink
  • Location (someone’s home is fine)
  • Casual invitations, even if electronic

Diaper and wipes party etiquette

The casual and flexible nature of a diaper and wipes party means that there isn’t much as it comes to etiquette. The main tradition of a diaper and wipes party is the gift of diapers or wipes. Usually, these are the only gifts given. This can be because baby stuff isn’t needed or wanted, especially if it’s the couple’s second or third child.

The true tradition of a diaper and wipe party is to have little or no tradition. It can occur before or after birth, without or without men and with no registry, no games and less expensive cost in general. A diaper and wipes party is a fantastic choice if you are wanting to casually celebrate the birth of your baby and focus on them rather than worrying about games and thank you cards.

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