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Does Anytime Fitness Have Childcare? (With Alternatives & Tips!)

Does Anytime Fitness Have Childcare? (With Alternatives & Tips!)

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As a busy parent, it can be hard to find a gym or fitness center close to home with good hours and affordable child care options. Anytime Fitness has a wide array of gyms across the US for your convenience as well as 24-hour access, but does it offer childcare?

Anytime Fitness does not currently provide childcare. If you are considering an Anytime Fitness membership, you will need to find a nearby daycare center, alternate childcare with a friend, find a babysitter, or work out at opposite times from your partner. Because Anytime Fitness is open 24/7, the gym is a more flexible option for most schedules.

Read on to get the scoop on nearby alternative childcare arrangements that may come in handy, as well as the details on minimum age requirements for a gym membership at Anytime Fitness. 

Does Anytime Fitness provide childcare or kid care?

For parents to work out, it’s important to know that your child is safe and cared for. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is if your gym provides childcare. Unfortunately, many do not provide childcare, especially if they market themselves as a cost-effective fitness choice.

Anytime Fitness does not provide childcare or any kids clubs/activities at most of their facilities across the US.

That being said, each Anytime Fitness gym is independently owned and operated, so you may luck out and find one near you that does offer childcare, but that is definitely not the norm for this company.

If your child is a gym member (provided they meet the minimum age requirements), they may accompany you while you work out. Anytime Fitness says each gym sets forth the minimum age requirement since each gym must comply with local state age restrictions. 

Here are some examples of how this varies by state:

Example Ages for Child to Workout with Parent (Anytime Fitness)

Facility LocationAge to Exercise with ParentAge to Exercise by Yourself
Anytime Fitness
The Colony, TX
Anytime Fitness
Elmsford, NY
Anytime Fitness
Culver City, CA
Anytime Fitness
Colorado Springs, CO

As you can see, in most cases, your child must be at least 14 years of age to join you in the gym. If your child is that old, you likely don’t need child care anyway. 

How to find childcare at Anytime Fitness

It can be frustrating trying to find childcare for an hour or so to work out when your gym doesn’t offer it.

Finding another gym that does offer childcare isn’t always an option, especially if you are locked down in a contract or if there is an Anytime Fitness conveniently located on your way home from work.

Some alternatives for childcare that isn’t directly related to your gym include:

  • Finding a daycare nearby
  • Alternate childcare with a fellow member
  • Hire a babysitter (and share costs with another member)
  • Taking turns with your partner after hours

Look for a daycare nearby Anytime Fitness

Did you know drop-in daycares are actually a thing? Drop-in daycares are designed so parents running errands have a convenient location where they can drop their kids off for a few hours.

Usually, drop-in establishments are a pay-by-the-hour type of setup. The child care workers here typically have the same certifications as those employed in a standard daycare setting. These are usually found in more populated areas of the US.

If one of these drop-in daycares is located near Anytime Fitness, they will often offer discounts for gym members. Make sure to ask to see if you can qualify for any discounted rates!

These drop-in daycare centers are usually brimming with fun things to do for your kids, like bouncy houses and indoor playgrounds. Chances are your kids won’t be ready to go when you come to pick them up. And since these drop-in centers are designed to work around your busy schedule, you can often find a lot of much-needed flexibility when it comes to scheduling your kid’s visit.

Alternate childcare with another member

Alternating childcare is another option if you are friends with another club member or become friends with them while working out.

One of you could watch the kids while the other goes to work out, then when they finish, you can switch off.

This is a cheaper alternative to finding daycare and can work out great if you trust the other parent to watch your child. 

Hire a babysitter and share costs with another member

If you are friends with a fellow club member, finding a babysitter to watch all the children is another way to work out at your local Anytime Fitness while you work out.

This is ideal if you have a workout partner who also needs childcare. Splitting half the payment of one sitter is beneficial to you both since it’ll be half the cost and allow you to have a workout partner.

Go early or late when the other parent is home

Another cheap alternative is to go while your spouse or partner is at home – Anytime Fitness’ 24-hour schedule is perfect for this setup.

Going to the gym while your partner watches the kids may mean you need to go early in the morning or late in the evening after the children have fallen asleep.

Unfortunately, it also means that you and your spouse cannot go at the same time.

What is Anytime Fitness?

The first Anytime Fitness opened in Cambridge, Minnesota in 2002, and now there is a gym located on all seven continents across the globe. Their mission statement is to “improve the self-esteem of the world.”

With more than 4,700 locations worldwide, Anytime Fitness is a fitness center geared towards busy lifestyles by offering 24/7 access to all its gym locations.

When you join this gym, you are privy to a “get-started plan” to help you make the most of your membership and have access to an array of workout equipment and classes to help you reach your fitness goals.

Anytime Fitness offers personal training, team workouts, tanning, spinning cycles and classes, Zumba, cardio classes, body conditioning classes, yoga classes, and more. Other included accommodations are private showers, convenient parking, and 24/7 security.

Keep in mind that each franchise is independently owned and operated, so that services may vary from gym to gym.

Does Anytime Fitness have an age limit?

Anytime Fitness complies with local state laws on age restrictions, so age regulations vary from gym to gym.

The majority of gyms require you to be at least 16 years of age to exercise independently and sometimes will allow 14 years olds to exercise as long as a parent is present. 

Not all Anytime Fitness gyms abide by this. One gym in Colorado Springs, CO, told us by phone that you must be 18 to exercise independently but can be accompanied by a parent at age 16. A good idea is to check with your local Anytime Fitness gym for current age restrictions. 

How much is the Anytime Fitness family membership?

The good news is many Anytime Fitness gym locations offer family memberships. The bad news is since they are all independently owned and operated, you may have to reach out to your local club for specifics. Visit their Gyms Near Me page for contact info for nearby franchises to learn about the availability and pricing of family memberships. 

If you want to learn more, I have put together a huge list of which gyms have childcare and which ones don’t!

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