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Are All Diapers Gender Neutral? (Huggies, Pampers, Honest, and Pull-Ups)

Are All Diapers Gender Neutral? (Huggies, Pampers, Honest, & Pull-Ups)

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You have given birth to a healthy baby.  It’s time to use those diapers.  Are there brands that are better for girls or boys?

At one time, most diapers were designed gender-specific with designated “pee points” that had extra absorbency based on where a baby boy or girl might need it but most current diapers are gender-neutral (except for the designs!). The major exception is pull-ups, which still have gender-specific areas of extra absorbency.

Keep reading to find out which diapers work for all babies and which brands are the favorites for boys and girls.

Are there separate diapers for boys and girls?

Unless you are talking about marketing and design, pretty much every diaper these days is gender-neutral.

Most diaper brands come in unisex form, with the only difference being the designs on the front. Back in the day, diapers used to be separate and had different areas of absorption, but no longer. Even cloth diapers are the same and can be adjusted by size.

Some parents have said certain brands work better for boys or girls. Babies come in all shapes and sizes so not every diaper is going to fit the child the same. They go by weight and size, but it is a general scale. Always do your research online and ask around! What works for your sister or best friend is not necessarily going to work for you.

Don’t buy a bunch of one brand right away. Buy a smaller pack of a few brands to see what works for your child.  Chances are, if you received gifts from loved ones or had a baby shower, you will have a good variety of diapers to start with. Experiment with each brand at night and during the day because they will work differently for longer periods of time.

Do diapers have pee points?

Some brands such as Pampers and Huggies used to have gender-specific diapers with “pee points.”  These were areas where each gender needed leakage protection the most. The boys had more absorbency in the front, while the girls had more absorbency in the middle where the urethra is located.

You may hear advice from your older relatives about what brands to get based on the so-called pee points, but that is no longer the case, so don’t stress so much.

Now, many of the big brands have unisex diapers that are absorbent from the front to the back to protect them from all angles. Companies are working all the time to make diapers better. They are even coming out with ones that are not as thick when absorbing liquid, so no more big bulge!

Are all diapers unisex?

These days, diapers are all very similar and performance is much more about getting the right size and fit on your diaper.

All diapers are pretty much made unisex now. The major difference would be in the designs on the front. A good tip if you have a boy: to prevent leaks, make sure the penis is pointed down when the diaper goes on. It doesn’t work 100% of the time, but it does help dramatically.

To make sure your baby’s diaper fits properly:

  • Look at weight – Most diapers will say on the package or a chart what size works best for weight. However, if you have a short and chunky or tall and skinny baby, this is may not be accurate.
  • Check for proper fit – When you are changing the diaper, check for any red marks or chafing around the legs. The top should be right under the belly button, the butt fully covered, and the tabs should not overlap or cause redness.
  • Cuffs – Check the cuffs around your baby’s thighs. They should be out to prevent leaks, not tucked in.

If the diaper is too loose or too tight, leaks and irritation can develop.

Some parents have found that certain brands work better for boys versus girls, so it can be good to ask around to friends and family to see what would be a good brand.

Are Pampers diapers gender specific?

Pampers is one of the largest diaper brands around.

Pampers diapers used to be designed for each gender, but are now unisex. The gender specificity is namely in the designs on the front.

Pampers, namely Swaddlers, are the most popular choice for all babies. These work really well for newborns especially, because they have good absorption and are soft on the skin.

Are Huggies diapers gender specific?

Huggies are right behind Pampers and you can find them everywhere.

Just like Pampers, Huggies diapers are good for all babies, and the only difference is in the designs. 

Huggies is a popular choice for boys because some parents believe they hug the legs better. Some people liked Huggies for their girls as well but not as much.

Either way, Huggies seems to be the go-to choice once babies start moving around.

Are Honest diapers gender specific?

Relatively new on the market, Honest diapers are known for their ultra-cute designs.

Honest diapers are not gender-specific outside of those designs, however.

They are a good organic and eco-friendly brand that works for sensitive skin, although they are a bit on the pricier side.

Are Luvs diapers gender specific?

Luvs diapers are unisex, although many people complain about leakage for both girls and boys. 

Again, trial and error is the best way to figure out what brand works for you.  There are even lesser-known brands that people have found work really good for them. Some examples are Kirkland from Costco, ALDI brand Little Journey, and Walmart’s Parent’s Choice to name a few.

Are boy and girl pull-ups different?

Here is one area where you will start to see differences in diapers for girls and boys.

Unlike regular diapers, pull-ups are different for boys are girls. For boys, the absorption is focused on the front of the pull up while for the girls, it is in the middle where the urethra is located.

There is also the difference of designs on the front. Most of them pull up like underwear and even feel like underwear, but with easy tear-away sides in case of accidents.

Are Huggies Pull-Ups gender specific?

Like other training pants, Huggies Pull-Ups are designed differently for boys and girls. In addition to having different designs, the “pee points” are specific to each gender. 

The sizes are generally by weight, but each baby is built differently so sizing is important. For both genders, they come in the same varieties. The Cool and Learn line lets them feel cold when they are wet. Learning Designs has designs that disappear when wet. Night Time lets them feel the wetness so they wake up when they need to go.

According to Babycenter forum, these were an overall winner for trainers.

Are Pampers Easy Ups gender specific?

Pampers Easy Ups have gender-specific “pee points” as well as gender-oriented designs.  They feel like real underwear and are in different sizes as well.  They each come in one style with 360-degree protection, stretchy waistband, and easy tear sides.  While the diapers were most popular, these trainers came in second to Huggies Pull-Ups.

Are Honest Training Pants gender specific?

Honest Training Pants come in both gendered and gender-neutral options.

These pull-ups are organic and eco-friendly as well as good for sensitive skin and have a cloth-like feel. However, they are some of the most expensive brands. Some parents say that these run small as well.

Are there any gender-neutral training diapers?

Yes!  There are some companies that make gender-neutral training diapers.

Disposable training pants

If you’re looking for a gender-neutral disposable training diaper, try:

Seventh Generation –  This is an eco-friendly, disposable brand of training pants that are great for the environment and sensitive skin.  It has an absorbent core to prevent leaks and easy tear sides.

Up & Up – Target’s in-house diaper brand Up&Up has neutral training pants for nighttime, but they can be used during the day as well. They have an absorbent core to prevent leaks and easy tear sides.

Hello Bello – This is another good brand for sensitive skin with soft cotton.  It has an absorbent core, cute designs, and easypull downsides.

Reusable training pants

There are smaller online companies that specialize in reusable training pants that are good if you are concerned about your waste or your child has sensitive skin. These washable training pants feel like real underwear and either slide on and off or have snaps.  There is an absorbent waterproof lined pad inside that will let your child know when they are wet.

Everything is able to be washed with your laundry. Some of the more popular brands include Alvababy, Mumtaz Soakers, and City Threads.

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